SocialShopA framework for using social mediato influence shopping decisionsby                                             ...
Leo Burnett and    Arc Worldwide have begun    to map the Wild West.A        s social media platforms multiply and        ...
Ninety percent of crowdsource deal users have                             platform. Then to deepen the understanding ofpur...
Informational needs (comparison, validation,                             Sizing Up Personalitiesconnection): Shoppers want...
Devotees will find the best product available. Toconnect with Quality Devotees, brands shouldaim to help shoppers build kn...
Mapping Out Social                                                         	 By adding this analysis to its grid of Shoppe...
The goal, of course, is to set an effective social       your friends, the people you trust,” Sajdeh says. marketing strat...
Category Mindset     burden                                                         HIGH RISK                             ...
message. Coke sales at 7-Eleven jumped 20% forpackaged soda and 10% for fountain drinks.                                  ...
You Want McDonald’sFries with That?The creative team at Leo Burnett Group agencyArc Worldwide turned to the SocialShopFram...
Putting It to Work                                     or created in the social world should be able toBrands, retailers, ...
To get people here.                          We go through here.Cross-channel activation experts that know how to connect ...
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Social Shop


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A framework for using social media
to influence shopping decisions.

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Social Shop

  1. 1. SocialShopA framework for using social mediato influence shopping decisionsby RTS ER REPO CONSUM © 2012 Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
  2. 2. Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide have begun to map the Wild West.A s social media platforms multiply and consumers’ connections increasinglyinfluence their purchase decisions, it’s harderto know which social media to use. It’s not just State of the Industry: State of Chaos Marketers spent $2.494 billion on social media marketing in 2011. That’s projected to jump 37%Facebook and Twitter out there, and it’s getting to $3.417 billion in 2012 and up to $6.227 billionmore crowded every day. Marketers need a road by 2014, according to so they can evaluate strategically and spend The explosion of social media has givenwisely. marketers many new tools to converse with Arc and Burnett studied the specific ways shoppers – maybe too many. Decision-making onthat social media engagement affects the process choosing and activating social media platforms isof shopping, then drew up a framework that scattershot, fed by marketers’ anxiety that theymaps out the best social media platforms to might miss an important new platform or channel.engage people based on their shopping needs. Facebook, Groupon, Twitter – marketers jump inAlready, the framework has helped sell more simply because they feel like they should be there.McDonald’s French Fries, boosted fountain sales Social media planning is reactive, not strategic; itand goodwill for Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven, and is random, not systematic.remodeled the way Whirlpool collaborates with “There are a lot of unknowns and Wild Westhome center retailers. behavior in the social media space, let alone Arc Worldwide’s SocialShop Framework the social shopping space,” says Masha Sajdeh,makes social media a strategic choice in shopper Senior Vice President of Insights and Strategy atmarketing rather than a reactive execution. The Leo Burnett.framework overlays three blueprints, starting with Of course, 50 years ago, the ad industry facedcategory mindsets, which determine the shopper the same dilemma, figuring out the role of TVneeds, which in turn define the appropriate alongside radio, newspapers, magazines, andsocial media vehicles. The framework, grounded billboards. “Look at the structure we have todayin Arc’s proprietary research, enables marketers to analyze, plan, and target these media,” saysto set a process to choose and activate the right Nick Jones, Executive Vice President and Retailsocial media for each brand. Practice Lead at Arc. “It’s time to bring that kind This approach can also improve traditional of rigor to social media.”shopper marketing as path-to-purchase strategies Consumer habits set the pace. Fully 96% ofevolve. Marketers who apply Arc’s framework to Americans use social media, and 42% of adultstraditional tactics can better integrate all elements 18-49 who are online have woven social mediaof shopper marketing and better connect with into their shopping, according to Arc’s research –shoppers at all touch points. roughly 48 million people.2 SocialShop
  3. 3. Ninety percent of crowdsource deal users have platform. Then to deepen the understanding ofpurchased a deal, while 72% of the heaviest social how and why social shoppers choose to engageshoppers have made a purchase after engaging on with brands through social media, Arc conductedTwitter, according to Arc’s research. One third of in-depth interviews among 24 social shoppers use Facebook on a mobile device The agency followed up in fourth-quarter 2011while shopping; 31% have used review sites and with quantitative research among 800 socialbeen inspired to try a new brand, Arc found. shoppers. Finally in the fourth phase of research, It’s clear that social media has the power Arc monitored how 125 social shoppers usedto grow the customer base exponentially by Facebook for shopping during the 2011 holidayleveraging influencers to create additional buyers. shopping season. In-depth interviews wereSo Arc began developing its framework by conducted among 20 of these social shoppers toasking: Why and how do people use social media better understand how Facebook impacted theirto shop, and what’s behind this behavior? shopping experiences. Arc conducted two waves of research to learn Arc’s study uncovered eight Social Shopperthree things: Needs that form the basis for mapping all social • Reasons people use social media to shopper behavior. shop (Shopper Needs) These eight Social Shopper Needs fall into • Types of social media people use for four quadrants with social media serving a shopping (Social Media Platforms) different purpose in each quadrant: • Variations in behavior across product categories (Category Mindsets) Utilitarian needs (savings, efficiency, compari- son): Shoppers use social media to save time and In January 2011, Arc conducted quantitative effort shopping, compare products and retailers,research among more than 2,000 online get deals and discounts. This is usually the firstAmericans to explore the reach of social shopping. thing that marketers do with new media. It’s whatThis wave captured the number of people who they did when consumers first went online, anduse social media to shop, which platforms they it’s what they did when social media emerged:use, and the types of behaviors they engage in by offer quick and easy deals and discounts. Social Shopper Needs Get immersed in the brand Feel confident eds ind ulg about my decision l ne na e connection Share opinions nt io and passions n at ne o si rm ed va es info s Compare pr lid x at products and e io retailers n comparison in-the-know Stay current y nc about brands re savings ie l ev fic ef an u ti ds ce lit a e Save time and ne effort shopping n ri a v si e ne ed p ul Get tailored s im recommendations Get deals and discounts © 2012 Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide SocialShop 3
  4. 4. Informational needs (comparison, validation, Sizing Up Personalitiesconnection): Shoppers want to be confident about Clearly, not all shoppers have similar socialtheir choices and are hungry for information. shopping needs. The study revealed six socialThey once used the online content for accessing shopper archetypes, each using social media inin-depth product information. Now, they use different media (among other tools) to compare On one end of the spectrum are two types ofproducts and retailers, get immersed in the shoppers with more utilitarian needs, the “Dollarbrand, and feel confident in their purchase Defaulter” and the “Efficient Sprinter.” Thedecisions. Social media is a quick way to validate Dollar Defaulter is a dollar-sign connoisseur, withchoices. Right now, consumers are using social just one social shopping goal: find the cheapestmedia to share information more than retailers alternative. Dollar Defaulters choose only theand manufacturers are; marketers are not yet lowest prices and do not feel loyal to specificusing social media to its full potential. brands. To connect with Dollar Defaulters, brands should broadcast special deals on retailer Indulgent needs (connection, expression, websites such as and provide the in-the-know): Shoppers use social media to ability to share those deals with friends. get immersed in the brand, share opinions and Efficient Sprinters are a few dollars shorter, passions, and stay current on brand news. “There but several minutes richer. Efficient Sprinters are more ‘mavens’ in the world than ever before, want to save time, and use social media to and they can indulge in their passions via social select items that are considered most popular media more easily than through traditional to simplify their shopping process. To connect communication outlets,” Sajdeh says. with Efficient Sprinters, brands should simplify the buying process. In addition, brands should Impulsive needs (in-the-know, relevance, provide a curated list of top-selling products on savings): Shoppers use social media (especially their social channels and retailer websites. via mobile) to stay current about brands, get Some popular mobile shopping applications tailored recommendations, and find deals and cater to these utilitarian shoppers. Meijer’s discounts. Accessing social media via mobile Shopping List app includes a “Find It” function devices delivers instant gratification and real- that locates items in the store. Home-delivery time shopping spontaneity. It’s part of the service Peapod offers a “Guess My List” function growing trend towards shopping-on-the-go: that saves time by populating a list based on Mobile technology enables shoppers to buy on past purchases. Walmart’s “Rollbacks” on the fly, and social media reinforces purchase Facebook lets shoppers share information on decisions. It also broadens options, with tools like price cuts at their local store. Light Social Shoppers Heavy’s “If you like this, you might In the middle ofSocial Shoppers Medium the spectrum are like that” feature. dollar defaulter shoppers with more informational needs, the quality devotee savvy p will remain “Quality Devotee” and theratings to help validate choice. The The eight Social Shopper Needs To find the cheaper alternatives. For reviews and “Strategic Saver.” For broadc stable, even as new media venues emerge. (See Quality Devotee is a high-maintenance, high“As New Media Emerge, Will the Framework standards shopper who uses social media to Hold?” on page 5.) shape purchasing decisions, validate choice and feel empowered when making a purchase. No Light Social Shoppers Medium Social Shoppers the time or researchShoppers Quality Light Social Shoppers matter Heavy Social involved, Medium Social Shoppers Heav dollar defaulter efficientdefaulter dollar sprinter quality devotee strategic devotee quality saver savvy passionista oppor savvy To find the cheaper alternatives. ForTo buy most popular toalternatives. choice. reviews and ratings or help validate To find the cheaper convenient. For comparison shop andtrends, help validate choice. To broadcasting latest find savings on brands she wants. For reviews and ratings to brands and retailers. To score fu For broa RTS MER REPO CONSU efficient sprinter efficient sprinter strategic saver strategic saver opportunistic adventurer oppo To buy most popular or convenient. To comparisonmost popular savings on brands she wants. To buy shop and find or convenient. To comparison shop and find savings on brands she wants. To score fun, unexpected content or deals. To score4 SocialShop © 2012 Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
  5. 5. Devotees will find the best product available. Toconnect with Quality Devotees, brands shouldaim to help shoppers build knowledge through As New Mediain-depth reviews and expert opinions via blogs,forums, review sites and YouTube. Emerge, Will the The Strategic Saver is a black-belted negotiator, Framework Hold?using social media to comparison shop and spendtime deal digging only for her favorite brands. To As existing social media evolveconnect with Strategic Savers, brands should aim and new media are introduced,to validate choices by offering custom shopping the eight enduring Social Shoppertips and ways to save money by tapping into blogs, Needs won’t change.forums and review sites. “This model is rooted in human Among the heaviest social shoppers are behavior, so it holds true for old-those with more indulgent needs, the “Savvy world ‘social media’ that we hadPassionista” and the “Opportunistic Adventurer.” before digital technology – thingsThe Savvy Passionista is a social trendsetter, using like word-of-mouth, sampling,social media channels to broadcast the latest and coupons,” Jones says. “Wetrends and stay connected with favorite brands. have plotted those tactics againstSavvy Passionistas are indulgent and use social this model and it works. Thatchannels to express feelings and stay relevant reassures us that the model isand “in-the-know.” To reach Savvy Passionistas, solid, and not just a response tobrands should help shoppers discover, express and today’s technology.”connect on emerging and established platforms – Arc also can easily map neweverything from Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter. social media platforms with the The Opportunistic Adventurer is a daily model. As new platforms emerge,dealaholic, on a mission to score fun and “We’ll be able to tell quickly whatunexpected deals. With impulsive social shopping needs they’ll fulfill and how they’lltendencies, this shopper demands timely and be used,” Jones says. “The modelrelevant deals. To connect with Opportunistic will hold, even as the platformsAdventurers, brands should invest in tailored evolve.”deals that are “too good to pass up.” In addition, Shopper Needs won’t changebrands should promote through geo-location dramatically, Sajdeh adds. Andapplications like Foursquare, build visibility on they don’t just apply to socialdaily deal sites such as Groupon and provide media. “Look at all your shopper Medium Social Shoppers on Amazon. Social Shoppers touch points,” she advises.tailored recommendations Heavy This devotee diverse population savvyshopper of “This thinking applies to all your quality passionista For reviews and ratings poses choice. For broadcasting for marketing channels, howeverpersonalities to help validatea crucial question latest trends, brands and retailers.marketers: How can I best use social media to they evolve.” address different shoppers, with their variouscombinations of needs? Which social mediaplatforms should I use to meet all these diverseneeds of shoppers? Light Social Shoppers Medium Social Shoppers Heavy Social Shoppers strategic defaulter dollar saver opportunistic adventurer quality devotee savvy passionista To comparison shop and find savings on brands she wants. To find the cheaper alternatives. To score fun, unexpected content or deals. choice. For reviews and ratings to help validate For broadcasting latest trends, brands and retailers. efficient sprinter strategic saver opportunistic adventurer To buy most popular or convenient. To comparison shop and find savings on brands she wants. To score fun, unexpected content or deals.© 2012 Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide SocialShop 5
  6. 6. Mapping Out Social By adding this analysis to its grid of ShopperMedia Platforms Needs, Arc created an imprint that defines theOf course, each social media platform serves needs to which each social media platform best certain Shopper Needs better than others. Arc delivers. While social shopper needs will remain analyzed the most commonly used social media consistent, the imprint of platforms is expected platforms against its eight Social Shopper Needs to change as new platforms emerge and address– starting with Facebook and Twitter, but also shopper needs. covering Groupon, FourSquare, YouTube, Yelp, “The map helps marketers zero in on the blogs, forums and others. Arc evaluated each platforms they need to use, based on the shopper social media platform on its ability to meet the needs for their brand,” Jones says. “It’s a way to eight different shopper needs. Each platform was get up to speed quickly on platforms that are then indexed or compared to other platforms relevant to brand strategy, without wasting time to determine which needs it over or under- on social media platforms that are popular but delivers on. Facebook, for example, helps people not necessarily right for the job.” stay connected to friends. It best delivers views Marketers can use the imprint to determine and byte-sized information via computer, in which combination of social media platforms is thoughtful ways to your inner-circle of friends. best for their brand, based on the Shopper NeedsTwitter, on the other hand, helps people stay they serve. “Look at what you’re trying to do, connected to trends. It best delivers bits of news, and which platforms do it best – don’t just stamp via mobile, in spontaneous ways and reaches an Facebook and Twitter everywhere,” Sajdeh outer-circle of friends. advises. Social Platform Strengths/Roles HIGH RISK burden passion HIGH RISK burden blogs blogs passion s ind eed indulg l needs ulge nal n connection blogs forums na e connection blogs nt nt tiotio blogs forums on blogs nene ma a siion for rm ed d vava ess ininfo e ss pres lidlid r exp at at HIGH REWARD LOW REWARD io io x HIGH REWARDLOW REWARD e nn forums comparison in-the-know forums comparison y in-the-know ncy re re savings ienc le le savings fic ie vava effic u tu ti ss ncnc ef ed d ilitlit ee e nene a ra r n v si ia ia ee n ne ulsiv n ee d imp ul $ e ds forums im p $ forums s routine entertainment $ $ routine LOW RISK LOW RISK entertainment © 2012 Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide6 SocialShop
  7. 7. The goal, of course, is to set an effective social your friends, the people you trust,” Sajdeh says. marketing strategy based on the combination of “In that crunch time of purchase, people call two needs and appropriate platforms relevant to your or three friends they trust and ask their advice on shopper. what to buy. What if that information could be “Who you’re targeting and what role your aggregated in one place onto a short list of what brand plays in their day and in their lifestyle your friends think? Connecting Whirlpool’s anchors which social media you should information page with Facebook and the user’s choose, and how you activate,” Sajdeh explains. own social network becomes important.”“Depending on the Shopper Needs you want “One obvious question about Arc’s framework to focus on, you should pick the platforms best is, ‘Does the model mean I shouldn’t be putting suited to meeting those needs. For example, coupons on Facebook, because it doesn’t fill a high-impulse shopping – where timely offers utilitarian need?’” Jones posits. “We’re not saying and spontaneity affect purchase – is better served the framework dictates black-and-white solutions. by Groupon and location-based offers than by What it shows is that if your brand fits shopper Facebook.” needs that aren’t filled by Facebook, you should For informational Shopper Needs, choose at least be looking at other venues that fill those channels that can deliver on the need for needs, even if you still plan to use Facebook. Are validation and can supply shoppers with in-depth there other venues where coupons have more content – a good blogging platform, for example, validity? Don’t ignore those.” or YouTube videos that show how the product works. In fact, consumers are creating their own product comparisons, posting YouTube videos Synchronizing with the comparing vacuum cleaners or pruning saws – a Shopping Mindset sort of poor man’s Consumer Reports, by the hand Once Arc clarified different shopper needs and of consumers themselves. “Shoppers rely on other the ability of social platforms to fulfill certain people’s opinions and experiences, but marketers needs better than others, the question turned to aren’t capitalizing on this yet,” Sajdeh says. strategy: Which needs and platforms should a Whirlpool has started, with Leo Burnett’s brand focus on for its category? help. When an appliance breaks down, shoppers In its next phase of research, Arc analyzed four don’t have the luxury to browse while dirty laundry category mindsets: categories where shopping piles up. They need a lot of information in a short feels like Burden, Routine, Entertainment, or time, from different sources – manufacturer sites driven by Passion. Knowing your category for product specifications, retailer sites for pricing. mindset helps clarify how best to activate the It’s a big-ticket purchase with a short decision social media platforms you’ve chosen to meet window, and the brand that can provide one-stop their shopping needs. Categories are plotted information has an advantage. So Whirlpool and along one axis of risk, and one of reward. Arc created “storefronts” on key retailer websites. The agency mapped out 60-plus product/ These dedicated Whirlpool and Maytag brand service categories in each of these four sectors: pages on and provided product specs and price information in Burden: High risk, low reward. one place. This approach led to the largest sales Categories are complicated to the point of month ever for Whirlpool. mystifying. Brands are multifaceted and a great Once consumers have product and price deal of knowledge is necessary to make a choice. information in one place, the only other thing “Consumers suspect differences but have to they need to help make and reinforce their search and do research to find them. It can be a decision would be recommendations and long and painful purchase funnel,” Jones says. opinions from people that matter to them. Brands can mitigate that by making the Brands such as Whirlpool could use social media shopping process less agonizing. As curators to build out their information pages, adding of information, they can help shoppers better consumer reviews and comments. “The next step understand the category and navigate the could be to aggregate the news and reviews of concerns of making a big-purchase decision. SocialShop 7
  8. 8. Category Mindset burden HIGH RISK Cars passion SUVs PDAs Video Game Systems Laptops Mini-Vans Vacation HDTV MP3 Players Destinations Ovens Video Cameras Digital Cameras Blue Ray Players Cell Service Providers Luxury Cars Smart Phones Jewelry Stores Cabinets Baby Food Life Insurance Toys High End Hotels Printers PCs Sinks & Tubs Home Improvement Stores Car Insurance Organic Food Dishwashers Hair Color Washing Pet Supplies Designer Refrigerators Shampoo Clothes Machines Supermarkets Electronic Stores Credit Cards Specialty Grocery Stores DVD Players HIGH REWARD LOW REWARD Skin Care Products Snack Bars Cable Providers Tires Banks Protein Water Hardware Stores Cell Phones Small Appliances Energy Drinks Specialty Casual Clothing Homeowner’s Insurance Airlines Frangrance Hair Styling Products Makeup Mass Merchandisers Gin Vitamins OTC Medications Greeting Cards Casual Sit-Down Restaurants Warehouse Clubs Frozen Entrees Feminine Protection Cereal Gum Candy Office Supply Stores Wine Mints Beer Pharmacies Toothpaste QSRs Toaster Pastries © 2012 Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide Deodorant Debit Cards Yogurt Sports Drinks Vodka Laundry Detergent Ice Cream Shaving Cream Fruit Snacks Pet Food Razors Cookies Furniture Polish Hair Conditioner Bar Soap Chips Carbonated Batteries Gas Air Fresheners Soft Drinks Toilet Paper Bottled Water Light Bulbs routine Trash Bags LOW RISK entertainmentPassion: High risk, high reward. Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven leveraged socialThink vacations, jewelry, fashion – categories media to attract and grow volume amongwhere mavens thrive. Burberry courted Millennials. To promote Coke’s “Arctic Home”passionista shoppers with a “Tweetwalk Show” initiative to preserve polar bear habitats lastthat showcased Spring/Summer 2012 looks on winter, the partners staged a virtual snowballTwitter before the brand’s runway show at NYC fight. Using a free mobile app called “SnowballFashion Week. Effect,” consumers could start virtual snowball fights with Facebook friends. A QR code onEntertainment: Low risk, high reward. 7-Eleven fountain cups led to a download of theCategories are often trivial, non-essential, but fun app, which layered mobile gaming and socialand a nice part of life. Think ice cream, greeting media to enable users to pinpoint Facebookcards or beer – low-cost items that feel like a friends to target. Results were posted on Facebooktreat and are often impulse buys. “Entertainment as a call to action for others. The campaigncategories should use social media to give reached thousands through media, blogs andshoppers tailored recommendations, timely deals, Twitter. Players started 50,000 virtual snowballhot news, and recommendations that are hard to fights over the nine-week campaign, reaching 6.5pass up,” Sajdeh suggests. million Facebook friends with the Arctic Home8 SocialShop
  9. 9. message. Coke sales at 7-Eleven jumped 20% forpackaged soda and 10% for fountain drinks. Rewriting the Book onRoutine: Low risk, low reward.Categories are typically mundane but essential. Social ConscienceThere is limited differentiation between brands Social media can harness consumerand often expansive variety within a category. passion outside the marketplace, too.Picturing your grocery list? Routine categories – The city of Troy, MI, and Leo Burnettincluding most packaged goods – should use tapped social media to harness resi-social media to help shoppers source deals and dents’ passion for books. Budget cutsdo easy, on-the-spot comparisons. Groupon has forced Troy to close its library; whensuccessfully partnered with both retailers and the city proposed a small tax increasemanufacturers to drive trial and purchase with to reopen it, Tea Party supportersnew customers in routine purchase categories. shouted down the idea, turning the It’s important to remember that “mindset” conversation from books and readingidentifies the shopping experience itself – not to taxes. Library advocates turned thehow consumers feel when they’re using the brand. tables with a grassroots campaign: Some products are fun to consume but not so “Vote to Close the Troy Library on to purchase, Sajdeh explains. “Look at board 2. Book Burning Party on Aug. 5.”games: fun to use, but tedious to buy. How can Lawn signs drove people to facebook.we make the shopping process fun, too? How can com/bookburningparty. There werewe bring some of the pleasure of usage into the videos, tweets, Foursquare check-ins,shopping occasion? branded items on eBay – even Face- “Insights on how people consume in the book posts with plans to hire a bandcategory can influence how they shop the category,” for the book burning event.Sajdeh continues. “Ice cream and candy shops Incensed residents responded:bring some of the pleasure of consumption to the “You people are sick.” “This is dis-experience of shopping, but the supermarket aisle gusting.” “Idiots.” They debated theis devoid of that. It’s a challenge we wrestle with: merits of libraries, and the conver-How can we bring the fun of a brand into the sation spread from Facebook to theshopping experience?” city council, to newspapers and TV, Arc used the SocialShop Framework to home becoming national and even interna-in on the message and media while brainstorming tional news. That’s when Troy revealedfor McDonald’s (see “You Want McDonald’s its true message: “A vote against theFries with That?”). The agency also tapped the library is like a vote to burn books.”framework to help Canadian brand James Ready And people started the sharing andBeer leverage its popular under-the-cap messages. reporting all over again. On ElectionPub crawlers collect the caps because they like Day, votes in favor of passing the taxthe cheeky messages. Arc brainstormed the idea were 342% higher than projected, andof caps for captions, then fielded a Facebook the library stayed open. contest inviting fans to use the caps from theirbottles of James Ready Beer to complete a fill-in-the-blank caption with the words inside the cap. “In such a low-involvement category, social helps us manage information that’s importantmedia can play a high-engagement role,” Sajdeh to the client. Consumer and shopper behaviorsays. “It reinforces ‘delight after purchase,’ is one of the biggest factors for any brand. Thekeeping consumers engaged. It shows a brand SocialShop framework helps us map out everyone,is paying attention to the path through purchase, and helps us target some folks more than others,not just the path to purchase.” if desired. The eight Shopper Types ring true. “Creatives work better with frameworks,” says “The framework is good, as long as yourJim Carlton, Executive Vice President-Creative interpretation skills are good,” Carlton says.Director at Arc. “We want some guidance that SocialShop 9
  10. 10. You Want McDonald’sFries with That?The creative team at Leo Burnett Group agencyArc Worldwide turned to the SocialShopFramework after getting an unusual brief fromlongtime client McDonald’s. “The assignment was ‘Do something fun,’”recalls Jim Carlton, Executive Vice President-Creative Director at Arc. “They didn’t have alot of money or resources, but the brief waswide open and we saw an amazing opportunityto do something great. Something that peoplewill love – and participate in.” The framework helped Arc shape a small-budget initiative that delivered strong ROI.“SocialShop helps us edit down the informationwe have to stay on target,” Carlton says. The team gravitated toward French Friesbecause they are iconic and people universallylove them. Plus, Fries are mobile and shareable amplify word of mouth using emotional drive,”– a gustatory parallel to social media. Packaging Carlton explains. The combination of Facebookis a cost-efficient venue that reaches a big and mobile platforms fit the bill.audience, so Arc paired McDonald’s iconic Each week, Arc tracked the number ofFries box with a pop-culture catchphrase, then people engaged online and via mobile, andlet social media spread the word organically. what they were saying. Participation increased Arc’s idea was to elevate the McDonald’s over time with their comments staying veryFries brand by taking ownership of the pop positive throughout the program. Overall,culture phrase “You want fries with that?” and positive brand sentiment on Twitter was higherusing it to associate McDonald’s Fries with than benchmark.celebratory moments in life. Arc turned it into a “It wasn’t just about winning money. Thestatement – “You want McDonald’s Fries with contest leveraged the emotional connectionthat.” – and then into a call to action: Tell us people have with McDonald’s Fries,” Carltonwhat you want McDonald’s Fries with, and you says. “People were associating McDonald’scould win $25,000 to make it happen. It could Fries with all their favorite things in life.”be anything from world peace to a new pair of The framework helped the team understandshoes. the combination of Shopper Needs at play, and The contest was an interactive experience validated their creative hunches. “We wantedthat turned each entry into a personalized something fun and spontaneous. We weredeclaration about the brand that people could addressing indulgent and impulsive needs,share on Facebook and Twitter. And by using with some in-the-know elements,” Carltonsocial media, each shared entry inspired explains. “We wanted the sharing aspect ofother people to share their own connection Facebook because we wanted more thanwith McDonald’s Fries, resulting in more than a one-way vehicle: We had a hunch people270,000 entries. would want to share this with their friends.” Arc wanted word-of-mouth vehicles to cater Overall, the promotion garnered more thanto customers’ in-the-know impulses when they 240 million media impressions and kicked off adiscovered the message on Fries boxes. “We period of strong year-over-year unit growth forchose social media platforms based on two- McDonald’s Fries.way communication and sharing. We chose “But this is the beginning. We want to ‘2.0platforms that fit the budget and could really it’ and keep it growing,” Carlton says. 10 SocialShop
  11. 11. Putting It to Work or created in the social world should be able toBrands, retailers, and agencies can benefit from permeate the offline world, too.”the SocialShop Framework to set social shopping Best Buy does this “in a very rudimentarystrategy. Using the three blueprints together – way,” with user rating numbers or stars on signsShopper Needs, media platforms, category accompanying products, but it doesn’t providemindset – the process for setting strategy is the depth of reviews and comments. “It’s a goodstraightforward: start, but needs to go deeper,” Sajdeh suggests. More marketers also should use social media 1. Identify – shopper type, and the to solicit reviews, ratings and comments in the combination of her shopping needs. first place, she adds. “Amazon is a natural place What are the social shopping needs to do this; so is a good blogging venue. Getting in the brand’s category? momentum around feedback is really important: 2. Analyze – social media platforms that Provide a venue, drive traffic to the venue, and best address her needs. Which social incentivize feedback and reviews. Create value media platforms best serve those needs? for consumers with recommendations from other 3. Activate – based on the mindset she’s in users and experts. when shopping the product/service “This approach pays attention to the path category. How do you best activate through purchase: Turning shoppers into buyers each platform to meet those needs? and then into advocates that help sell the brand to others after their own purchase,” Sajdeh By evaluating social media platforms based concludes.on the Shopper Needs they serve, marketers canset strategy based on the combination of needsand the appropriate platforms that are relevant Social Media has the Power to Growto their shoppers. This procedure will work as Your Customer Base Exponentiallynew social media platforms crop up and existingplatforms evolve. SocialShop is not just a framework forsocial media. It improves shopper marketingoffline, too: The research-based insights canguide the way marketers use touch points andtools through the path to purchase. “The framework applies as much totraditional marketing disciplines and shoppermarketing platforms as it does to social media,”Sajdeh says. “Insights gathered from things likegeo-location and user recommendations canextend to displays, sampling, packaging. “Whatever information you gather about yourshopper and the shopping experience needs tobe reflected at all touch points, not just in socialmedia.” © 2012 Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide That means integrating social media assets likeuser reviews directly into the retail environment. “User ratings and reviews are something “Social media gets us to rethink shoppershoppers have come to rely on heavily – but they’re marketing and consider the third moment ofprimarily available online. Why don’t we see truth: Do people decide to share after they’vethem more at the shelf?” Sajdeh says. “Retailers purchased and used the product?”can provide this information more conveniently Asking the question could be the first stepto shoppers. Information that has been gathered toward making it happen.  SocialShop 11
  12. 12. To get people here. We go through here.Cross-channel activation experts that know how to connect shoppers to yourbrands. In the places that matter to you and the places that matter to them. Looking for an expert? Let’s talk. Nick Jones • • 312.220.4533 Arc Worldwide is part of Leo Burnett Group.