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Lightning Talk: Bending Markdown to Your Will with Your Static Site Generator

  1. Bending Markdown to Your Will With Your Static Site Generator Leon Barnard, Balsamiq
  2. Anyone Else Have This Problem?
  3. The Customer's Problem
  4. What We Wanted
  5. The Problems with Markdown
  6. The Dilemma How do we write content that can show up in multiple places?
  7. The Solution * Hidden from search and other links
  8. Limitations • Can't include partial content. All or nothing (except front matter). • Requires duplicate empty "placeholder" files to insert content into. • Standard issues with "single source" models (see, e.g., single-source-publishing/) • Working around some of these though
  9. Wins • Provides a flexible framework for future product versions • Allows us to continue to write only (mostly) markdown for the content (no code needed for includes)
  10. Thanks!