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How DevOps anti-patterns ruined holidays


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Behind the extensive downtimes I witness every holiday, I see a corporate failure to change the archaic processes to match the change in business models. Technology space has evolved. Businesses, however, especially larger ones, have a natural aversion to change, that is often justified by risk and cost factors. However, processes are put in place for exactly that reason — to save time and money. If they don’t accomplish those two goals or worse, contributing to the opposite – they need to be changed. It this talk I discuss a real world example of Black Friday 8 hour downtime of a large e-commerce website and discuss key anti-DevOps patterns contributing to the failure.

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How DevOps anti-patterns ruined holidays

  1. 1. How Devops Anti-Patterns RUINED HOLIDAYS @papa_fire
  2. 2. (unfortunately) this is a REAL story
  3. 3. setting a scene Black Friday e-commerce site $5mm/month 2 teams
  5. 5. 10:15am
  6. 6. lack of domain knowledge Image of you here
  7. 7. 10:30am lack in communication
  8. 8. lack of shared accountability
  9. 9. 12:00pm
  10. 10. lack of instrumentation 1:10pm
  11. 11. lack of version control 1:40pm
  12. 12. lack of rollback plan 2:30pm
  13. 13. 4hours! $30,000/hr+! stillbroken
  14. 14. 4:00pm
  15. 15. lack of agility 5:15pm
  16. 16. 5:40pm lack of automation
  17. 17. 8 hours! $150,000 lost! who is to blame?! … more?!
  18. 18. business-first DevOps
  19. 19. DEVOPS
  20. 20. THANK YOU! Credits: @papa_fire