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Software Visualization Como 2016


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Towards suitable automatic software visualization

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Software Visualization Como 2016

  1. 1. Software Visualization Leonel Merino merino @ Software Composition Group University of Bern
  2. 2. what? Communication providing a common view for presentation or discussion in a tea Discoverability finding phenomena through visual patterns Comprehension navigating views of aspect of software
  3. 3. why? 3 Layout Shape Granularity Edges Color Size TransparencyNormalization Technique Aggregation Chance of choosing the best visualization? e.g 100 techniques x 7 mappings (avg.) 2 in a million
  4. 4. how? automatic visualization Systematic Literature Review classify tools & techniques classify user needs Data data types relationships statistics … User (needs) assessing a refactoring understanding a legacy system … Context user behavior quality metrics …
  5. 5. how? pattern recognition PolyCell Explora Force-directed layout clustering Hasse diagram
  6. 6. Towards suitable automatic software visualization Leonel Merino Jan 2016 Communication Comprehension Discoverability what? why? chance of choosing the best visualization? 2 in a million how? Automatic Visualization Pattern Recognition Although many visualizations seem useful for general questions, choosing a suitable technique depends not only on the data structure but also on the user needs, because most developer tasks have a specific context. Why software visualization is rarely used by developers in a daily basis? Data | User | Context