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Building A sustainable diversity Program

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Building A sustainable diversity Program

  2. 2. WHY DIVERSITY?  Stability in your supply chain  Increased quality and decreased price  Brand loyalty  Reduced employee turnover What’s in it for me?
  3. 3. THE FRAMEWORK Executive Leadership Procurement Community Engagement Vendor Engagement Supplier Diversity Internal Communication External Communication Professional Associations/Organization s CFO/Comptroller
  4. 4. BUILDING YOUR PROGRAM What to Communicate • What • How • Who How to Communicate • Vendors • Departments • Community When to Communicate • Monthly • Quarterly • Annually
  5. 5. KNOW HOW YOU BUY  The most important part of a diversity program is knowing your categories. o Know where you spend the most money. o Know where you have the most and least diversity. o Know how your organization buys. o Know the vendors in your service areas.
  6. 6. SUPPLIER EXPECTATIONS  Do you have a vendor database? What are the rules?  Are certifications required?  Do you prefer SIC codes or NAICS codes?  What is the preferred communication method?  How are suppliers expected to respond to opportunities?
  7. 7. PROGRAM ROADMAP Where do they start? What are the expectations? What happens after they register? How do they get work?
  8. 8. SPC BUSINESS CONSULTING LLC Diverse Supplier Clearinghouse and Consulting© Diversity Goals • State Goals • Federal Goals • County Goals Vendor Services • Bid Forecasts/Industry Vendor Outreach Events • Prequalification screenings • Certification Assistance Diversity Consulting • Central Clearinghouse Services • Vetting/Verification • Identification/Prequalification
  9. 9. WWW.SPCCONSULTING.ORG Leona Charles President/CEO P: 866-577-6749 C:240-441-3571 E: