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Moving from Plans to Goals


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Presentation at PMSummit

Published in: Business
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Moving from Plans to Goals

  1. 1. Moving from Plans to Goals Leonardo Bittencourt Scrum Master Type to enter a caption.
  2. 2. Sprint Goal: What do we want to achieve? Sprint Backlog (Plan): How do we intend to achieve it?
  3. 3. Distributed Focus on plan Micromanagement We x Them Low Morale People Leaving Context
  4. 4. Let’s move to GOALS !!!
  5. 5. T E M P L A T E Why do we carry out the Sprint? How do we reach its goal? How do we know the goal has been met? R O M A N ‘S
  6. 6. Product Owner brings a proposal and discuss it with the Dev. Team Pull the stories into the Sprint Backlog and then craft the Sprint Goal How to define a Sprint Goal?
  7. 7. Examples Get feature X ready for release Check if the architecture enables the desired performance Test if users are willing to register before using the feature X Improve the Welcome Page Complete all 7 stories we pulled
  8. 8. Enhance shopping cart functionality. Streamline purchasing process to enable an increase in conversion rates. Improve performance. Increase page load time by X%. On-board new market segment. Enable new market segment to purchase Service Y.
  9. 9. Challenges Vague Goals One Sprint Goal only Keep the Sprint Goal in mind during the Sprint It takes time
  10. 10. Daily Scrum Sprint Review Collaboration Focus Self-organisationMotivation Flexibility
  11. 11. Next Steps shared-goals/
  12. 12. Provide Purpose, Ensure Mastery, Grant Autonomy! - Drive. Dan Pink “If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.” - Yogi Berra Manage your environment, not people. Let them adapt to it. - Leonardo Bittencourt
  13. 13. Build a paper airplane. Product Demo to stakeholders. The paper airplane reaches at least 4 meters distance. PMessenger PMSummit_18
  14. 14. 2018 Sponsors www.pmsummit.global17th July 2018 Dublin, Ireland