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Facebook to Makeover Brand Pages


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Frustrated or confused with Facebook's current brand page layout? (Don't worry, we are too.)

But no fear, soon Facebook will begin rolling out a new page format that will convert its confusing, two-column Timeline to one main column for posts and a smaller left-hand column for page information, photos, videos, reviews, apps and on-page engagement.

The new format will go live to the public April 7, 2014, which will make viewing branded content astronomically easier. Marketers, if you want to get the ball rolling before this, you will be able to view the new format on March 24.

Perks of the new format include larger and wider posts, a repositioned profile picture and page name/category, the ability for administrators to view analytics, easy access information about the business and app icons.

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Facebook to Makeover Brand Pages

  1. 1. Eye On: Facebook Page New Look, Vol 3, Issue 1, March 2014 © Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide 
 Contact: Daniel Craig (312-220-6268)" Eye On: Facebook Page Redesign Descrip(on:,Facebook(gives(brand(pages(a(makeover( Status:,Default(page(design(on(April(7,(2014" On March 24, 2014, Facebook will begin rolling out a new page format to the US and Global markets. The new format converts the two-column Timeline, which some users found too confusing,1 to one main column for posts and a smaller left- hand column for page information, photos, videos, reviews, apps and on-page engagement. Following the rollout, the page managers will have two weeks to make any changes before consumers see the page in the new format on April 7, 2014, when it becomes the default public view. Pages benefit from a larger area for post displays, that will appear the same in a user’s News Feed, but the redesign draws into question the future of applications in the Facebook environment. 3" 4" 2" 1" Features 1.  Posts are displayed wider than previous and in the same format as found in the News Feed 2.  The page name and category will overlay the cover photo, and the profile picture is positioned higher in relation to the cover photo 3.  Administrators are able to view some analytics at a glance with notifications and activity also available at the top of the page 4.  The top of the left-hand column features information about the business, including a map, hours of business, phone number and website URL, as well as photos and videos 5.  App icons may be found in the left-hand column by scrolling down. Apps are also listed in the “More” menu below the cover photo 5 Key Considerations 1.  Competitive Insights: A new feature in Facebook’s analytics, Pages to Watch, allows administrators to create a list of competitive pages and watch key stats and top posts from those pages in the past week. Brands should use “Pages to Watch” to find out what works and what doesn’t for their competitors with similar audiences. 2.  Creative Formats: •  The spec requirements for the cover photo and profile image will not change, however, their new positions should be considered in future asset development, i.e., the white text of the page name will be hidden by light colored cover photos. •  Page posts are 511 pixels wide, up from 410, so content takes up more page real estate, especially posts pinned to the top of the content column.2Pinning can highlight requests for action over time. 3.  Apps: Apps appear under the page header and below the about information on the left-hand column. Both require more actions than previous to locate, indicating that Facebook sees apps as less of a focus than before. 4.  Fan Posts: “Posts by Others” is harder to find, now below the About information and Reviews. Brands should anticipate questions and user content once found in “Posts by Others” moving to status post threads. Source: " 1. Protalinski, Emily. “Facebook revamps Pages on the desktop with new one-column Timeline design to match user profiles.” TheNextWeb. TheNextWeb, 10 Mar. 2014. Web." 2. Source: Cohen, David. “Highlights and Lowlights of Facebook’s New Pages.” AllFacebook. MediaBistro, 14 Mar. 2014. Web." Image: “A Streamlined Look for Pages.” Facebook for Business. Facebook. 10 Mar. 2014. Web."