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Designathon-First Five Year Fund


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Pages and pages of data.

9 Agencies.

The Challenge? Come up with a shareable infographic to increase support for Obama's early childhood support bill.

And do it all in 6 hours.

That's what Gigia, Ro and me had to face at Chicago's Designathon 2013. In the beginning, Gigia and I pored through 20 articles about child development while Ro reviewed creative concepts on the web. The biggest difficulty was deciding what story we wanted to tell. Did we want to talk about brain development? Nurturing environments? Proper schooling? The pitfalls of childhood abuse? There was just so much to choose from. Our sifting through data took a turning point when Gigia suggested we started writing facts down on post its and grouping them. We decided to pick one of the programs (home visiting) on the child support bill and talk about the benefits this specific program can bring to children who are struggling. We presented two scenarios in our infographic: what the outcome can be for a child who does not have access to home visits could be and what the outcome can be for a child who does have access. In the end we asked users to go the website and sign the petition to support this and the other programs supported in the bill. Although we did not win, our infographic may eventually be used to entice users to sign the petition, which all three of us felt was something we could be proud of.

To see all the infographics and more from the Designathon, go to Greater Good Studios ( To sign the petition and get involved, go to

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