PS3 Magic - So Good-Looking But So Tough!


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PS3 Magic - So Good-Looking But So Tough!

  1. 1. PS3 Magic – Make Your PS3 into PC<br />Are you searching for PS3 Magic to install linux on your PS3? The PS3 is not just a gaming console, but also a powerful PC besides the styled design that the PlayStation 3 has. Everybody usually use the console for its primary purpose, to play games, without knowing how much more the console can offer them. With PS3 magic you can do everything a computer can do and then some with your PS3. Not to mention installing Linux on a pS3 is extremely easy. Here are some of the benefits associated with installing Linux on a PS3.<br />Click Here To Download PS3 Magic and Turn Your PS3 into PC<br />PS3 Magic – Advantages<br /><ul><li>You can play Various Formats on PS3</li></ul>When running the default PS3 Operating System only a few limited formats are properly read and recognized by the Playstation3. When you install Linux through PS3 magic many new formats become readable by your PS3 such as QuickTime and WMV and much more other.<br /><ul><li>Faster Web-Browsing on PS3</li></ul>All Linux version come with web-browsing pre-installed. Any Linux based browser will outperform the default PS3 web-browser by a mile. It’ll be much more efficient and faster when you are browsing the internet.<br /><ul><li>Word Processing with PS3</li></ul>With Linux you’ll be able to handle your word processing and printing directly from your PS3, being given the option to install word processors such as Microsoft Word or Open Office and other like so. You’ll even be able to connect your printer to your PS3 and print out files and pictures after installing PS3 magic.<br /><ul><li>Unlimited Options on Ps3</li></ul>With Linux on your PS3 you’ll be able to literally install anything you want that’s compatible with Linux. This ranges from games to useful applications. From now on you can chat with msn, yahoo and other IM. You can play computer games. You can emulate different sega games and a lot of other great stuff that you can perform when you run linux on ps3.<br /><ul><li>Dual-Boot</li></ul>Once you have Linux on your console you’ll be able to choose which Operating System you want to run at start-up. This way you can have the best of both worlds. Daily computing done on Linux and gaming done on the PS3 factory Operating System.<br /><ul><li>Keeping Your Warranty Intact</li></ul>Installing Linux on your PS3 through PS3 Magic will not void you warranty at all since it’s not considered risky to install a custom Operating System on a PS3. With Ps3 Magic Your warranty will remain intact you don’t need any technical knowledge.<br />After reading the above benefits of installing Linux on PS3 through PS3 Magic take this one last thought into consideration. Sony constructed the PS3 with 8 CPU cores for a reason, and that reason was to make the PS3 a multi-functional supercomputer. Installing Linux on it will make this a possibility. Another tip that I offer you is the US Army has bought over 100 Ps3 for building a super computer. Make yours very easy.<br />Play Movies, Music, DVDs and Other PS Applications on Your PS3.<br />Resource To Download PS3 Magic For Your Playstation 3<br />Click Here To Download PS3 Magic and Turn Your PS3 into PC<br />