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Your Passport to Youth Digital Marketing


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How to you outreach and market to today's Youths?
Presented at the IP Forum 2013 at Temasek Polytechnic

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Your Passport to Youth Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Your Passport toYouthDigital Marketing
  2. 2. Leon CK – Malaysia – ChinaContact me on Email or Linkedin for a copy of the slides
  3. 3. YouthsIn SingaporeFacts and Statistics
  4. 4. 80% of Singapore’s Facebook usersare between 13 and 35 years old”-“
  5. 5. Singaporeans spend themost time on FacebookAlmost 40 minutes per sessionAmericans spend about 21 minutes- Experian HitwiseWorld #1
  6. 6. Facebook:80% Newspaper:34%Reach across Singaporeans aged 25 to 34vs- Maxus
  7. 7. WhyYouthMarketingLacks Success?
  8. 8. Too much noise.Too little context.”- Mobile Youth“
  9. 9. I can never understand theyouths today…”- An adult“
  10. 10. A brand is no longer what we tell theconsumer it is - it is what consumerstell each other it is.”- Scott Cook, Founder, Intuit“
  11. 11. Brands are making products they think are coolrather than products that make people cool.”- Mobile Youth“
  12. 12. 1 to 3 bad online reviews is enoughto deter 67% of the shoppers frompurchasing a product or service”- Lightspeed Research study“
  13. 13. Successful social companies need to engagein their customers conversations online”- The Future of Customer Service’, ItsOpen“
  14. 14. So.. What can I do?
  15. 15. 4 tips onYouthDigitalMarketing
  16. 16. Tip #1Build Communities aroundYouth Aspirations
  17. 17. Most companies spend their money on ads,TV commercials, radio spots, and billboardsto try and tell you how good their productsare. At Monster we choose to support thescene and our athletes. Who dreams aboutlanding a 9 to 5 job? We all dreamed aboutbeing pro athletes, musicians and living thelifestyle that makes us who we are.”- Monster Energy“
  18. 18. Creating context and connecting thelike-minded in a communityBecome a part of their story
  19. 19. Monster Army is a community ofathletically aspiring youths
  20. 20. Tip #2Create Social Tools toconnect like-minded youths
  21. 21. We don’t do advertising anymore. We justdo cool stuff… We need to become partof people’s lives and digital allows us todo that.”- Nike“
  22. 22. Nike created iPhone apps aimed atsocializing sports activities andconnecting people
  23. 23. Innovative Endless Racing iPhone gameby an Insurance company gets viral
  24. 24. Tip #3Innovate through crowdsourcing and Co-creation
  25. 25. My Starbucks Idea isa portal that solicitsand executes ideasgenerated fromcustomers
  26. 26. Dell’s CEO, Michael Dell sharesabout Dell IdeaStorm
  27. 27. Tip #4Discover and empowerBrand Advocates
  28. 28. Engage the 10% who already love yourbrand not the 90% who don’t. Becausethat 10% will help you sell to the 90%”“
  29. 29. Your customers are your brand. Passionatecustomers are your strongest brand voices”“Nathan SawayaRenown Lego Artist
  30. 30. Granata Pet creates advocates outof happy dog owners!
  31. 31. DO NOTJust jump into Youth DigitalMarketing
  32. 32. 7:30 PM at “TheCo”)The Meaning of “LIKE”
  33. 33. Leon CK LeongBusiness Relations DirectorTechsailor You!Email me ORLink me in you would like to have a copy of the slides…