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Getting started with Xamarin Forms


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Getting started with Xamarin Forms

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Getting started with Xamarin Forms

  1. 1. Cross Platform Development Using Xamarin Forms Leomaris Reyes
  2. 2. GingerBread Space #22 Rue 3 | Pacot, Port-au-Prince 6110, Haiti Tuesday, February 18, 2020 8am-8:30am Registration/Breakfast 8:30am-9am Team Building Exercise 9-9:15am Welcome Kurt Jean Charles , SOLUTIONS CEO Erdina Francillon, Haitians at Microsoft 9:00-9:30am The Microsoft Communities Framework Tito Stainbach- Microsoft Developers and Technical Audience Lead, LATAM 9:30-10am Creating and Sustaining an Active Microsoft Community Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Dominican Republic 10:00-10:10AM Transition 10-10:50am Azure Fundamentals Introduction Azure Fundamentals and Dev Ops – How to accelerate in DevOps concepts with Microsoft Learn Leslie 10:50-11am Transition Tracks 10:50-11:20am Workshop A Data Platform Track- Database as a Service- Introduction to the Azure SQL Databases basic concepts, the advantages and functionalities (Elena) Developer Technologies Track- Cross Platform Development Using Xamarin- Learn how you can start building cross-platform mobile applications by writing code once using Xamarin Forms (Leomaris) 11:20-11:30am Transition 11:30am-12pm Workshop C Data Platform Track- PowerBi and Data Driven Decisions- Bring your data to life using Power BI and allowing users to self service data from multiple sources (Elena) Developer Technologies Track- API Development using .netCore- Fundamentals to create an application programming interface using .NET Core (Leslie) 12pm-1pm Lunch 1-2pm Ignite Talks 1. Best Practices for Async-await- Learn about the programming syntax saving developers time 2. Data Platform Track- Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Services- Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Services on Azure. Get to know some of the most important tools for delivery intelligence (Elena) 1. Giving your app a human touch with LUIS- Meet LUIS, Microsoft’s cognitive language service how to bring a human touch to your apps 2. Stop writing T-SQL Queries like it’s 2010 – Modernize your T-SQL practice 3. Serverless Architecture – Understand what is serverless architecture, its advantages and which services can be used to build it 2pm-2:30pm Setting Community Goals Azure Fundamentals and Beyond Kurt Jean Charles , SOLUTIONS CEO Erdina Francillon, Haitians at Microsoft 3pm-3: 15pm Closing by SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. Ing. Leomaris Reyes ➖ Microsoft MVP ➖ Software Engineer ➖ Founder & CEO of Stemelle ➖ Creator and author of the Xamarin blog ( ➖ Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer ➖ With more than 6 years of experience in Software Development
  4. 4. We will be learning the following topics: ➖Introduction to Xamarin Forms ➖Awesome Xamarin Forms features ➖Sharing our knowledge bring to us a lot of opportunities
  5. 5. Introduction to Xamarin Forms
  6. 6. What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a tool that allows you to create cross-platform mobile applications using the same programming language (C #).
  7. 7. What is Xamarin Forms is? Xamarin.Forms is a library for Xamarin that abstracts the classes of the visual controls of each platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), allowing us to write our visual code only once. The visual interface can be defined using an XAML tag language or code written in C #.
  8. 8. How Xamarin works?
  9. 9. Why Xamarin?
  10. 10. What is XAML? XAML: eXtensible Application Markup Language It allows developers to define user interfaces in Xamarin.Forms applications with a markup language instead of code. XAML is especially suitable for use with the MVVM (Model-View- ViewModel) application architecture: XAML defines the View that is linked to the ViewModel code through XAML-based data links.
  11. 11. UI: C# vs XAML code
  12. 12. UI: Xamarin Pages
  13. 13. UI: Xamarin layouts
  14. 14. UI: Xamarin controls
  15. 15. Image management
  16. 16. We can create awesome UIs!
  17. 17. We can create awesome UIs!
  18. 18. Awesome Xamarin Forms features! ➖Xamarin essentials ➖Embedded images ➖Design time date ➖XAML hot reload
  19. 19. Xamarin essentials Xamarin.Essentials provides developers with cross- platform APIs for their mobile applications. Android, iOS, and UWP offer unique operating system and platform APIs that developers have access to all in C# leveraging Xamarin. Xamarin.Essentials provides a single cross-platform API that works with any Xamarin.Forms that can be accessed from shared code no matter how the user interface is created.
  20. 20. Xamarin essentials: APIs ➖ Vibrate ➖ Text-To-Speech ➖ Connectivity ➖ Emails & SMS sending ➖ Open browser ➖ Orientation sensor ➖ Phone dialer ➖ Flashlight ➖ Maps ➖ Connectivity ➖ Battery ➖ Color converters ➖ Geocoding & geolocation ➖ Clipboard
  21. 21. Embedded Images Like a local Images, Embedded images are shipped with an application but it has the peculiarity that these are not contained in each application’s file structure, but file is embedded in the assembly project as a resource. Removing the time we take converting our images into the formats required by each platform and then adding them, we’ll save development time and make our project lighter! ⚠ It’s important to know that this kind of image distribution is useful only if the images are used are identical for every platform.
  22. 22. Design Time Data with XAML Previewer From developer to developer, I would like to start this article by asking some questions: 1⃣ Have you ever experienced that you want to show the progress of the design of a screen and for this you need to add test data to the XAML so that the user can see the results, right? 2⃣ So after you convinced the user then you have to delete all that data to add the method by which we can consume the real data? 3⃣ Have you ever thought about how long this process takes? That’s why Design time data! Design time data through the Visual Studio previewer window help us to add test data to our XAML without it actually being shown when the application is running. For example, we can have a label with a test Text property assigned as “Good Morning” and we also can have the same property with “Hello people!” as value for when we run the app, making this easier and faster our development time for the construction of the UI.
  23. 23. XAML Hot reload As a developer, we often get into a cycle of running an app, noticing that some adjustment needs to be made, stopping the app, estimating the adjusted values, and then repeating the whole process over again to see if the estimate was correct. This is called “inner development loop,” and it can quickly become quite tedious. That’s why XAML hot reload came to us! We can see in real time how our graphic changes have been applied to the emulator or physical device that you are running our App.
  24. 24. Sharing our knowledge bring a lot of opportunities!
  25. 25. Sharing our knowledge bring to us a lot of opportunities! We have a lot of ways to share our knowledge: ➖ Creating a blog ➖ Recording podcast ➖ You can be a YouTuber! I created a post named: Why becoming a Blogger help you grow in your career: My Personal experience as Xamarin Blogger You can scan this QR code to read it!
  26. 26. Microsoft Learn Scan QR code or
  27. 27. LeomarisReyes11 Thanks!