Business reputation management


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Business reputation management

  1. 1. Business Reputation Management: The New Way
  2. 2. Welcome to our site.
  3. 3. Here, you will find everything you need to know about corporate reputation, without the hype.
  4. 4. You are joining thousands of other readers who visit our site on a regular basis.
  5. 5. That is because we work hard to give you the information you need without all the fluff.
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  7. 7. The article below is the latest addition to our site and it is a real education to read.
  8. 8. We hope to sparks some ideas for you.
  9. 9. By having an emerging variety of customers demanding dialogue from companies and insisting on greater business transparency and accountability, image and status management for organizations is becoming harder than ever before.
  10. 10. It is just like getting an incredible number of eyes watching over your company along with a 1000 mouths saying participation within the communication process.
  11. 11. The task now's how organizations establish and sustain an optimistic and strong logo and corporate status online Age.
  12. 12. Five Meta-Trends in Controlling Status Online
  13. 13. John Bell, controlling director of 360o Digital Influence of Ogilvy Pr Worldwide, discusses five meta-trends affecting how companies manage status in the existence of the social networking and brand towns.
  14. 14. 1. Hyper transparency
  15. 15. "Getting 150 million writers means getting 1000's of potential forensic an accounting firm, social watchdogs and activists watching your organization.Inch
  16. 16. It's about time that companies not just open their home windows and doorways but make their walls transparent too.
  17. 17. Customers are to hear and find out what are you doing using their brands especially since various social networking tools permit them to achieve this.
  18. 18. Organizations must then operate with honesty and clearness.
  19. 19. Secretive companies never win.
  20. 20. Openness may be the new rule of the overall game.
  21. 21. 2. Viral Crises
  22. 22. "Crisis propagates through systems - formal and informal with lightning speed and full movies.
  23. 23. When bad unexpected things happen, they spread very fast, frequently using the accompaniment of YouTube videos."
  24. 24. Primed crisis management plan is essential for present day companies.
  25. 25. Be skeptical of bad things blogged, twitted, and published regarding your company.
  26. 26. Crisis spread is multi-directional and 10 x faster.
  27. 27. Meet and speak to the fireplace starters within the right platforms.
  28. 28. Most importantly, your organization needs to respond fast.
  29. 29. 3. Interest in Dialogue
  30. 30. "One of the ways texting isn't acceptable to individuals who crave dialogue.
  31. 31. Customers crave conversation, not texting, in the brands they love."
  32. 32. Let humans speak to humans. Customers have no need for dreary press announcements or deceitful advertisements.
  33. 33. They really want and demand dialogue, genuine dialogue at this.
  34. 34. Little else gains their trust and loyalty than firms that sincerely pay attention to and talk to them.
  35. 35. 4. Even louder brand detractors and employees
  36. 36. "Wise, nimble detractors leverage social networking everyday.
  37. 37. The Social Web has generated new brands in the small guy who understands how to leverage blogs, search, Web 2 . 0. improvements like marking, internet sites and much more.Inch
  38. 38. Organizations have to be proficient at exactly the same weapon their experts use.
  39. 39. Today, it is the Internet.
  40. 40. Know in which the brand detractors are as well as in what ways they talk.
  41. 41. Your organization don't want to become fighting within the forest once the opponents are in the flatlands.
  42. 42. Likewise, you wouldn't use warrior spears when they're already using guns.
  43. 43. Did you find the article useful?
  44. 44. Corporate reputation is not as straightforward as some people think, so you might want to do some reading on the subject.
  45. 45. As you learn more about corporate reputation, your understanding of the subject will increase, and so will your confidence.
  46. 46. Thanks for reading the article.
  47. 47. And please, do come back again.