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5 Tech Trends Redefining the Customer Experience


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Presentation delivered at UC Expo, April 2016. The scene-set is around the speed of change, why customer expectations are set so high, and where this demand for convenience creates opportunities for organisations to capitalise in the Customer Experience space.

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5 Tech Trends Redefining the Customer Experience

  1. 1. Only leader in both Cloud and Premise
  2. 2. 23:59:59
  3. 3. “…customers’ definition of what’s fast and what’s not has grown more extreme on almost daily basis.”
  4. 4. • Differentiation • Knowledge/Education • Scalability • Dynamic Pricing “Amazon changes its prices every 10 minutes based on the data it collects in real time.” Econsultancy, Forbes MultiModal
  5. 5. MultiModal Take-Aways • TOM and Customer Journey Mapping • Tools for your Agents to lead and educate • Automate Low CPV, Innovate High CPV
  6. 6. IoT
  7. 7. IoT Take-Aways • A Target Operating Model and Customer Journey Mapping • The best service… • Differentiate, Innovate, Automate • But remember… Just because you can…
  8. 8. …Doesn’t mean you should #internetofstupidthings
  9. 9. Data Science Cool vs. Creepy
  10. 10. Data Science Take-Aways • The best service… • Proactive, Cognitive, Timely • Don’t be creepy
  11. 11. BOTS Take-Aways • Adaptive: Changing the role of humans • Challenge Roadmap • Start with now: Speech Biometrics
  12. 12. Micro Services
  13. 13. MicroServices Take-Aways • Growth, Flex, Security and Resilience • NOT cost-driven: Innovation-driven • Be Inquisitive