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Last week Twitter released its video-sharing app called Vine. Since it's launch, Vine has been one of the top free apps in the Apple app store and has received a lot of buzz. Vine functions very similar to Instagram but is for videos instead of photos. So far we've already seen brands such as Dove, GE, and Ritz experimenting with Vine.

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Eye On: Vine

  1. 1. Eye On: Vine Descrip(on:  Social-­‐mobile  video  sharing  app   Status:  Emerging" Introducing Vine! ! On January 24, 2013 Twitter launched its video-sharing app Vine. The Vine mobile application allows users to create and share short, looping, shareable videos. Unlike apps such as Cinemagram, Vine videos are not animated GIFs. Vine videos are created in video form, include audio, and are meant to be a glimpse or to capture "life in motion.” Similar to Instagram, the Vine application serves as a social-mobile platform. Vine can be searched to find and interact with content and other users and Vine videos can be pushed to other platforms (Twitter, Facebook, email, etc) increasing exposure beyond the app. Fast Facts" Since launching in the Apple store, Vine has seen explosive •  Looping, 6-second videos" app download rates. Vine is among the top 15 free apps in the App store and is currently ranked higher than Facebook •  iPhone and iPod apps" Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat. " •  Hashtags function on platform" •  Twitter Card enabled" ! •  Videos auto-play within tweets" ! •  All content is public" ! ! •  Metrics: likes (smiley face) & 
 ! comments" ! ! Considerations for Brands! Brands (and celebrities) are gradually starting to experiment with Vine. Brands should view Vine as an up-and-coming platform and keep a keen eye on user behavior and adoption rates to better evaluate when and how to use the platform. " As with any social content it is important to keep in mind that Vine videos should be aligned to the brand, sharable, and have a purpose. Additionally, with platforms like Vine it’s important to consider how the content will resonate with the Vine community as well as with the brand’s community members on other platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc) that Vine videos are pushed to. " " " So far brand content tends to feature the brand 
 Brands Experimenting with Vine! " " and be regular videos or a stop-motion videos 
 ASOS" " " http://bit.ly/vine-asos" (which is similar to the content users are 
 " " creating). Other potential uses for Vine include Dove" http://bit.ly/vine-dove" product rollouts, announcements, insider access, Gap" http://bit.ly/vine-gap" advocate marketing, demos/how-tos, and even assisting with customer support. " GE" http://bit.ly/vine-GE" " Malibu Rum" http://bit.ly/vine-malibu" Red Vines" http://bit.ly/vine-redvines" Ritz" http://bit.ly/vine-ritz" Trident Gum" http://bit.ly/vine-trident" Wheat Thins" http://bit.ly/vine-wheatthins" To learn the latest news about Vine, check out the Vine blog at https://vine.co/blog !Eye On: Facebook Graph Search, Vol 2, Issue 3, February 2013 © Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide 
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