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NHS Leadership Academy - Mark Aberdour


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The NHS Leadership Academy is the largest and most comprehensive leadership development programme ever undertaken by the NHS, reaching 10,000 NHS leaders every three years. LEO took part in a KPMG-led consortium and delivered the virtual campus and online learning components for a programme comprising 1,200 hours of learning over 24 months. This sponsor demo walks you through the Academy, showcasing the breadth of LEO's workplace learning capabilities with a rich blend of multi-device learning, video-based scenarios, performance support, assessments, social learning tools and more within a virtual campus running on a recently updated Moodle 2.9.

The programme has won internationally recognised awards with a Brandon Hall Award for 'Best Use of Blended Learning' in 2014, a gold award for 'Excellence in the production of learning content - public sector' at the 2015 Elearning Awards and a silver award for 'Best Leadership Programme' at the 2015 Training Journal awards.

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NHS Leadership Academy - Mark Aberdour

  1. 1. NHS Leadership Academy • Role Mark Aberdour Platform Solutions Manager @maberdour
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  6. 6. FOLLOW US @leolearning The NHS leadership challenge • The war for talent • The need for leaders to keep learning all the time • The cost of conventional leadership development • The need to provide leadership training deeper into organisations • Sector specific leadership training • Need to apply learning immediately in the workplace.
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  26. 26. FOLLOW US @leolearning What participants say “I feel involved, valued and an important part of the process.” “It’s a brilliant programme, so well thought out, I'm really fortunate to be on it.” “It’s been tailored to the individual learners with an understanding that people learn in different ways – it’s a fresh approach to learning.” “It has challenged me and in turn I am challenging others: especially those people that I work closely with but also, those I can and do influence. Inspiring a shared purpose.” “I’ve taken back [to the workplace] a confidence to be able to fulfil my future role in a senior leadership position in health and social care.” (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson participant) (Nye Bevan participant) (Patient Representative) (Nye Bevan participant) (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson participant)
  27. 27. FOLLOW US @leolearning Usage Virtual Campus: 7.9M hits, 170K forum posts Bevan programme: 530 participants (240 graduates) Anderson programme: 2,000 participants, first intake completed summer 2015 with joint MSc between Manchester and Birmingham Fast Track programme: 50 graduates
  28. 28. FOLLOW US @leolearning And the results? A shifting culture of leadership 35% promotion of participants within 3 months 92% applying what they have learnt with immediate effect
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