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Bias in tech


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Every day we make decisions. Those decisions can be around improving your product, process, company; sometimes even bettering yourself. But many of our decisions are not made consciously. We all have biases. And even though most of our biases are unconscious, those biases still can get in a way of making the best possible decision. This is not a talk about gender and racial bias in tech hiring (altho I will also touch on hiring procedures and biases). This is a talk about different biases that skew our technical decision process that we deal with in out day-to-day operations.

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Bias in tech

  1. 1. @papa_fire 9 biases in tech
  2. 2. @papa_fire phycologists me (not a phycologist)
  3. 3. 3 affinity bias
  4. 4. @papa_fire Donuts Python AWS Chef Circonus Postgres Redhat Donuts Node AWS Ansible Circonus MongoDB Redhat Sushi Java Azure Ansible Circonus Postgres Windows Donuts Python AWS Ansible Nagios Postgres Redhat Donuts Python AWS Ansible Circonus Postgres Redhat Donuts Ruby AWS Ansible Circonus Postgres Redhat
  5. 5. @papa_fire confirmation bias
  6. 6. @papa_fire MySQL is used by Apple!
  7. 7. @papa_fire bandwagon effect
  8. 8. @papa_fire >new person: WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF >old hands: yeah we know we’re concerned about it >new person: WTF WTF wTF wtf wtf w… >new person gets used to it >new person #2 joins >new person #2: WTF WTF WTF WTF >new person: yeah we know. we’re concerned about it. WTF yeah we know we need to fix that 3 months later … yeah we know we need to fix that WTF
  9. 9. @papa_fire comfort bias
  10. 10. @papa_fire change drives progress
  11. 11. @papa_fire ownership bias
  12. 12. @papa_fire we’ll rewrite everything we can’t figure out how it works, so
  13. 13. @papa_fire ikea effect
  14. 14. @papa_fire sunk cost bias
  15. 15. @papa_fire don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it
  16. 16. @papa_fire anti-ikea effect
  17. 17. @papa_firebuild what differentiates you buy what accelerates you
  18. 18. @papa_fire anti-bias bias
  19. 19. @papa_fire second guess yourself
  20. 20. @papa_fire