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Django & Python Case Studies


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Case studies featuring client specified platforms and technologies

Published in: Technology
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Django & Python Case Studies

  1. 1. Django & Python Case Studies by Leo Technosoft • Case studies featuring client specified platforms and technologies
  2. 2. Case Study - I Custom OpenERP Application for Automobiles Manufacturer and Retailer Our US based client is a leading specialty manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of auto performance parts and accessories that serve the automotive aftermarket. » Features  Admin Area  Message Centre  Inventory Centre  Order Centre  Order view  Setting Users and Permissions  Email Customer  Refund Request  Submit Return  Copy to new order » Customer Profile The client has their e-commerce platform with almost 1000+ products categorized in around 200 categories and growing. With growth in their online presence, it was becoming really hard for them to manage it with other system. There was no centrally available data regarding incoming/outgoing orders of products; the existing software was lacking in financial management capabilities; and there was no way to track inventory and monitor stock levels, which led to significant problems in procurement and warehouse operations. What’s more, their shipping tool was non-scalable in-terms of volume of business. They wanted a system which could help them in monitoring their entire manufacturing process, facilitate them for quality control, inventory monitoring, and advance reporting in case of any call backs or defects. » Solution We developed an ERP application for 2-way Synchronization between the ShipStation, QuickBooks, PayPal and, UPS applications and OpenERP 7.0. The OpenERP application serves as a central data system where it pulls orders of users in online market place from the ShipStation application and syncs with QuickBooks (accounting software) to grab product data. We also modified existing modules and created custom modules to let client’s customer service department handle Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), add notes to orders, send refund requests via button on specific order screen, create new or additional shipments, etc. » Business Situation » Technology  Python  OpenERP 7.0
  3. 3. Case Study - 2 Portal and Media Application Development Services for Yoga Specialist Our client is long time yogi, futurist, technology geek, crossed with a warrior of the possible and is the guy that in early 2009 had the idea "let’s build Yogasync". Three years later, after assembling the team to do it and 1000's of collective hours of work, this futuristic platform was born. » Features » Customer Profile Our client enchanted by the goodness of yoga wanted to develop a customised platform for yoga practitioners worldwide combining the old and the new techniques. He was looking for a personalised yoga community website that would allow the user to choose the pace, level and asanas suitable to them. » Solution We developed a modern, interactive and radical software, including a yoga community website and an iOS application, designed on the techniques of devoted yogis group for other fascinated yogis. The software was created with the help of ultra-modern technology while keeping the basics of yoga intact. Incorporating the best of both old and new yoga asanas, it is tailored to match up to everyone’s requirement right from the experts to amateurs. The yogis have access to the budding library of Yogasync’s and member created video practices via downloads and an ultra-modern streaming technology. Its adaptable nature allows the user to match up the pace, duration and intensity as per their convenience. The user is able to create custom yoga routines in their member’s areas and save them to their profile, enabling them to have their personal playlists within playlists. It avidly combines the best possible state-of-the-art yoga tools accessible for the zealous yogis. » Business Situation » Technology  Python 2.7 and iOS  Django Framework  jQuery  MySQL  Apache  Ubuntu Linux Become a Partner Benefits Modify Yogasyncs Easy Yoga Builder Explore all Yogasyncs Genesis Yoga Suite Blog Online Yoga Courses Health & Wellbeing Yogasync Workshops
  4. 4. Case Study - 3 Portal Development for Translation and Editing Services Our client is a major Tokyo-based translation agency that has been operating for 20 years. » Features QwikTrans is much faster, more convenient, and less expensive than traditional offline translation services, but still offers many of the same features, including a choice of quality levels, the ability to choose your deadline, and the ability to provide references and instructions. » Customer Profile Our client approached us with the idea of creating a platform that enables prospective customers to easily submit their documents for translation and editing. They wanted the portal to be available in both English and Japanese language and wanted it to offer ample options to the users to choose from, according to their requirements, priority and budget. » Solution Our expert team of developers at Leo TechnoSoft catered to the client’s specific requirements and developed a portal, QwikTrans, using Django platform that is dependable and cost effective. The developed portal offers the users a quick, convenient, and cost-effective online translation service. It allows them to receive an instant, no-obligation quote for translations on one or multiple files of the most popular types; to register, to place an order, and to receive their completed translation. » Business Situation » Technology  Django  JavaScript  HTML  CSS  Python
  5. 5. Case Study - 4 Coupon Management Software Our client is a leading provider of advertising and marketing services, namely, promoting the goods, services, brand identity and other commercial information of third parties through all public communication means, including the provision of one or more websites for such purposes. » Customer Profile Our client was looking for a geo-location based coupon distribution and management system that would simplify the distribution as well as purchasing of coupons. » Solution We developed an all inclusive coupon management software that eases the distribution pattern for distributors looking to target customers according to profiles. Downloading coupons was made effortless with the incorporation of the PDF format. Consequently, the team turned the whole distribution cycle nippy and user friendly. The cloud based coupon distribution system gives the power to the distributors to design campaigns and add coupons online and get the targeted customers almost hassle free. It’s a complete coupon distribution & management platform that creates effective coupons in seconds while targeting customers according to geo & profile location. These coupons can be distributed to partner sites, all containing a distinct bar code with unique discount offering. Designed robustly, it eases out the distribution cycle for distributors and makes it a plain sailing process for consumers for downloading coupons online. » Business Situation » Technology  Python  Mobile  MySQL  Apache Web Server
  6. 6. Case Study - 5 SaaS Based Contract Management System Our client is a leading California-based construction company specializing in roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure-related projects. As a North America-based international company, they are able to offer clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization. » Customer Profile Our client approached us with a farfetched idea to simplify and standardize the ongoing daunting paperwork process that was the standard norm in the industry. They required a system to track their project at every level i.e. all projects; all contacts and all project information to be accessible in real time. » Solution We came up with the incredible project designed to lend contractors, architects, owners and design professionals the ability to collaborate on projects by giving them a common place online to process and store their contracts. Amalgamating the industry standard methods for handling contracts, changes, pay applications and other paperwork, Fluid CM was the key for wrinkle-free handling of official procedures online. Being incorporated in the SaaS platform, it enables companies to access their project information online from anywhere. Offering well- organized accountability, efficient documenting and staying on schedule with mobility, this noteworthy contract management system definitely smoothens the work flow. » Business Situation » Technology  Python  Mobile  MySQL  Apache Web Server » Features Communicate • Message module Contracts • Budget • Client Contract • Sub Contracts • Changes • Projection • Billing Documents • Daily logs • Documents • Meetings • RFIs • Submittal
  7. 7. Case Study - 6 SaaS Based Domain Management System Our client is a dynamic and budding entrepreneur in an Australian based firm. With his extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry, he now looks to capture the domain management industry. » Customer Profile Our client wanted to develop a secure and easy-to-use SaaS based domain management solution that would minus cases of fraud. He wanted a Brand Management Platform that would allow brand owners to administer, monitor and protect their online brands. » Solution We developed a stand-alone solution that addresses the domain management needs, protecting important digital assets for our renowned client . We gave the right model amalgamating BOMT which not just builds but eventually supports as well. The developed solution is an easy-to-use SaaS based web application for managing Domains, Trademark, Contracts for web hosting company business processes in a robust and secure environment. Our Domain Management solution assured managing, recovering and monitoring brands online. Our SaaS based software solution was designed with notable features like Domain Portfolio Management, Domain Recovery services, Specialized Online Brand Monitoring and Digital Certificates from all major certification authorities to collectively administer and protect brands. It can provide intuitive, web-based forms to capture user information with all the advantages, including improved security, data validation, and enhanced reporting. This suitably centralized the existing domain names and managed all ongoing registrations, renewals and administration. » Business Situation » Technology  Python  Mobile  MySQL  Apache Web Server » Features  Online Brand Monitoring platform through a no obligations using cloud-based access feature  News & video media monitoring  3rd party domain name monitoring  3rd party trademark monitoring social media monitoring  Case management tools to track and manage cases  Track renewals of your own domain names and trademarks  Ability to create sub-users with restricted rights and access  Stay on top of important renewals
  8. 8. Case Study - 7 SaaS Based Trade Process Management System Our client, working from the United States, Asia and Latin America, has spent over twenty years working in international trade, technology and finance. » Customer Profile With the burgeoning growth of the trade sector, the complexity to manage and integrate across incongruent systems is ever increasing. Understanding this concern, our client wanted to develop a trade process management system, designed to manage import and export business effortlessly. » Solution We competently developed the SaaS based trade management system for importers and exporters to help them manage the entire transaction lifecycle. Built with superlative features to streamline International trade documents compliance procedures, it also avails tender for freight, clearing and insurance providers. Reducing the massive time consumed with manual functioning, it’s an assisting solution on hand » Business Situation » Technology  Python  Mobile  MySQL  Apache Web Server » Features  Documentation Completion and Compliance Module  Tender Module  Freight agent management system  Overview Dashboard
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