Why german shepherds obtain the status for viciousness


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Why german shepherds obtain the status for viciousness

  1. 1. Why German Shepherds Obtain The Status For Viciousness
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  5. 5. After all, without the facts, how can we know we are making the right choice?
  6. 6. We recently came across the article below and we have posted it on our site because it addresses some of the unanswered questions and raises some new ones at the same time.
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  8. 8. The amazing trainability and eagerness to please give German Shepherds both good and bad personalities, as they can be easily trained to do just about anything – including attacking people.
  9. 9. German Shepherd dogs worship the people they live with.
  10. 10. They need to be active and have a job to do in order to keep them from being destructive.
  11. 11. German Shepherds will worship you and need your attention.
  12. 12. Any German Shepherd dog trained to do bad things can be retrained with patience.
  13. 13. What qualities would you look for in a friend?
  14. 14. You would hope they would stick by your side through good times and bad.
  15. 15. You pray that they will never betray your secrets.
  16. 16. You wish that they would help you out when you needed help.
  17. 17. You can find all of these qualities in a German Shepherd dog.
  18. 18. And, as added benefit, they won’t sue you, either.
  19. 19. You need to do your part in this friendship, as well, in order for it to work out.
  20. 20. You have to be patient, have a sense of humor and learn all you can about the German Shepherd breed.
  21. 21. You have to be committed to exercising your German Shepherd dog every day, with a walk and play.
  22. 22. They need to be active, or else they get a bit hyperactive.
  23. 23. They also need regular trips to the vet for inoculations and check ups.
  24. 24. Purebred German Shepherds are more inclined to have genetically caused problems than many other breeds of dog.
  25. 25. You must be willing to pay any and all medical costs for your friend.
  26. 26. German Shepherd dogs worship the human beings they either live with or are ordered to protect.
  27. 27. They would rather hang out with their people than with other dogs.
  28. 28. The approval and affection of their people is vital to their sense of well-being.
  29. 29. These are not dogs that like to be alone, chained out in the yard.
  30. 30. Any German Shepherd left to this fate will overcompensate with hyperactivity in order to get his people's attention.
  31. 31. Since they are such large and powerful dogs, even playful boisterousness can possibly hurt someone.
  32. 32. German Shepherds excel when given specific jobs to do.
  33. 33. This is why they are often one of the first breeds of choice for police dogs, search and rescue dogs, assistance dogs and for working in entertainment.
  34. 34. Throughout the centuries, they have also played the roles of sheepherders and draft animals as well as their more familiar roles as guard dogs and military dogs.
  35. 35. A German Shepherd dog needs regular exercise, attention and grooming.
  36. 36. Getting them spayed or neutered will also not only lengthen their life span, but also make them more willing to pay attention to you.
  37. 37. German Shepherds really are not suitable for apartment life, unless they get a lot of outdoor exercise.
  38. 38. They learn to leash train very well (and can often be voice trained), whether their owners are walking, jogging, riding a bike or riding a horse.
  39. 39. Hopefully, armed with this German Shepherd information about their basic personality, you will know if a German Shepherd dog is right for your home and lifestyle.
  40. 40. There are variations in each dog's individual personality, as there are with each dog's physical traits.
  41. 41. Some are more timid than others. Some are more serious than others.
  42. 42. Some seem more psychic than others.
  43. 43. But they need a lot of activity and attention in order to really become a member of your family.
  44. 44. It's great to read that someone at least knows the 'ins' and 'outs', isn't it?
  45. 45. Amongst our readers, this article really turned the tide on the debate that was taking place.
  46. 46. Many readers have given us feedback to say they are going to tackle their reputation for in a very different way as a result.
  47. 47. Will you?