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  1. 1. ,,,(.sty~ttGlEverydayExpresson s , , S w,tv stoy,t er casey Malarch , SI3S ..........
  2. 2. rllw.stY&lteolEverydayExpressions , , wl,th stOYl,esCasey Malarcher 2
  3. 3. c o n t e n t sLESSON 1 8be composed of clean off comc across dress upfall asleep fill out in retrospect on the wholeset out wait onLESSON 2 /4be crazy about call it a day concentrate on get along withhave a point morc often than not never mind take a look atturn out wrap upLESSON 3 20bring up by all means by chance carry ondraw the line at fix up get lost high timelose ones temper pull overLeSSON 4 26a steal at hand gel better more or lesson hand on ones own refer 10 A as B take oncs timethink highly of try outLeSSON 5 32as aryct at ones fingertips brand-new cut indwell on get a hold of learn (something) by heart mix uptake by surprise take time offLeSSON 6 38as a rule be at a loss come up -v:ith for shortin spite of look 10 A for B neither A nor B point outrun into when it comes toLeSSON 7 4·/add to day after day go lhrough have tohit upon in short of ones own accord once and for allgive rise IQ resign oneself toLESSON 8 5Uat times be likely to be opposed to by accidentcome from feel for for the sake of get away withstand a chance without questionLeSSON 9 56as usual back up be cut out for calch onfor ages hand over serve one righl take apanrum dO,Tl work outLeSSON 10 62abide by apart from as if go for ithout saying keep ones fingers crossed make sure run overcUe up tend to
  4. 4. LESSON 11blow up bring back burn down catch fire "come to for the most pact make ones way no mattersort of tear downLESSON 12be free to become of die of furnish A with Bkeep track of noway on the other hand stand to reasonturn up what ifLESSON 13at fIrSt glance attend to back and forth be no use -ingclear-cut drive one crazy fed up with play a part intake into account turn intoLESSON 14be bound to day in and day Out for sale give birth togive in hand out in ones way make a differencctell A from B upside downLESSON 15 <J2as soon as attribute A to B be apt to cut down onend up get over get used to in comparison within no time used toLESSON 16 mbeats me dale back to have access to lead the waylet down might as well not at all put outstand out think overLESSON 17 1(/./a far cry from be bellcr off be out of the question gCl throughill at ease in charge of look into think nothing of itthink up whats up?LESSON 18 I/Ocatch a cold close call do without dry outfool around get nowhere wilh hold back in timepayoff succced inLESSON 19all in all burst out change ones mind criticize A for Bcross out get the better of in regard to look overnanle A aFter B stick aroundLESSON 20 I .,all along be true of cut out every so oftenon account of pass away spcak up Slay putsuffer from under the weather
  5. 5. LeSSON 21 l28 arnoumto at (the) most be broke come {Q an end deal with either A or B fall short of in need (of) orso pay back LESSON 22 l34 as far as be lip 10 one carry out follow lip on get even with in light of no wonder nowrnat up to now useup LESSON 23 NU be concerned about break down get stuck have nothing to do with look on A as B pm away relieve A of 13 take for granted to say nothing of trade in LESSON 24 J.1fj as for deal in dream up find fault with get out of go wrong in addition to mess up sell out thanks to LeSSON 25 152 anything but go Dutch hang DlII in accordance with in terms of keep ones word layoff live up to see eye to eye settle down LESSON 26 1.58 drop someone a line how come in brief keep off let go of lie down on behalf of owing to rule out yield to l~SSON 27 JIl., as a matter offacl at tandom in favor of keep up make a point of make room for on the Spot sum up waste ones breath you bet LESSON 28 1;() come about do away with in advance from scratch in the long run on average set aside settle for so rar, so good take over LE>(.QN 29 ;f) as to by and large due to fall behind lose track of make believe on no account originate from pull ones leg Ihrowup 0 30 l82 " be ...."lcU off for good let alone look back on I lose ones head make faces regardless of result inn. s:and up to what for I-I "
  6. 6. p r e f a c e The purpose of the Illustrated multiple-choice exercise of ten ques-Everyday Expressions with Stories tions and a dialog exercise. In theseries is to introduce English language multiple-choice exercise, studentslearners to common idioms through choose the correct idiom from the les-humorous examples and illustrations. son to complete each sentence in theThe lessons in this book will both exercise. For the dialog exercise, stu-entertain and enlighten students dents complete a doze exercise of awhile providing exposure to how each dialog using six selected idioms fromidiom can be used in a variety of con- the lesson.texts. The final page of each lesson pre- Each lesson of the book begins sents a short reading incorporatingwith a list of ten target idioms. Within the idioms presented in the lesson.each lesson, target idioms are first These readings give students addi-defined for students. The definitions tional exposure to idiom usage in con-may explain the idiom in simple text, as well as providing extendedterms or use synonyms or other reading practice along with an enter-idioms to build a students under- taining presentation of the targetstanding of the meaning underlying idioms. Teachers using Illustratedeach idiom. Each definition is then Everyday Expressions with Stories 2followed by sample sentences and in the classroom can use the readingsshort dialogs using the idiom in COI1- as a springboard for discussion of thetex1. Finally. idioms are iUustrated topics or situations described in thewith humorous iUusrrations which readings.can help build a memorable picture of Illustrated Everyday Expressionseach idioms usage in the readers with Stories series provides studentsmind. with a useful approach to learning Following the definitions and common English idioms. Students willexamples of the target idioms are two also have fun in the learning process.exercise pages for students to practice We hope that you enjoy usingcheir understanding of idioms from Illustrated Everyday Expressions withthe lesson. These pages include a Stories.
  7. 7. p -- D Tl 1 be composed of fill out clean off in retrospect come across on the whole dress up set out fall asleep wait onJ be composed of = comprise; be made ofThe class was composed of sludents from lhe US,Canada, and England. Our crum!:>.....", compc>&ed of onlyWater is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. theflneet ,./ lngradientelA: Thats a very interesting sculpture.B: Yes, its composed of wood, glass, and old shoes...J clean off = clear; take everything off I think you need to clean cff your wlndehl<!ld.You should clean OffyOUf desk. Its very dirty.He cleaned off the shelf so that his new roommate coulduse it.A: When is dinner?B: In a few minutes. Please help me clean off the table.
  8. 8. J come across:;;;: ftnd by chanceI came across some old photographs at my parents house.She came across her favorite singers latest album at the 1 ca".,,, aCn::>le th,erecord store. In th", ~ackyan::l. Doee anyone know I1 what It ,187A: Please check my homework.B: Sme. U I come across any mistakes, IIJ tell YOll...J dress up = wear fancy clothes for a special occasion Oh...thate juet cra:>:y Willy. He llkee to d .....5 up.~[any children dress up as ghosts and monsters onHalloween.Do I need to dress lip for dinner at YOllr parents hOllse?.-: Why did you buy that suit?B: I want to dress up for the party.J tall asleep = go to sleepDont fall asleep when you are driving!He falls asleep in class almost evelY day. .A.: You look really tired.B: I couldnt fall asleep last night. 9.. . . O(_=-----==O·~ • _ C9.J fill out = write all of the information needed on a form or applicationEn~ryone has to fill ouL a customs form when they enter acountry.Can you help me fill out this farm? I dont understand it.A rd . e to apply for a credit card.B.O r Just fill out this form and sign il. Plea_ fill out thtf fa.".,. 9
  9. 9. .J in retrospect = looking back at the past In ~ . rna;yt>e t.hlI haln;:ut; waen" I euch a gc>od retrospect, I should have studied harder in high school.You can see ail of your past mistakes easily in retrospect.A: Wow, I am so fuU! B: Me, too. In retrospect, we should have ordered only one pizza....J on the whole = in general; ail things considered On the whole. I realty tmjoyttd my trip to ea......On the whole, I enjoyed my time in the United States.Although there were some slow parts, on the whole themovie was good.A: What did you think of the test?B: On the whole, I felt it was quite easy..J set out = leave; begin a journeyHe set out for the market early in the morning. In th" momlne. heShe packed in her car and set out for California. eet out fur th" pari< a"roe.s the .street;.. fA: Did Bob leave already?B: Yeah, he set out early this morning....J wait on =serve someone in a restaurantThe man who waited on us last night had a French accent.How many tables can you wait on at the same time?A: Excuse me, no one has waited on us yet.B: I am very sorry. Ill get a waiter right away.
  10. 10. Practice1. . the university has a very 6. Lets for our anniversary good library and computer center. and go to an expensive restaurant. a. Come across a. clean off b. In retrospect b. dress up c. On the whole c. flU out2. At Hrs[, the band a 7. Please the table because keyboard player, a guitarist, and a it is almost time to eat dinner. singer, but they added a drununer a. clean off and bassist later. b. fill out a. was composed of c. set out b. dressed up c. waited on 8. She the registration form and gave it to the secretary.3. He could see that he a. filled out should never have told her about b. on the whole his family. c. waited on a. be composed of b. fill out c. in retrospect 9. Where did you this interesting painting? a. be composed of4. Here is the menu. Someone will be b. come across here to you in a few c. fall asleep minutes. a. come across b. set out 10. We for my parents c. wait on house very early, but didnt arrive until after midnight. a. dressed up5. I planned to do my homework b. reil asleep after the movie last night, but I c. set out ____ when I got home. a. cleaned off b. fell asleep c. set out 11
  11. 11. Dialog is composed of clean off came across dress up on the whole wait onAt a fancy restaurant:Lucy: Will Arthur us this evening? Hes my favorite waiter here.Sam: I requested him, so he should be our waiter.Lucy: Oh my! They didnt this table very well. There is a sticky spot here.Sam: Dont [Quch it. rH call someone over to clean it. Excuse me!Waiter: Yes, sir?Sam: My wife a sticky spot on the table. Can you find some. one lo clean it up for us?Waiter: Right away.Lucy: The staff here such professionals. They are all so polite and efficient.Sam: Yes, , this is really a first-class restaurant. It is a little expensive, but worth it.Lucy: Look at that man over there! He clidnt at all. He is not wearing a tie or a jacket.Sam: Thats Mel Gibson! ~ I S
  12. 12. Idioms in Context ,I go to college in Boston, but my parents now live in Florida. During the summer vacation, I went to visit them. I set out from duwn- town Boston by bus on Tuesday afternoon. Thursday night, I got offthe bus in Florida. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep on the bus, so I wasexhausted by the time I arrived at my parents house. In retrospect, Iprobably should have just taken a plane [0 Florida. zAfter 1was in Florida for a few days, I was well rested again. However, Isoon got bored. My friends were all in Boston. I decided to get a job. Icame across an advertisement for a job at a local restaurant. I filled outanapplication and got hired right away. J On the first day of work, I got up early and got ready. I didnt have todress up for work, bUll did have to wear a uniform. The restaurant madeeveryone wear a formal white shin and black shorts. The staff was com-posed ofhigh school and college srudents. ~ At first, there were no customers, butaround noon, the restaurant got crowded.I wa.ited on customers and helped clea.nofftables. On the whole, it was pretty easywork. It wasnt too busy but it wasnt tooslow either. 3 As the lunch crowd started to leave, Istopped at a table where an old man andan old woman were sitting. As I was pick-ing up their empty plales, the old manasked me, "Are you from the north?" ~ I said, "Yes, sir. Im from Boston. I guessyou could tell right away I was from thenorth, because of the way I speak." "Oh no," the old woman said. "We havenever seen legs as white as yours before: 13
  13. 13. p --- r, U U r, o Tl 2 be aazy about more often than not call it a day never mind concentrate on take a look at get along with turn out have a point wrap up:J be crazy about = like or enjoy in an extreme wayShe is crazy about tennis. She plays every day.My brother is crazy about movies. He spends all of hismoney going to see them.A: I love buying new clothes.B: Me, too. Im crazy about shopping!Cl call it a day = stop working I think you enould call~. day.Lets call it a day!Bill, youve been here for 10 hours! You should call it a dayand go home.A: Its 7:30. Lets call it a day.B: Good idea. See you tomorrow.
  14. 14. J concentrate on = focus attention toward Concent:r<;rt;e on the road]Ifs too noisy here. I cant concentrate on my homework.He had to concemrate on the song to hear the words. n:: Just concentrate on hitting the ball.B: OK, coach. I.J get along with = be friendly with; live or work well together I think te Um... wt! tried to a~ along with ot;her:Everyone in my family gets along well with each other.She does not get along with her mother-in-law. .A: Why arent you going to Beths party?B: I dont get along with her...J have a point = said when you agree with someones opinionMy sister says that T need to spend more time with myfamily. She has a point."That girl only seems stuck-up because she is shy.""You have a point there."A: The blue shirt looks better, but its more expensive.B: You have a point..J more often than not = usuallyMore often than not, he spends his holidays with rusparems.She works late more often than not.A: Wed better take an umbrella.B: RighLIt rains more often than not this time of year. More oft"o,n than not;, I have sea food fo.. dinner:
  15. 15. .J never mind = forget: pay no attention to NeYe" mind you .. hal,.. You,." In the ever mind the cars calor. It runs great! ""Y now!Didnt you wash the dishes yet? Never mind. Ill dothem myselflA: Sorry, we dont have leather bags.B: Never mind. "11 look in another store..J take a look at = look at to evaJuateThe doctor took a look at her foot to see if it was broken.Please take a look at my essay and let me know what youthink of it.A: Somethings wrong with the car.B: Ill take a look at it after lunch.:J turn out = finally be; end up It tumed out to ~ • eunnyday.The weather looked bad this morning, but it turned outto be a nice day.He tried to cook a special dinner for his girlfriend, but itdidnt turn out wellA: Good luck with your new project.B: Thanks! (11 let you know how it turns out..J wrap up =finish; bring to an endThe senator wrapped up his speech by quoting the presi-dent.The parry wrapped up around 3 a.m. after the beer ran out. I warn. to wrap up the team tr;yOUteA: Its almost lunchtime. by comparing your height&. &tand_B: OK. Lets wrap up and go out to eat. -""-.
  16. 16. PracticeC cose the best answer.1. Thave to sleep with my 6. My father wants to have someone bedroom window open because ____ our car engine. our air conditioner doesnt work a. get along with very well. b. take a look at a. Never mind c. wrap up b. Get along with c. More often than not 7. She was too tired to her reading, so she went to bed.2. He his step-brother. a. concentrate on a. has a point b. have a point b. gets along well with c. turn out c. turns out 8. Things will weU in the3. I music, especially end. You just have to be patienl. dance music. a. take a look at a. get along with b. turn out b. take a look at c. call it a day c. am crazy abollt 9. She said that a good education4. We did a lot. Lets and begins at home. She _ get some rest. a. concentrated on a. call it a day b. gets along with b. never mind c. has a point c. turn up 10. Can you help me with Ulis? _:>. Its lunchtime. Lets this Tsee you are busy. meeting and go out to eat. a. Take a look a. concentrate on b. Never mind b. have a point c. Wrap up c. wrap up 17 -
  17. 17. Dialog Fill n he blanks. never mind am not crazy about got along with have a poi.nt take a look at turn outAt a coffee shop: Alice: How did your date last night ? Carol: It was a.K. We each other, but I didnt feel any attraction for him. Alice: What do you mean? Carol: He was a nice guy, but not my type. I a man who spends his whole day with a computer. , prefer someone who is more of a "people person." Nice: Computer programmers make a lot of money, Carol. Carol: You __ Alice. Actually, he does work for a very large company. I Alice: Is he handsome? Carol: We took a picture together at one of those fwmy photo booths. Here, him for yourself. Nice: Thats him? Oh, CaroL You can do better than that! I -----------_/
  18. 18. Idioms in Context le to (owing 0 usually get along with everyone at my office. Recently however, the I woman who sits across from me bought a new cell phone. She was crazy about it. More often than not, she was chatting with herfriends. It was very difficult to concentrate on work. One afternoon, we alldecided to call it a day and go out for dinner. However, we made thewoman promise not to bring her cell phone into the restaurant. "Do you think youll survive without it?" I joked to her. "No problem," she said. l The evening was fun but it was getting late so we wrapped up dinnerand left the restaurant. I was the last to leave and just as 1 was getting intomy car, a waiter came running up to me. "1 found this purse at your table!" he said. I took a look at it. "Thats my co-workers purse," 1 said. "Why don:t you call and leave a message on her answering machine,"the waiter suggested. "You can use the phone inthe restaurant." l We went inside. r was about to dial her homenumber when I had an idea. "Never mindleaving a message on her machine. Ill callher cellular phone. That way, she candrive back before she gets all the wayhome." "You have a good point." thewaiter said. ~ When I called her cellularphone, a ringing noise camefrom her purse. Tt tunled outthat her phone was in her pursethe whole time! 19
  19. 19. u ("", o Tl bring up fix up by all means get lost by chance high time carry on lose ones temper draw the line at pull overu bring up =start 10 talk about something I hstc to bri~ It up. rot eoma of t;.h" o1:h,,", _Id thl!lt there il!O eomsthlneI hate to bring this lip, but you have some food etrpMge ..rout you.between your teeth.When my molher is mad at me she always brings upthe time I forgot her birthday.A: I really dont like the new coffee machine.B: You shouJd bring it up at the next staff meeting. .o by all means =said to encourage a person do to something"May I have some more chicken?" "By all means!"By all means, take your time and look around the store.A: Could I borrow your pen?B: By all means!
  20. 20. _ y chance = not planned; luckily .. e ane e fir t birthda card he read as from · rather. . . . met b) chance hi) they were both vacationing- Ha ail. · bere did . ou get our cat? ~ : I ound him b chance in the park. < = They met.,by chance,.... carry on =c ntinue ~ noUl1ne 1;0 see hme. P1ea_ ca"y on wfth • T the torm pas ed. e carried on painting th hou . your-day. b n the ann unc ment a Eini hed the c1as carri do idl rh le on. e ryon back from lunch? e . L r car on with the meeting..... draw the line at = ay orne point i the limit Son, i5nt; 1#here somewherE we should draw the line?· . par nt 1 t m u the car bUl they dra lh lin aalia ing m la take long trips. ont mind haring a room, but I dra the Un at· eeping in rh am bed.· : Let go a njghtclub.B: 0 " but I draw th tin at doing di co!.... fix up = r pair; make nice or good again Ws a good car, Inrt. you may need I . ~ ed up the offic b putting in n carpet and 1;0 fix it up a bit.painrirlg lh alls. ------- -..,r---• ouId co l more to fix up thi old boat than to bu a . one. _ John going to bu a ne house? • . 0. he oing to fix up his old one. 21
  21. 21. ...J get lost = become confused about ones locationWe got lost on the way 10 the theater. • • •The directions were nor clear, so we got lost. • • • • • • • • •A: Why are you late? • • •B: J got lost on the way. • •..J high time = time for some action that has been postponed 100 longI think its high time we fix the heater. Im freezing!My mother said it was high time that I got my haircut and found a job.A: Its high time you cleaned your room!B: Yes, Mom. Ill do it right away.:J lose ones temper = become angryHe lost his temper and hit the rable with his fist.It is dangerous to lose your temper while driving.A: What happened to your hand?B: I lost my temper and punched the wall!::J pull over = move ones vehicle 10 the side of the road and SlOp Couk:l ~ lUu ~ 1 need to u_ a washroomlShe pulled over to take a picture of the beautiful sceneryby the highway.The police officer yelled at the driver, "Pull over!"A; I think were lost.B: Lets pull over and look at the map again.
  22. 22. Practicec 0 e the best answer1...£tee a short coffee break. we 6. , I found ten dollars ____ with the meeting. under the table at the restaurant. a. carried on a. Draw the line at b. fixed up b. By chance c. pulled over c. High time2. r hare to this subject 7. The bus driver because now, but do you have the money one of the passengers got sick. you owe me? a. pulled over a. bring up b. fixed up b. carry on c. got lost c. get lost 8. They wanted to the old3. If you are tired, take a apartment, but they did not have nap on my bed. enough money. a. by chance a. lose his temper b. high time b. fix up c. by all means c. carryon-1. ~1y uncle is generous, but he 9. We in London and drove ---,- Iending money to around for hours in the fog. relatives. a. fIxed up a. by all means b. brought up b. draws the line at c. got lost c. high time 10. He was surprised when his boss,:). She can be very scary when she told him, "I think its you got a raise." a. gets lost a. high time b. carries on b. draw the line at c. loses her temper c. by chance 23
  23. 23. DialogFill in the blanks. by all means by chance carry on got lost high time pulloverOn the highway:Tom: Yes, Officer?Policeman: I asked you ro because your brake light is broken. May I see your license and car registration?Tom: ! Here they are.Policeman: Well, I think its you had that flXed. Its not safe to drive around with a broken brake light.Ibm: Yes, sir.Policeman: I wont give you a ticket this time. Get that light fLXed.Tom: I will, Officer. Urn, I wonder if you could help. I met my friend at the post office this morning and we planned ro meet at Le Chez for lunch. I tbought it was on Lexington Street, but 1rook a wrong turn and _Policeman: At tile next stoplight, turn left. Lexingron will be the third street on the right.Tom: Thank you, officer! ____ the good work you are doing!
  24. 24. Idioms in Context ,e ollowing sto y. verybody knows that men hate to stop and ask for directions. My E husband is no different. Every time we get lost, we drive around for hours before he finally pulls Qver and asks for help. : One Saturday we saw an ad in the newspaper for a counlry dance andpicnic at a farm outside of lOwn. We fixed up our old cowboy hats, cut outthe map from the newspaper and started driving. After a few hours, Ibrought up the [act that we were lost. Of course my husband lost his tem-per when I suggested we ask someone for directions. ,, can find it!" he yelled. I didnt see any point in fighting about it, so I just told him, "By allmeans, carry on." , After another hour of driving, I decided it was high time to ask for help.By challce wc passed a little gas station with an old lTIan sitting out by thepumps. My husband agreed to stop because we needed gas, but he drewthe line at asking for directions. I got out of the car and walked over to theold man. Before r asked him anything he smiled and said, "The map is .rang. Its Highway 23, not 32." "How did you know?" I asked in surprise. bYoure the fifth woman whose husband has gotten lost in the last hour!" 25
  25. 25. r, U U r, o Tl 4 a steal on ones own at hand refer to A as B get better take ones time more or less think highly of on hand try out a a steal::: very cheap; a very good price My friend sold me his old car. It was a steal! The land next to the river is a steal! You should buy it. A: I just bought a DVD playerfor $95! B: Wow! What a steal! o at hand::: near (time or space) Christmas is at hand. I have to buy gifts for my family. -rh" earn" ;6 at: hano:l. Now go!lt In the"" ano:l When I was a child, my mother was always close at hand. 0:10 ~ur beet. A: I fear that war is at hand. B: Dont worry. Im sure the countries will reach an agreement.3
  26. 26. ..J get better = improveHis cold got better after he rook a day off work.Her singing vill get better if she practices every day.A: This movie is boring!B: Dont worry. It gets better..J more or less =approximately; cousin and I are more or less the same age.The airline tickets were more or less the same price.A: Which shirt is better?B: They are more or less the same quality. The male and female fleh IooIc more or Ittee the &<lime..J on hand = near and ready for use Do you have arty wau:.. on hand100 you have any bandages on hand? I cut myself.There is a representative on hand twenty-four hours aday to help customers.A: Theres going to be five extra people at the party.B: No problem. We have plenty of food on hand..J on ones own =without help from others he has Uved on her own since she was twenty-two.He cooked this whole meal on his own without any helpfrom his mother. ~A: Do you need help fixing the sink? ~B: :0, thanks. I can do it on my own. Uttle Jimmy watt f""OU<I of hi5 tlGUl~re of. ginoffe, which hed mad.e on hie own. 1
  27. 27. .J refer to A as B =use the name Bfor A ~p refelTlng too m", 8& YOUI "ITIIIn: fm not; YOUI man He referred to his classmate as his friend even though they only studied together. Many people refer to this book as the authors greatest work. A: What did your teacher say about your paper? B: He referred to it as lhe work of a genius! .J take ones time = slowly; in a relaxed way OK, BIlly. Now, lOa" YOUI time _Md de<:Jd", She took her time and made sure she did not make any mistakes on the test. He is taking his time getting ready. He wants to look nice. A: Ill be there as soon as I can! B: Take your time. The movie doesnt start until 3:00...J think highly of ; have a good opinion or You don~ think highly of me, do you? Her teacher thought highly of her ability to draw. ( He doesnt think very highly of his neighbors.A: Mr, Henry is such a great teacher!B: Yes. All the students think highly of him...J try out = do or use to see jf something works correctlyDont buy the bike you try it out first.I tried out several soft-..vare programs, but none of themwere good.A: Your skateboard looks really fun.B: It is! Why dont you t.ry it out?
  28. 28. Practicer nswer.1. He often his wife as his 6. Wherever the president goes, his best friend. bodyguards are close _ a. refers to a. on their own b. tries out b. a steal c. thinks higWy of c. at hand2. I want to that new 7. There is no rush, so you can language program for learning ____ getting ready. English while sleeping. a. get better a. tryout b. refer to b. take my time c. take your time c. get better 8. This computer is at this3. Ir has been six years, _ price. You should buy it before the since I visited my hometown. sale finishes. a. more or less a. on hand b. at hand b. a steal c. a steal c. refer to.t. Keep plenty of coffee -,_---,-_ 9. We had to study most of the because this is going to be a long material because the meeting. professor only wanted to talk a. more or less about his theory in class. b. on hand a. tryout c. on your own b. more or less c. on our own:::l. She her supervisor, so she does not mind when he offers 10. You will never if you her suggestions. dont rest and do as the doctor a. takes her time says. b. thinks highly of a. think highly of c. is on her own b. get better c. refer to 29 -
  29. 29. DialogF take your time refer to him as on my own more or less getting better thinks highly ofIn the hospital:Bob: How are you feeling, Mark?Mark: I think Im . At least I can move my fingers today.Bob: Great! Everyone the doctor who is treating you. They say he is the best.Mark: Yeah. He is good. I heard the nurse Dr. Miracle.Bob: Well, everyone at work is hoping you can come back soon, but _ _ _ _. Do you know how long you will be in the hospital?Mark: Actually, I am going home tomorrow. And since my wife has to work, Ill be there all day.Bob: Wili you be OK?Mark: I think so. I can manage things with my left hand _Bob: lfyou need anything, just call. Ill be close at hand. Ill come over and give you a hand. Just hand over all your prob- lems to me. I can handle them. Ill be on hand.Mark: OK! OK! I get it. Very funny! Thanks, Bob!
  30. 30. Idioms in ContextRead the following story. y Brazilian friend has only lived in the United States for six M months, but his English is great. Before he came to the US, he studied in a language school] but mostly he learned Englishon his OWIl from reading English books and watching movies. He badlearned basic conversation before he arrived in the US. Then, after he gothere, his vocabulary and listening got better very quickly. I would say thathe is now more or less fluent in English. However, sometimes he still has[rouble with idioms. : One day, he asked me to help him buy some jewelry for his girlfriendback in Brazil. Her birthday was close at hand and he wamed to getsomething nice. He showed me a picture of his girlfriend before wc wentshopping. When I saw the picture r said, "Wow! Your girlfriend is a realspring chicken." , My friend asked me, "Why do you refer to mygirlfriend as a chicken?" 1explained to my friend, "I just mean your girl-friend is very young and beautiful." • At the jewelry store, they had several very nicenecklaces Oil hmul. I suggested that we take ourtime and look at several stores, but my friendfound a diamond neckJace that was a steal. Hecalled the saleswoman over to buy it. •.-5 the saleswoman was taking out thenecklace, my friend decided to tryolttthenew idiom he learned. He showed thesaleswoman the picture of his girlfriendand asked, "Dont you think she is a chick-en noodle?" ~fy friends English may not be perfect,but I still think highly ofit. 31
  31. 31. p --- r, U D T1 5 as of yet get a hold of at ones fingertips learn (something) by heart brand-new mix up cut in take by surprise dwell on take time off .J as of yet = until Lhis time; 50 far As cfye£, he has not been paid by the company. The date for the final lest has not been announced as aryet. A: Are the new computers in? B: Im sorry, sir. They have not arrived as of yet. 8 at ones fingertips =easily available; at hand He hat> the lnfonnation at hIe flnE!<l=rt;.ipe. I dont have that information at my fingertips right now. Can you wait a minute? Keep all of your impOflant papers at your fingertips at all times. A: Wow! Your Palm Pilot is really great! B: Yeah. It keeps important information right at my fingertips. -- --2
  32. 32. ...l brand-new = never used; totally newTheir brand-new car was stolen yesterday,1 bought a brand-new stereo to go with my televisionand 01) player, IA: Your shoes look very c1ean_ iB: _-crually. theyre brand-new..J cut in =go in front of someone unfairly; interrupt someone talking ~v-~~~----..,I hate it when people cut in Line at the movies.She -as telling a joke but her brother cut in and toldthe rest of it.A: That man just cut in front of us!B: How rude!..J dwell on = -forry about or consider for a long timeShe could not help dwelling on the fact that her motheras sick.I know you lost your wallet, but try not to dwell on it.A: I cant stop thinking about myoid girlfriend.S: Dont dwell on her. Im sure you will find love again. I know you got a ~ad g bv1; Cr)I not to d_ll on It...J get a hold of = contact; reachHe couldnt get hold of his friend to tell him the planswere changed.Please write down a phone number where we can geta hold of you.A: Did you get a hold of Mike? B; ~o. His line was busy 33
  33. 33. .J learn (something) by heart = memorize; study to know without thinking ?-~~----.,She cant read music, so she learns all the songs by heart.I had to learn the whole book by hean in elementaryschool.A: How did remember all those math equations?B: I learned them by heart. --~/:J mix up = confuse I often mb< up my friends· phone numbosra. )-I mixed up your names. Could you say that again?The office mixed up the addresses and sent the wrongforms to the two customers.A: You are supposed to come tomorrow, not today.B: Sorry! I mixed up the dates.:J take by surprise =surprise; come without warningHis friends visit took him by surprise.When he asked her to marry him, he took her completely bysurprise.A: I cant believe that your mother joined the army!B: Yes. She took us all by surprise. ____J:J take time off = miss work for some time with permissionI have to take time off next week to go to the doctor.Our company is very strict about taking time off.A: Why dont we go to Paris next weekend?B: Im not sure if I can take time off work. She t.oc* t.lme off t;o enjc>y a ~ In the el.ln.
  34. 34. PracticeChoose the best answer.L She has not come home _ 6. I admire actors because of all the I dont know where she is. lines they have to ! a. as afyet a. learn by heart b. brand-new b. take time off c. at her fingertips c. mixup2. He bought a television 7. She was by all of the because the screen on his old one people who came to her birthday was too small. party. a. at his fingertips a. got hold of b. as afyet b. taken by surprise c. brand· new c. cut in3. People often the words 8. His filing system is excellent. All of ~their," "there," and "theyre" when the important information he writing. needsis _ a. take time off a. brand-new b. mix up b. at his fingertips c. dwell on c. as afyet4~ I couldnt anyone at the 9. Some husbands from main office. No one would answer work after their wives have a baby. the phone. a. take time off a. take by surprise b. mix up b. learn by heart c. learn by heart c. get a hold of 10. It does not do any good to;). The boys tried to line for -=- --:- your mistakes. Forget the roller coaster. them and go on. a mix up a. dwell on b. cut in b. take by surprise c. dwell on c. get hold of 35
  35. 35. ............ . .................. . . Dialog ne get a no Id of at my fingertips learn by heart mixed up take time off as of yet At the office: Tom: Carol, has Bob come in to work yet? carol: Not . Would you like me to call him? Tom: Yes, please. Do you know his phone number? Carol: Yes, I keep all of the sales representatives contact numbers ____ here on my desk. There are just {QO many to _ Tom: See if he is at home. Ilhink we the vacation schedule. Both Bob and Sam asked to the same week. Sam was given the vacation, but Bob wasnt. But I dont know if Bob was told the right information. Carol: Ill call him as soon as I get a chance. Tom: Thanks, Carol. Let me know if you him.
  36. 36. Idioms in ContextRead the following 0 y boyfriend look time offfrom work one Friday to move to a M new apartment. It was a lot of hard work. When 1 got home later that evening, I was exhausted. J want-ed co give my boyfriend a call and cancel our plans for the next day. 2 My boyfriend also got a brand-new phone number for his new apart-ment, but as o/yet I had not learned it by heart. I usually keep all thephone numbers I need at my fingertips in my day planner. Unfortunately,I had not written his number down. The only way I could think of to get ahold a/my boyfriend was to call the operator and ask for Mike Williamsphone number. J I called the number that the operator gave me, but I was taken by sur-prise when a woman answered the phone. "Hello," she said. I asked, "Can I speak to Mike?" The woman said, ;He is taking a shower right now." I was shocked. At first, I didnt say anything. "Is there anything thac .. ?" she started to ask, but I cut in. "Tell him to call his girlfriend when he gets out of the shower." I hung upthe phone quickly wimout waiting ror the womans answer. I was a bitupset. However, I tried not to dwell on the fact that a woman I,.vas in myboyfriends apartment while he was in the shower. I knew Mike madefriends with the neighbors when he moved in, so I assumed the womanwas his neighbor. She was probably just helping him clean the place up. ~ An hour passed and Mike had not called meback. I called again, and a man answered thephone. "Hello," he said. The voice was strange. • :11 of a sudden I realized that it was theTong number. The operator had mixed up myboyfriends number with another man named.tike WilIiams. I said, "Youre not Mike!" The man said, "And youre not my girlfriend.I-e been trying to explain that to my ""rife form-er an hour." 37
  37. 37. L p --" U r, D Tl as a rule look to A for B be at a loss neither A nor 8 come up with point out for short run into in spite of when it comes to :.:J as a rule = most of the time; normally You should wask you!" wtolte ~ and co4ored clothse You should eat less meat and more vegetables, as a rule. _Polll"l!lltely• • e • NI". As a rule, the teacher does not like it when students leave early. A: Do you think I can eat this banana? B: Well, as a rule, eating is not allowed on the subway. ~ be at a loss = be unable to think She was at a loss about what to do with the elephant in the backyard. I know the man you are talking about, bUI Im at a loss to think of his name. A: I am at a loss as to what to cook for dinner. B: Lets order pizza! 38,
  38. 38. _ come up with = think ofWhen did you come up with that idea?He came up with a plan to solve the problem.•~: You named your dog Tweety?B: Its the best I could come up with!..J for short =a shorter way to say a name• fy name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex forsbon. This Is my friend1 ",-on:. for Seattle Auto Company or SAC for short. Koronatino Caler>oeangalL His friends call him KC fur short.,0; bat kind of car is that?B- Its a sport utility vehicle- SUV for short._ in spite of = regardless of something; despite I., spit;" of t;N: ral.,. ~_nttoth" t>eac:h. spite of the bad weather, we will go hiking.":be company kept hiring new employees in spite of itsdrcreasing sales. 1/· . ., I I .. . , , _How was your trip to Mexico? "If ,; / .I I had a great time in spite of the hurricane! . 1/ , to A for B = turn and ask A to give B should look to your parents for help if you dont enough money. kJoked to his best friend for advice when he _ded a job. DaD t worry about the test. We can study together. . nice 10 know that I can look to you for help. Thanks! 39
  39. 39. ..J neither A nor B = both A and B do not or are not either I nor my sister is as beautiful as my mother. She looked for her professor, but he was neither in his office nor in the classroom. A: either Jim nor Amy are going to the movie. B: I guess its just the two of us then. ..J point out = indicate Excueeme. Could you point. out. Cl l:>arWranopi The waiter pointed out the chefs special on the menu. He pointed out the places he visited on the map. A: Wow! That girl is really ugly! B: 1should point out that shes my sister. J run into;; meet by chance r "ad a feeling 1<::1 Mm IntO youl I often run into people I know at the bus stop. While I was in Hollywood, I ran into a famous actor in the supermarket. A: What took you so long at the store? B: I ran into myoid elementary school teacher. .J when it comes to = regarding; when dealing with He doee"~ know ~ mUG" when It c:ometl to milthernat.ic-e. When it comes to explaining difficult subjects, she is the best teacher. He doesnt know very much when it comes to cars. A: Can you help me install this computer program? B: Sorry. When it comes to computers, I am a real dunce.40
  40. 40. Practice1. , I never go swimming 6. He drank. because he right after I eat. was driving. a. As a rule a. neither beer nor wine b. In spite of b. in spite of c. Neither here nor there c. for short2. He was for words when 7. We an old friend of ours he won the award. at the movie theater. a. at a loss a. came up with b. as a rule b. ran into c. for short c. were at a loss3. How did you such a 8. You could your cleer idea for a story? grandparents for information about your ancestors. a. be at a loss b. come up with a. point out c. look la b. look to c. run into. I . She was the prefect choice __--,--_ finding someone to 9. the terrible weather, we organize the conference. had a nice time on our vacation. a. ran into a. Ln spite of b. when it came to b. When it comes to c. was at a loss c. As a rule.-:J. There was no need to _---,-,.-_ LO. Although our leam name is the the mistake. Everyone could see it. Buccaneers, people call us the Bucs _ a come up with b. look [Q a. in spite of c. point out b. as a rule c. for shon 41
  41. 41. Dialog am at a loss coming up with in spite of for short ran into neither blonde hair nor At the dinner table: AHce: Guess who I today? Tom: Who? Alice: Robert Smith! Tom: Who? Alice: Robert Smith, tbe boy who used to cut our lawn. Tom: I . What does he look like? Alice: Remember? He had blonde hair and glasses. He was really short. Tom: Nape. Im not any kid like that in my memory. Alice: Anyway, hes starting college. Now he has glasses. He has dark hair and hes much taller. But the fact that he is grown up, he still chews bubble gum! Tom: Now I remember him! We used to call him Bob _ Alice: Right! Bubble Gum Bob! ____J42
  42. 42. Idioms in ContextRe t folio y husband and I went to a high school reunion party in Dill M old town. Almost one hundred people were there. As a rule, 1 enjoy meeting people. But when it comes to large. noisy par·ties, I get very tired. I told my husband that I would prefer not to stay fortoo long. My husband pointed Ollt that we should at least say hello to thepeople that we knew. We did ntn into several old friends at the party, so inspite a/the crowd I still had a good time. 2 During the party, a young man came up to us. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs.Brown," he said to liS. l He looked familiar, but I didnt know where 1 had seen the young manbefore. I knew it was no use looking to my husband for help. He is terribleat coming up with names to match with faces. This time, we were both ata loss to think of his name. We talked with the young man for a while andthen a couple came up to us. It was Don and Liz Wilson. (Her name isElizabeth, but everyone caUs her Liz[or short). They were friends of ours.We had kept in touch, but had not seen them for many years. ~ The young man left after a few minutes [Q talk with some of his otherfriends. I told the WiJsons, Im sorry we did not introduce you to that niceyoung man. Neither my husband Ilor I could figure out his name." "Thats all right," said Mr. Wilson, "He is our son." .., • 43
  43. 43. p - r, U o Tl 7 add to in short day after day of ones own accord go through once and for all have to give rise to hit upon resign oneself to ...J add to = make larger; increase The flooding only added to the problems caused by the storm. The new research will add to our understanding of Eatin9 IoU c" c:hocolau will only genetics. a""" to your acne prol:>lem. A: Mom, why are you giving me your dirty socks? B: I want to add to your collection. ..J day after day = every day for a long time Day attar day. tu! waited fur her to Day after day. she waited for a letter, but none came. c=all bllC:k. He walked past the house day after day without reatly noticing it. A: How can that old man just sit in the park day after day? B: Thats a statue.44
  44. 44. ..,l go through = experience something unpleasant Sn" _111; 1;"rougn a etreeeful time laet year.He went through some medical tests last week."nen we travel, we always go through the sameargument about where (Q stay. ,.-: Lets go on the roller coaster one more time!B: ~o thanks. I dont want to go through that again..J have to = mustWe have to buy more bread.I have to ftnish this paper by Monday.A: Can you go to the movies with me?B: Sorry. I have to babysit tonight..J hit upon = suddenly think up He hit upol1 a e1reat Idea for a birtnday gift..I ru[ upon a great idea for Amys party while I waswalking to school today. How old was Einstein when he hit upon the idea of relatiiry?A: This banana pizza is delicious!B: Thanks.l hit upon the idea while at the zoo yesterday..J in short = briefly; in summaryIn shon, I believe everyone should vote against the new tax.In shon, I dont want to work here any more. Hee cute. ful1l1y. Mcn. al1d ell1gle. 111 flnort• ._ bat did you think of the movie? ne"O!l perl"ect:l B. Well. in shaft, it was the worst movie Ive seen this year. 45
  45. 45. • ..J of ones own accord = without being asked My brother decided to clean the house of his own accord. Her parents were going to tell her to get a job, but she gOI one of her own accord. A: Did you put the cat outside? B: No, he opened the door and went Out of his own accord. ..J once and for all =forever; for good; finally J am going to get rid of those cockroaches once and for all! He decided to SlOp smoking once and for all. A: Where are you going with that hammer? B: I am going to make that car alarm stop once and for all! He dee:lded to take care et hi., _ h a l .. problem OI"lG<J and fo.. all. I:) give rise to = cause something to happen Your new hair et.y1" might a""" nee to 50me The meeting gave rise to some new plans for the future prot>lema. of the company. The heavy rain gave rise to an increase in the number of mosquitoes. A: I dont think we should leave the dog and cat alone together. B: Youre right. It could give rise to problems. ...J resign oneself to = accept a situation as unchangeable She resigned herself to working in her fathers company. You dont have to resign yourself to the same lcind of life your parents had. A: Arent you upset about your test score? B: o. I just resigned myself 10 being a poor student!46
  46. 46. PracticeOoose the best answer,1. He do his homework 6. The company :-:-__ a new way now because he wont have time to market its clothes. later. a. hit upon a. day after day b. went through b. has to c. of its own accord c. in short 7. He looks sad because he is2. In Russia, I found some interesting ____ a djvorce right now. stamps to my collection. a. giving rise to a. add to b, adding to b. go through c. going through c. hit upon 8. J want to find a job where J dont3. He hopes the strong economy will have to do exactly cbe same thing ____ more new jobs. a. go through a. in short b. of its own accord b. once and for all c. give rise to c. day after day4. The movie was, . one of 9. She staying in town the best films made this year. during the vacation because she a. went through didnt have money to travel. b, day after day a. had to c. in short b. resigned herself to c. added to.:>. She made up her mind, -,----_ _~ to qUit her job and look for a new 10, The lamp fell off the table one. _ _ _ Nobody bumped it. a. once and for all a. of its own accord b. have to b. resign itself to c. hit upon c. give rise to 47
  47. 47. Dialog day after day have to of your own accord once and for all add to resign yourselves to In the car: Nancy: Mom! Jimmy is touching me! Mother: Enough! Im sick of asking you to stop! Cant you children behave ? Jimmy: I didnt do anything. Shes bothering me! Mother: _ _ _ _ its the same thing! "Hes touching me!" "Shes bother- ing me!" Are you going to stop this arguing, or do , _ stop the car? Nancy: He started it, mom. Jimmy: I did not! Mother: I want you to stop this nonsense, _ Jimmy: Nancy better stop it before she makes me really mad. Nancy: You cant make me. Mother: Thats it! The two of you better a quiet night at home. Youre both grounded! No television! No toys! No friends! Nothing. And no morc talking or I will your punish- ment. p • [-=t:_r-48
  48. 48. Idioms in Context o y son is going through adolescence. With all that is going on M in his life, he has a hard time remembering simple instruc- tions. This gives rise to some problems. ~ For example. Wednesday is the day to wash clothes at our house. Myson used to always leave money in his pockets. He never checked hisclothes a/his own accord. Day after day I reminded him to do it, but healways forgot. I resigned myselfto the fact that Id /rave to keep checkinghis pockets for him. ] Then I hit upon an idea to put a stop to my sons bad habit once andfor alL I told my son, "I am going to put any money that I find in yourpockets in a jar. When I have collected enough money. you have to use itto take me out to dinner and a movie." In slwrt, I wanted to teach my sona lesson in a positive way. ; On the next Wednesday, I looked into my sons room. He didnt see me.1watched him sit down on his bed and check all of his pockets for money.He took a few coins out of his pants. I was so happy! However, to my sur-prise, my son put the coins pack into the pocket. Then stood up and gothis wallet out of his bag. He took out a dol-lar bill and added it to the coins in thepocket on purpose! I never thought hewanted to take his mother to dinnerand a movie. I was flattered! 49
  49. 49. p U r. D T1 --- at times feel for be likely to for the sake of be opposed to get away wrth by accident stand a chance come from without question u at times = sometimes; there are times when At times, I wish I had studied something other than medicine. At times, he can be very cruel. A: How do you like working in the circus? B: Its OK. But, at times, I feel a little bored. • .J be likely to = will probably 1tllI ll~ UI rain this afternoon. It is likely to snow this afternoon. Drive carefully. Someone is likely to ask for your business card. Do you have any? A: Lets order some pizza. B: Its not likely to be open this early in the morning.50
  50. 50. J be opposed to =against;_ not for; not in favar of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- ( I·""alway.... b"en oppotted to eatina I:>eef.~Iy mother was always opposed to my fathers smoking.I am not opposed to his joining us for the weekend..-: Vhy does Bill only shower once a week?B: He is opposed to wasting water. •.J by accident =without planning; by luck (good or bad) __ It happened by accident.By accident, he hit the wrong button on the keyboardand lost his file.She walked into the bathroom by accident while hewas in there..-: What happened to my car?B: I scratched it by accident. Sorry!.J come from =originate in some placebere did your ancestors come from?These bananas come from Brazil.A: Where did all these books come from?B: The library was selling its old books..J feel for = have sympathy forShe felt for the people starving in Africa, so she sentmoney to the charity.I really feel for homeless people. L ./.-: Poor Tom! His pet iguana died.B: Yeah. I really feel for him. 51
  51. 51. .J for the sake of :: to benefit or improve something He worite k,oro:l for ttwr eake of hie family. For the sake of time. we wont discuss the new budget at this meeting. He had to qUit smoking for the sake of his health. A: Please dont t.ry to cook anymore. B: OK. I will stop for t.he sake of our relationship. ...J get away with:: avoid punishment He t.hought he could get away with hiding a card in his sleeve, but he got caught. She pretended she was a student to get the discount and she got away with it! A: Did you hear thal Sarah cheated on the test and got an A? B: I cant believe she got away with it! ..J stand a chance:: have an opportunity to succeed The players on the other team are all over six feet tall. We dont stand a chance! I really want to ask her on a date. Do you think I stand a chance? j" A: I can build the house by myself! B: Hall! You dont stand a chance without me! it ..J without question:: for sure; for certain WIthout ~ueetk>n. that. _e the beet Without question, that is the best movie 1 have ever seen! meal r_ had all The test was, without question, the most difficult test of thle yea"" the year. A: What do you think of my painting? B: You are. without question, the most talented painter I know.52
  52. 52. Practice1. , I wish I could go back to 6. I just brought up the subject college and study an. _ _ _ _ conversation. a. At times a. for the sake of b. By accident b. at times c. Stand a chance c. by accident2. A small company like this doesnt 7. The thief robbed the store in the ,.,- againsr a corporation middle of the day and it. like Microcol11p. a. was opposed to a. come from b. felt for b. stand a chance c. got away with c. be likely to 8. I-le stepped on the eats tail3. Do you know where these plants _ _ _1 a. by accident a. feel for b. forthe sake of b. are opposed to c. without question c. come from 9. The missionary the poor..I . He the plan of looking p~ople living in the mountains. for oil in the A1askan wilderness. a. got away with a. is likely to b. felt for b. is opposed to c. stood a chance c. comes from 10. This is the best party Ive:). How many people ,,- _ ever been to. attend the meeting? a. without question a. stand a chance b. at times b. are likely to c. for the sake of c. feel for 53
  53. 53. Dialog at times is likely to is opposed to came from stand a chance without question At the office: Betty: Come in, Bob. I wanted to talk to you about this memo regarding staff meetings. Bob: Sure. Is there a problem? Belly: Maybe. But fust, do you know where this memo ? It says tithe staff" but I think one person may have wrinen it Bob: I dont know who wrote it, bur almost no one the sug- gestion of only having one meeting every two weeks. Belly: I think. its a good idea, too. But if the idea is going to of being accepted by management, we need to add one thing to the proposal. Bob: What is that? Betty: _ _ _ _ it might be necessary to have an emergency meeting. Do you think the staff accept the suggestion that we have meetings every two weeks with possible eroer· gency meetings once in a while? Bob: _ _ _ thal should be OK with everyone.54
  54. 54. Idioms in ContextRead the following s,ory. often play golf with my father. Since I play golf on a college team, I my father doesnt stand a chance of beating me. He is, without question, one of the worst golfers Ive ever played with! In fact, rthink even a beginner could beat him. ~ At times, my father will cheat at golf. Hell kick the ball to put it in abetter position. Im not opposed to his occasional tricks. Even when I seehim cbeat, [still let bim getaway with itfor the sake aftbe game. It belpskeep the game interesting for both of us. J My father often hits the ball in the wrong direction. I remember onetime my father hit a duck with his ball by accident! I really feltfortheduck. My fathers ball hit it right on the head! It quacked angrily and flewaway. "Dont worry, Dad," I said. "The duck is likely to make a full recovery." ~ My father asked, "Where did that duck come from?It shouldnt be on the golf course." "The duck wasnt on the golf course,Dad," I pointed out to my father. o • 55
  55. 55. r, p D T1 --- LJ as usual hand over back up serve one right be cut out for take apart catch on turn down for ages work out .-J as usual = in the nannat way He is going to be late as usual. As usual, I brushed my teeth right after I ate dinner. A: Where is Matt? B: Hes playing computer games as usual. ~u_Lha_. U1l1dng about ""meetf• ..J back up = move backwards My faLher had to back up because the car in front of him broke down. 68c:k ... I Could you please back up? You are standing too close. A: I wouJd like to get the trees in the photo, too. B: OK. Ill just back up a little.56
  56. 56. ..J be cut out for =have the correct quaJities forI dont know iflm cut out for graduate school.:obody thought she was cut out for the army, but shebecame an officer. ..,fi;;/(.:- F .~A: I didnt know that Dave is afraid of flying.B: Yeah, I dont think hes cut out to be a pilot...J catch on = realize; understandIt IDok him a few minutes to catch on to the joke.Dont worry. Just follow me and youll catch on in notime. I{~A: Wow. You learned how to juggle in one day? 1t~B: Yes. I caught on to it qUickly. Dont;wolTY. Youll catch on eoon!..J for ages =for a long timee havent visited OUl grandparents for ages.That actor hasnt made a movie for ages. He haent cut; hIe ~rd fo.. agea..-: Hows your cat?B: I dont know. I havent see it for ages.~ hand over = give to anotherThis is a robbery! Hand over all of your money!The old man decided to hand over his business to his sons. ~ ~~~;~.-: Alright! Hand over my keys!B I dont have them! 57
  57. 57. .J serve one right = be the correct punishment for one It would serve him right if she never spoke to him again. Her talk show was cancelled. It serves her right for being so rude to her guests. A: Billy had to do extra homework because he came late to class. B: Serves him right! .J take apart = separate something into pieces I took apart the fan and put in a new motor. He takes apart cars and sells the engines. A: Why did you take apart the computer? B: I was looking for a file. .J turn down=, decline; say "no" She asked him to go out with her, but he turned her down. = ~ I invited her to join us, but she turned down my invitation. A: I tried to join the band but they turned me down. S: Maybe you should learn how to sing first. .J work out=, exercise doing aerobics or weight lifting How often do you work out each week? I dont really like to work out, but I do like to play tennis and basketball. - 0. He d4cided ~ waefilllll;y time to etllr-t. woridM0 out.. A: Do you work out? B: Yes. I run to the doout shop every morning.58