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Darren Simpson - Class Dojo


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A presentation from the inaugural TeachMeet Kununurra, held at the Kununurra Community Library on 14 November, 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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Darren Simpson - Class Dojo

  1. 1. Class Dojo A new way to track classroom behaviour Presentation by Darren Simpson
  2. 2. What is Class Dojo? • Class Dojo is an online classroom tool that helps teachers improve behaviour in their classrooms quickly and easily. • It also captures and generates data on behaviour that teachers can share with parents and administrators • Rewards better learning behaviours instantly. • Creates hassle-free data • Its free! •
  3. 3. Instant reporting to Parents
  4. 4. Class Dojo in the Kimberley • In 2011 Upper Primary class at KDHS where struggling with some challenging behaviours. • “Good Standing” wasn’t working. • Students with challenging behaviours weren't changing their behaviour and… • Students who were doing the right thing weren’t feeling rewarded. • We needed to start afresh, and we trialled Class Dojo.
  5. 5. Fun Resources
  6. 6. Class Dojo around the world •Class dojo is being used by teachers all over the world. • •Here’s a fun Story! •