4th Sme Barcelona


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Brochure for 4th Strategic Marketing conference in Barcelona
Interesting Topics & Speakers
(Focus: B2B and Chemical Industry)

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4th Sme Barcelona

  1. 1. visit our website: www.jacobfleming.com 4th Annual Sales & Marketing Effectiveness in Chemicals ‘’Achieving Excellence in Turbulent times’’ 24th – 25th February 2009, Ab skipper Hotel, barcelona Your prEStigiouS Find Your rEASonS SpEAkEr pAnEl to AttEnd phil Allen, gEMS Europe Uncertain times are testing the entire business world. What President and Value Creator does this mean for Sales & Marketing? Leaders from the industry will come together to brainstorm on their core role in gerard peyronne, dupont today’s stormy times through in-depth case studies, panel and CRM and eBusiness, Corporate Process Owner round-table discussions. This event is sold out year after year Carlos da Silva lopes, dow Fabric & Surface Care and we hope you will be joining us to: Global Marketing Director Discuss up-to-date issues on recent economic dr. thomas lueb, BASF pressures Senior Project Manager, Marketing & Sales klaus hofmann, dynea implement tough changes without loosing value Senior Vice President Market Application Europe Chuck Martz, dow Water Solutions gain an insight into sales & marketing strategies of Global Marketing Director green and sustainable product technologies thomas Funke, Wacker take a step further into competitive intelligence Managing Director Iberia and why it is essential for profitability Erwin Wild, AgC Chemicals Europe Commercial & Marketing Manager Fluoropolymers Explore cross-cultural challenges faced by marketing and sales executives and how these ralf Shmidt, Steffenhagen challenges can be met and overcome Managing Director david Vinokur, proS pricing Solutions, Europe get to grips with communicating price increases Director by focusing on real value Fernando Ventureira, pricing Solutions iberia understand the potential of sales & marketing in Managing Director emerging markets – China, india, russia & eastern europe Who Will AttEnd pinpoint sales & marketing opportunities that will Heads, Directors, Managers for: Branding, Marketing, Communications, yield best results Internal Communications, Employee Communications, Corporate Communications, Corporate & Brand Identity, Human Resources, ‘’the Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word Employee Relations, Brand Development, Business Development, ‘crisis’. one brush stroke stands for danger; the other for Public Relations, Integrated Marketing Communications, Training & opportunity. in a crisis, be aware of the danger-but recognize Development, Employee Engagement, Image Management and Human John F. kennedy Capital. the opportunity.’’ Silver Lunch Collaborative Collaborative Media Partners: Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Partner:
  2. 2. booking line: tel: + 34 9345 24 276, fax: + 34 9345 36 345 day 1, 24th February, 2009 VAluE EnhAnCing priCing StrAtEgiES; WhErE do WE StAnd? 9:00 opening remarks from the Chair phil Allen, gEMS Europe 12:20 Value pricing: profitable growth through President and Value Creator sustainable pricing strategies in the Chemical industry price and profitability rECESSion prooF Your S&M StrAtEgiES • Basic Principles of Value Pricing • Commodity vs. Specialty Pricing: Managing the Pricing 9:10 double impact Marketing and Sales Excellence Process and Value Drivers improves Business results • Implementation of Value Pricing with suitable Pricing • Case examples from chemicals and B2B businesses of Tools improved business results thanks to applies marketing • Competitive Pricing and sales excellence ralf Shmidt, Steffenhagen • Customer Needs and Value-Based Segmentation Managing Director • 4R’s of Sustainable Differentiation • Strategic Key Account Management 13:00 luncheon phil Allen, gEMS Europe 14.40 Value-Based pricing improves Chemicals Business President and Value Creator profits kEY ACCount MAnAgEMEnt • Practical case examples from chemicals and plastics - WhEn thE going gEtS tough! businesses demonstrating value-based pricing • Value-pricing a new product in a market 9:50 key Account Management at Wacker CAse stuDY • Differentiated pricing for an undifferentiated Chemie (Commodity) product • What makes an account to an key account and a sales • And more representative to a key account manager? phil Allen, gEMS Europe • Empowerment of key account manager President and Value Creator • Communication and reporting within the team as well as with the key account 15:20 Afternoon Coffee thomas Funke, Wacker 15:50 Creating the right Value perception Managing Director Iberia • Value pricing as a powerful tool to improve business 10:30 Coffee Break results and increase profitability • Assessing the strategic importance of your customers CuStoMEr rElAtionShip MAnAgEMEnt in A • Discussing successful approaches to value pricing gloBAl EConoMY – FroM opportunitiES in david Vinokur, proS pricing Solutions, Europe EMErging EConoMiES to A gloBAl rECESSion Director 11:00 implementing a Change programme towards 16.50 pricing Analysis tools: a key Step towards pricing Stronger Customer Excellence • Perspectives: A global initiative in a diversified company • A practical presentation with live demonstration about • Enabling, implementing and networking as core how Pricing Tools can help detect and quantify Profit & elements of the change programme Growth opportunities in Sales and Marketing Strategy. • Achievements and learnings of the past years • The presentation will connect the Pricing Analysis Tools dr. thomas lueb,BASF to the Pricing Excellence’s Five Steps, the Pricing Process Senior Project Manager, Marketing & Sales Model, and will show how they can be used to develop strong Business Cases & Support Implementation of the 11:40 orchestrating Multichannel CAse stuDY Best Practice Pricing within the Organisation. Marketing & Sales Campaigns through CrM Fernando Ventureira, pricing Solutions iberia • Build on the strengths of each channel (eMail, Web, Managing Director Call, Center, Sales, Distribution) • Use CRM to orchestrate all marketing & sales channels 17:30 pAnEl diSCuSSion and activities • Market activity – what’s the outlook and when can the • Lead & opportunity management industry expect a recovery? • End to end business metrics and results tracking • What are customers really looking for in the current conditions? gerard peyronne, dupont • Where are the opportunities? Who will survive? CRM and eBusiness, Corporate Process Owner Joined by speakers from the day! 18:30 Chairman’s Closing remarks and End of day 1 Cocktail reception 19:00 ‘’without the strength to endure the crisis, one will not see the opportunity within. it is within the process of endurance that opportunity reveals itself.’’ Chin-ning Chu
  3. 3. email: 4thAnnualsMe@jacobfleming.com, www.jacobfleming.com day 2, 25th February 2009 • Environmental concern as key competitive advantage • Green initiative 9:00 opening remarks from the Chair Carlos da Silva lopes, dow Fabric & Surface Care phil Allen, gEMS Europe Global Marketing Director President and Value Creator 11:40 interactive round-table session: An insider perspective on ‘’Crisis Management’’ MArkEting StrAtEgiES For grEEn produCtS And nEW CriSiS toolS Financially • The impact of the credit crunch on the supply chain. 9:10 – linking Business growth With CAse stuDY internally Sustainability • Internal pressure to lower prices in order to gain • the possibilities of water - Water is the single market share. most important chemical compound for the • Leadership and alignment within the departments preservation and flourishing of human life, and yet • Meetings, meetings and more meetings about the today, more than a billion people do not have access crisis. to safe, clean drinking water. The world has the Marketing know-how and the ability to meet this challenge. • Good opportunity to re-evaluate customer ranking. • Business objectives versus value systems • Double check product value and value sales to - Dow‘s vision is reflected in our 2015 Sustainability current accounts Goals - a public commitment to be accountable in opportunities the pursuit of solutions to the global water crises and • Customers have time available at the moment, other pressing world challenges. We will combine especially R&D and production. the creativity of our employees and our technology Erwin Wild, AgC Chemicals Europe expertise to achieve breakthrough solutions that help Commercial & Marketing Manager Fluoropolymers ensure safe, affordable drinking water is available to all. This includes driving a 35% reduction in the cost 12:40 luncheon of water reuse and desalination, through component technology advances 14:00 intErACtiVE CloSing pAnEl • Creating Marketing initiatives to support • Is the future bright or? the Brand promise - Dow Water Solutions links • What urgent measures/ strategies are required? our product performance to the Dow Brand and • In Marketing, there is Market. Where does the sector the Human Element to demonstrate reliability and stand? performance. • What marketing opportunities exist connected to Chuck Martz, dow Water Solutions environmental issues, environmental legislation? Global Marketing Director • Ensuring the reality in practice of theoretical business objectives – successfully implementing sales & 9:50 looking for a Blue Stream in a red CAse stuDY ocean marketing objectives and dealing with internal political and cultural obstacles • Dynea – products, markets, business Joined by speakers from the day! • The European wood board resins market • Dynea’s position – how to increase profitability in a red ocean? 16:00 Chairman’s Closing remarks and End of • The formaldehyde challenge – core business & threat Conference of long-term substitution • Innovation vs. customer driven development – overcoming channel resistance • Positioning of Dynea’s AsWood system – branding, pricing, lobbying klaus hofmann, dynea Senior Vice President Market Application Europe 10:30 Morning Coffee 11:00 CAse stuDY – green Marketing Challenges – differentiation and Competitve Edge through „green Concern“ • Becoming eco-smart – Incorporating the green strategy into your business operations • Realising the potential of green product technology
  4. 4. booking line: tel: + 34 9345 24 276, fax: + 34 9345 36 345 Meet our Comprehensive Speaker panel ralf Shmidt, Steffenhagen phil Allen, gEMS Europe Managing Director President and Value Creator Ralf is one of the cofounders and managing director of team Phil has 30 years of hands-on sales, marketing, customer steffenhagen. At team steffenhagen he is responsible for value management and key account management experience marketing & sales related consulting and training projects in at national, continental and global level in multi-national the chemical industry. The focus of his activities lies at strategy corporations including Albright & Wilson, Bayer AG, English development and implementation, price management and sales China Clays, Hilti AG and The Dow Chemical Company. Since development. With more than 15 years experience in marketing 1997 Phil runs global marketing and sales excellence practice, & sales projects in the chemical industry Ralf Schmidt advices GEMS/MarketAbility - creating value for clients by helping them customers of different size. From medium-sized businesses to to apply marketing and sales excellence and customer value global players in the chemical industry. Before working at team management to their businesses. GEMS/MarketAbility delivers steffenhagen and after his studies of business economics and his practical marketing and sales for value growth, facilitating PhD in marketing at Aachen University, Ralf Schmidt worked as marketing and sales strategy development and implementation independent consultant in different business sectors. working together with the client’s team. GEMS/MarketAbility serves many multinational and global blue-chip clients in B2B thomas Funke, Wacker markets and clients include Shell, BASF, Caterpillar, Dow Chemical, Managing Director Iberia Microsoft, IBM, Holcim to name but a few. Phil regularly facilitates and coaches workshops, consultancy and advisory projects in all Thomas Funke currently holds the position of Managing Director parts of the World – the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa of Wacker Química Ibérica S.A., a subsidiary of Wacker Chemie as well as most parts of Asia and Oceania. In May 2002, Juan AG, Germany. He studied industrial engineer in Berlin (Germany) Senor, Senior Editor at the International Herald Tribune, praised and Toulouse (France). After collecting various working experiences Phil in a Euronews company documentary for having founded a in Germany, France and Taiwan, he joined Wacker Chemie AG unique and action-oriented company, with an individual business in 1998 in Controlling. Afterwards he headed for Marketing style. GEMS and MarketAbility have featured in recent TV- with responsibilities for Africa and NME and later on Sales being profiles on Euronews and CNBC. Phil’s pragmatic, down-to-earth responsible for German speaking countries and Eastern Europe approach to marketing and sales is reflected in the book he has before he was nominated as Managing Director of Wacker coauthored “Value-Based Marketing for Bottom-Line Success: 5 Química Ibérica S.A. in 2006. Steps to Creating Customer Value” by De Bonis, Balinski and Allen, published by McGraw-Hill and American Marketing Association Fernando Ventureira, pricing Solutions iberia Dec 2002. He is a regular contributor to a variety of marketing, Managing Director sales and industry publications and also publishes his own Email Fernando is more than 15 years experienced as Director – Marketing Briefing Newsletter. Program – Project Manager in Strategy, Pricing, Management, dr. thomas lueb, BASF Organization, Coaching, Change Management and Systems Senior Project Manager, Marketing & Sales Consulting, with a specific background helping companies on their IT Projects, from the earlier steps to define necessities to the Thomas Lueb currently holds the position of Senior Project effective implementation of the most suitable solutions (i.e.: ERP, Manager, perspectives at BASF SE. In this role he is responsible for MRP, CRM, WMCS, e-Business, DataWarehouse, etc..).Fernando the implementation of the BASF change management programme has been involved in more than 100 Projects in Financial, Industry, in the Construction Chemicals, Coatings and Care Chemicals Retail & FMCG, Services, Healthcare & Pharmacy, Mining and divisions. He joined BASF 10 years ago and has worked in the Energy.In addition to his experience, Fernando presents a high fields of product management, marketing management and key level educational background, preparing a Doctorate (UNED), account management. Thomas holds a PhD in Economics from having an MBA (ESCP-EAP) and a Bachelor of Science in IT (ESCP- the University of Muenster, Germany. CESDIP), as well as several languages skills (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German).Due to his Educational klaus hofmann, dynea Profile, his Professional Background and his Languages Skills, Senior Vice President Market Application Europe Fernando is in charge of the Iberian and Latin American Market, Complex Multi-National Pricing Projects, and running at the same Klaus currently holds the position of Senior Vice President for time the Pricing Solutions Excellence Centre for Pricing Systems Market Application in Dynea Europe. In this role he is responsible Consultancy. for development and the implementation of the various applications (business segments). Further he is responsible for the European product development organisation. Previously Klaus Hofmann was involved in various sales and technical customer service functions within Dynea Europe and Asia. He studied Wood Science in Vienna and holds a PhD in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech, USA.
  5. 5. 4th Annual sales & marketing effectiveness 24th – 25th February 2009, Barcelona Sales Contract registration Code: Conference Code: BC EN 47 plEASE CoMplEtE thiS ForM And FAx BACk to payment Method + 34 9345 36 345 Please debit my FAx.: visa eurocard/Mastercard eurocard/Mastercard Amex Diners club 4thAnnualsMe@jacobfleming.com or E-MAil to: Card Billing Address: Please write in CAPITAL LETTERS registration details Street: City: Ms Mrs Mr Surname: Post/Zip Code Name: Card Holder´s Name: Job Title: Card Holder´s Signature: Email: Card Number: Ms Mrs Mr Surname: Name: Visa CVC Number or Eurocard/Mastercard CVV Number Job Title: (last 3 digits on the back of the card) Email: Valid from Expiry Date Ms Mrs Mr Surname: I agree to Jacob Fleming´s Terms and Conditions and Jacob Name: Fleming debiting my card. Job Title: Email: Authorization and Acceptance of terms & Conditions VAt details Signatory must be authorized on behalf of contracting organisation Name: Organisation: Date: VAT Number: (Compulsory for EU members) Signature: Booking is invalid without a signature Contact person: Jacob Fleming Conference Fee Email: € 2596 practitioner Address: + 16% VAT = 3011.36 € per delegate City: € 3299 non-practitioner Country: + 16% VAT = 3826.84 € per delegate Phone: Payment is required within 5 working days Under European Union and Spanish tax regulations delegates are required to pay VAT If you wish to pay in USD ($) or GBP (£) please contact us for more details. in any conference taking place in Spain. Delegates may be entitled to reclaim this cost. plEASE CoMplEtE thiS ForM And FAx BACk to In conjunction with TMF, the world’s leading VAT recovery organization, you can make FAx.: + 34 9345 36 345 significant reduction on your attendance costs. For more information please contact TMF on Tel.: +44(0) 870 067 8881, Email: gabriela.sanz@tmf-group.com. 4thAnnualsMe@jacobfleming.com or E-MAil to: Terms and Conditions: orders and legal requirements, failure of third party suppliers to timely deliver, and failure to register the minimum target amount of attendees for a given event. JF reserves the right to change the content, date(s), location or venue and /or special features of an event, to merge the event with 1. Payment terms. Jacob Fleming (“JF”) requires the full payment within 5 days after invoice has been issued. JF reserves the right to refuse another event, or to postpone it or cancel it entirely as appropriate under the circumstances. Client agrees that JF shall not be liable for any cost, entry to any client who has not paid their invoice. The registration fee includes : conference documentation, admission to all conference sessions, damage or expense which may be incurred by client as a consequence of the event being so changed, merged, postponed or cancelled and client lunches and refreshments, admission to networking social events. The registration fee does not include: travel, hotel accommodation, transfers agrees to hold JF harmless and to indemnify JF in case of liability caused by any such changes, mergers, postponements or cancellations. or insurance. 5. Cancellation of the event. In case JF cancels an event, then JF may offer the client a full credit up to the amount actually paid by the client 2. Hotel accommodation. Overnight accommodation is not included in the registration fee. A reduced rate may be available at the hotel hosting the to JF. This credit shall be valid to attend any JF-sponsored events for up to one year after the date of cancellation by JF. The client shall not be event. The reservation form will be sent to the client after the venue has been confirmed, but no later than one month before the event begins. entitled to this credit as a contractual right. 3. Cancellation by client. The client has the right to cancel his/her participation in the event. Cancellation must be received by JF in writing, 6. This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic (not including its conflict of laws provisions). either by mail or fax. If the client cancels with more than one month’s advance notice before the start of the event, JF shall be entitled to retain Any disputes arising out of this contract shall be brought before the courts of the Slovak Republic situated in the city of Bratislava in the Slovak 50% of the amount for participation in the event (minimum of € 1198 per delegate). If the client cancels with one month’s (or less) advance Republic. At its sole discretion, JF may elect to bring any dispute arising under this contract to the jurisdiction of the courts in which the client’s notice, or fails to attend the event, then the client shall not be entitled to any refund. Failure to attend an event shall not excuse a client from offices are located. owing the full amount of the registration fee. A copy of the conference notes from the event will be sent to the client after the event is over in 7. Any terms or conditions contained in the client’s acceptance which contradict or are different from the terms and conditions of this registration case of cancellation by the client. document shall not become part of the contract unless individually negotiated with JF and expressly accepted by JF. 4. Cancellation by JF. While every reasonable effort is made to adhere to the advertised program, circumstances can arise which may cause 8. JF reserves the right to change internal JF exchange rates if market exchange rates move more than +/-10% against the reference currency changes in the program, including but not limited to changes in the content, date(s), location or venue, or special features of the planned event. (EUR). Such circumstances include but are not limited to acts of terrorism, war, extreme weather conditions, compliance with government requests,