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Simplicity & Value Creation


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Published in: Technology
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Simplicity & Value Creation

  1. 1. Simplicity and Value Creation
  2. 2. # adding mean enhance? There is a myth that the more features, more options, more functions, the better the product, process or project.
  3. 3. # why simplicity?
  4. 4. Consumers have increasingly more choices, technology evolves ever faster and the political and economic environment is unpredictable. In the midst of this whole scenario of instability and change, people want to get back to basics. They want things to function quickly and easily from the first contact, without much extra effort. They want products without complications and with simple guidelines.
  5. 5. The only companies or products that will thrive are those that offer the lowest possible level of complexity at the maximum amount of value.
  6. 6. # what is simplicity?
  7. 7. Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.
  8. 8. Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. John Maeda
  9. 9. Apple's design chief has two main goals in mind when developing products: 1. Keep the design as simple as possible; 2. Design each product well enough that the user can't possibly imagine it looking any other way. We try to develop products that seem somehow inevitable. That leave you with the sense that that’s the only possible solution that makes sense. Jonathan Ive Apple's senior VP of industrial design
  10. 10. Simple things work intuitively. Marc Benioff,'s CEO envisions a world where the software is self-explanatory.
  11. 11. If people can not use the product in the right way, the lack of cleverness is not theirs, it is yours, that did not hear the customer and made a complex product.
  12. 12. The simplest explanation for some phenomenon is more likely to be accurate than more complicated explanations. So if you have two equally likely solutions to a problem, choose the simplest. Problem-solving principle known as Ockham's Razor
  13. 13. # how to simplify?
  14. 14. > think end-to-end < Simplicity relates to the entire customer experience: how you deal with prices, designs and implements the product and performs the customer support. The product must be: simple to be found by the client; simple to be purchased; simple to use
  15. 15. > eliminate waste <
  16. 16. Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry writer and aviator Refine the things you do, until it begins to lose value. Then go back a step.
  17. 17. > organize < Organization makes a system complex seems simple.
  18. 18. > save time < (yours and from your customers) When forced to wait, life seems unnecessarily complex.
  19. 19. > question yourself constantly < Always ask yourself: ”This can be done more simply?"
  20. 20. The office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller discovered it was offering too many customization options for its popular Aeron chair. There were more than 4 million variations for the basic model. But only a few thousand configurations were actually bought.
  21. 21. In 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he radically simplified the product strategy. "When we got to the company, there were a lot of products - 15 product platforms with a zillion variants of each one. I couldn’t even figure this out myself, after about three weeks: How are we going to explain this to others when we don’t even know which products to recommend to our friends?" Steve Jobs Jobs decided that Apple would sell only four products: a line of desktop computers and a line of portable computers, each one with a professional version and a consumer-oriented version.
  22. 22. SurveyMonkey is the market leader of online surveys. The product was minimally altered in its fifteen years of existence. There are hundreds of options for online surveys, but SurveyMonkey continues to dominate because it is the simplest.
  23. 23. The secret of AWS's success is not what it lets you do, but what it not lets you do. More precisely, the secret of AWS is "simplicity and reduction of choice." AWS EC2 empowers developers reducing / removing choices. Attach the application to the infrastructure, not the infrastructure to the application. For many, the strategy of not replicating the pattern of enterprise networks in the cloud was wrong. However, the success of AWS was precisely because they ignored the predominant pattern of enterprise datacenters. What can be simpler than provision servers in seconds only with a credit card and an API? With this simplification strategy, Amazon reduced costs and won many customers.
  24. 24. Instagram offers the most clean, elegant and simple way to share photos on mobile devices. Only square photos are allowed. You do not have to worry if the photo will look better vertically or horizontally, because square is your only option. There are no ads on screen, there is not a miscellany of resources. You take a photo, you post it and see other people's photos.
  25. 25. Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. Ernest F. Schumacher economist