Think Local, Be Global


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Presentación realizada en la conferencia CECOS V

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Think Local, Be Global

  1. 1. Think local, Be globalKuala Lumpur, April 28thTelefónica S.AGlobal Security
  2. 2. Contents 01 The project 02 The trip 03 Our Approach 04 Extrapolating it to Global Anti-fraud working groupGlobal Security 1Telefónica S.A
  3. 3. 01The ProjectGlobal Security 2Telefónica S.A
  4. 4. 3 Security Operation Centers § Haga clic para modificar el estilo de texto del patrón •  Segundo nivel Madrid ›  Tercer nivel Lima Sao Paulo To give service to all our customers in up to 20 local OperatorsGlobal Security 3Telefónica S.A
  5. 5. 02The tripGlobal Security 4Telefónica S.A
  6. 6. Global Security 5Telefónica S.A
  7. 7. LanguageGlobal Security 6Telefónica S.A
  8. 8. CulturalGlobal Security 7Telefónica S.A
  9. 9. LegalGlobal Security 8Telefónica S.A
  10. 10. TaxesGlobal Security 9Telefónica S.A
  11. 11. A few obstacles in our journey Diapositiva Muro § Haga clic para modificar el estilo de texto del patrón •  Segundo nivel ›  Tercer nivelGlobal Security 10Telefónica S.A
  12. 12. Just an exampleGlobal Security 11Telefónica S.A
  13. 13. Mobile SecurityGlobal Security 12Telefónica S.A
  14. 14. What do youunderstand forMobile Security?Global Security 13Telefónica S.A
  15. 15. How many of you think about…? § Malware on the mobile § Loss of important data: • Photos • e-mails § Being trackedGlobal Security 14Telefónica S.A
  16. 16. How many of you was thinking about…? § Mobile as a security guard •  As a device helping you in case on an emergency ›  SOS ›  I’m safe •  Locale you or your family member if needed.Global Security 15Telefónica S.A
  17. 17. 03Our ApproachGlobal Security 16Telefónica S.A
  18. 18. Building a common framework People Platforms ProcessGlobal Security 17Telefónica S.A
  19. 19. Operation model scheme n  Spain, Perú, and Brazil have been selected to be provider OBs due to expertise (Spain, Perú) and market potential (Brazil). n  In the resulting model the commercialising OBs must interface with the Global SOCs through a set of Business Support Systems Security Operation Centers (SOCs) GLOBAL MSS GLOBAL ESPAÑA ** SOC 3 (BRASIL) SOC 2 (PERÚ) (Lead Provider (Povider BSS (Povider & & & Commercializing) Commercializing) Commercializing) Managed Security Services (MSS) Ordering Billing CMDB Trouble ticketing Cost Commercializing OBs Commercializing Commercializing Commercializing Commercializing Commercializing OB1 (LATAM) OB2 (LATAM) OB3 (EUROPA) OB4 (EUROPA) MNCsGlobal Security 18Telefónica S.A
  20. 20. Local and Global Process n  In order to allow SOCs to communicate with each other, balance workloads, receive work orders from commercializing OBs, and provide trouble ticketing for complex issues (L2, L3) we will need to implement a central tool for Managed Security Services Business Support Systems Receiving Activity Source Unit unit System Only two areas in Presales OB OB Local commercializing OBs need to Sales OB OB Local interface with the MSS BSS: Provisioning OB SOC Global n Sales back office Service delivery SOC OB Global n Service desk Ticketing OB SOC Global No integration necessary with Reports SOC OB Global local tools SOC->OB billing SOC OB Global Customer billing OB OB LocalGlobal Security 19Telefónica S.A
  21. 21. Advantage of global services Telefónica Global SOC Strategy: Enables an efficient operation of the SOCs n  Through common tools and procedures set by the Security Vertical n  Supported on a virtualized architecture that allows all SOCs to operate on the same platform and enables workload distribution Madrid across centres n  With specialised reports for customers and internal use Allows operators to focus on commercial activity and basic support Lima n  Providing clear costs and simple ordering and provisioning for the Sao services commercialized to facilitate creation of customer offers Paulo n  Facilitating access to knowledge sharing tools to provide 1st level support and unified trouble ticketing for more complex issues + A Global SOC network provides efficiency + A Global SOC network enables superior service n  Workload distribution n  Homogeneous service portfolio at the same time –  Mitigate effect of peak demand hours to serve across footprint (Key for MNC customers) more customers n  Add to credibility (analysts and opinion leaders): –  Enable follow the sun strategy or absorb more Top service providers’ SOCs are interconnected activity in lower-cost locations n  Security threats are inter-related so servicing n  Increased leverage in partner negotiations more clients n  Sharing virtualized tools and processes: build –  Facilitates early detection of threats once exploit n times across footprint –  Enables a coordinated response n  Expensive expert resources shared across n  Truly redundant operations in case of local geographies contingenciesGlobal Security 20Telefónica S.A
  22. 22. Much work already done and much to do…Global SecurityTelefónica S.A 21
  23. 23. 04Just extrapolate oursmall project to GlobalAntifraud working-groupGlobal Security 22Telefónica S.A
  24. 24. Standardize, Standardize, Standardize… § Remember the old days in Phishing fight: •  When phishing was “fishing, pishing, piching and who know what else” ›  Phishing complains was using the terms “Copyright misuse, abuse” ›  So at the beginning in Europe was poorly attended because was associated to Copyright and Privacy is a value with major protection so every answer was to forward to “justice tutelage” § Phishing now is well covered but what happens with new problems. § Why not impulse standard efforts? § ARF, IODEF •  Please remember time zone stamp – How many complains reaches dev- null due to fault of time accuracy.Global Security 23Telefónica S.A
  25. 25. Standardize, Standardize, Standardize… § Alliances and Collaboration •  Our target is common, avoid fraud.Global Security 24Telefónica S.A
  26. 26. Terima kasih banyakThank youGraciasKuala Lumpur, April 28thTelefónica S.AGlobal SecurityGlobal Security 25Telefónica S.A
  27. 27. Global Security 26Telefónica S.A