2Q13 Pencil Shavings


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A roundup of Leo Burnett's 2Q13 Global Product Committee (GPC) meeting in Moscow, including links to 7+ work, creative profiles and more.

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2Q13 Pencil Shavings

  1. 1. GPC 2Q 13 1 A Letter from Mark a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Dear Friends, The last few months have been hectic and exhilarating, filled with constant travel that’s left me with scarcely any time to reflect upon the impressive haul of metal Leo Burnett offices have accumulated at the world’s most prestigious advertising award shows. The good news has been coming in at a steady clip since early May, when a sizable group of Burnetters from across the world gathered in Moscow, for an Executive Leadership Team meeting and the 2Q13 Global Product Committee. We spent a busy week diligently working in the Russian capital, and then departed to points across the world with the wind at our back, confident about our company’s smart strategic maneuvers and bolstered by the brilliance of a fresh new collection of beautiful 7+ work. In the weeks immediately after the GPC, Leo Burnett had strong performances at the One Show, at the Clio Awards, at El Sol de IberoAmerica, at D&AD, and finally at the 60th annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the pinnacle of all advertising festivals. I’ve just returned from Cannes, where Leo Burnett had a record-breaking week, capping off a remarkable run of resounding success. Our performance on the world stage makes me deeply proud to be a part of this company, and I can’t thank all of you enough for all the hard work that’s led us to this point. Our sustained global success is testimony to our unified company culture; we walk together, we strive together, we feed off each other’s passion, and we celebrate each other’s successes as our own. We are a deeply talented family, sharing a heritage, a worldview, and a future that grows brighter with each passing day.
  2. 2. GPC 2Q 13 2 The GPC was lucky enough to be in Moscow during the week of the city’s annual Victory Day Parade, a festive state celebration commemorating the Red Army’s triumph over Nazi forces in May of 1945, marking the end of what the Russians call their Great Patriotic War. Our group took a quick break from evaluating work to venture up to the hotel roof so we could marvel at Russian fighter jets performing acrobatic flyovers above the Kremlin, as columns of tanks and military vehicles paraded through the streets below. This dramatic “show of force” was the theme of our entire week in Russia. The creative firepower of our network was on full display, and as the GPC mulled over almost 600 submissions, from offices across the planet, it became clear to the panel that our network is close to firing on all cylinders. Even ideas that fell a little short of being 7+ had strong merits to them, and there was an abundance of pieces rooted in smart strategic thinking. The collection of 7+ work in the following pages represents the best of what we saw in Moscow, and it’s a fascinating compilation of exquisitely crafted ideas executed across a range of communication channels. It is the “creative show of force” that our colleagues in Leo Burnett Moscow promised us, and I hope you find this work as awe-inspiring as we did. I departed Moscow with high hopes for Leo Burnett at Cannes. Every year, Cannes is the focus of an enormous amount of time and energy, and we hope to leave the festival with an ever increasing haul of Lions, our own “creative show of force” that positions Leo Burnett in its rightful place alongside the best agencies in the world. This is our goal, not because we need any more shiny trophies to fill our offices, but because the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is indisputably the barometer for our entire industry. The health of our company is directly tied to our creative performance. Every year, an increasing number of clients descend on the festival, looking for the people and agencies they want to work with. These thousands of clients come to Cannes to learn and be inspired, and they are seeking out the most creative marketing people in the world to serve their brands. To stand tall on stage at Cannes and collect a lion opens up countless new doors, each of which inevitably leads to new business opportunities and increased revenue. In an economic climate fraught with uncertainty, the most bankable and reliable asset is still creativity. Creativity moves markets. Creativity can dramatically alter the trajectory of businesses, because creativity has the power to change human behaviour. We put a laser sharp focus on the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity because even after 60 years, a Cannes Lion remains the most universally recognized award denoting creativity in business. Cannes is the measuring stick by which we are all measured, and every year, the festival sets the bar for creativity a little bit higher. I’m deeply proud of Leo Burnett’s performance at Cannes 2013. Our network had a record-breaking 215 pieces shortlisted across all categories, the most in our history, and ultimately we won 53 Lions, the second highest total in our network’s history. 30 of our offices earned shortlist nods, and ultimately, 17 Leo Burnett agencies earned a total of 7 Gold, 18 Silver, and 28 Bronze Lions. This stellar performance is a result of countless hours of hard work by passionate, dedicated, and talented people. I want to congratulate each and every one of you who helped deliver these outstanding results. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e A Creative Show Of Force
  3. 3. GPC 2Q 13 3 Our presence at Cannes was a success on multiple levels. While our work was winning praise from all corners, a dedicated team was spearheading one of the most talked-about recruitment efforts the festival has ever seen. In the midst of the world’s largest gathering of creative talent, Leo Burnett launched “Show Us Your Bling,” a tactical campaign designed to reach out to 2013 Cannes Lion winners and deliver congratulatory VIP treatment to them. By offering up enticing incentives to new Lion winners, the best and brightest talents at Cannes found themselves talking to Leo Burnett about their futures as they basked in unexpected rewards. A dynamic team of creative recruiters led by Debbie Bougdanos ensured that every Gold Lion winner was knocking at our door, as they enjoyed perks like helicopter rides, cutting in line at the Gutter Bar, and access to exclusive parties. Our recruitment effort was so popular and successful that Contagious Magazine called it the festival’s “Best Agency Self-Promotion.” This kind of drive and creativity channeled into our recruitment efforts is one of the reasons why Leo Burnett attracts a fresh new influx of phenomenal talent every year. We are only as good as our people. Leo Burnett’s annual WILDFIRE seminar at Cannes was also hugely successful. Hosted in conjunction with Contagious Magazine, we once again packed the house to lead a compelling discussion entitled “Full of Tomorrow”, in which we explored how fledgling, future-facing technologies are changing the ways people interact with brands and products. Over the last few years this seminar has become one of the festival’s most compelling draws, and in 2013, Paul Kemp-Robertson from Contagious and our own James Kirkham, Leo Burnett’s newly appointed Global Head of Social and Mobile, left attendees with a thought-provoking portrayal of technologies that will shape the future. Our clients also left Cannes riding high. Coca-Cola departed the festival having won the prestigious title of Creative Marketer of the Year, a fitting testament to their dogged determination to pursue great creative ideas. Our global photographic salute to them through the #toCoke hashtag was a beautiful gesture that honored their commitment over the years to creativity. The way our agency came together across the world to participate in this toast to Coca-Cola was truly touching. But this symbolic gesture was hardly all we brought to the table: our brilliant “Small World Machines” work produced collaboratively by LB/Sydney, Chicago, and Buenos Aires was universally beloved at the festival, and earned multiple Gold lions for Coca-Cola across several categories. Delivering groundbreaking, innovative, Lion-winning work for one of our vital multinational clients is something I want to see happen every year. Beneath the brightest lights, under the harshest scrutiny, our work spoke for itself. Congratulations to the team that developed “Small World Machines,” which is the very essence of a HumanKind act, a compelling, meaningful gesture that enriches lives, rooted in the brand’s human purpose of spreading happiness across the planet. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Leo Burnett @ Cannes 2013
  4. 4. GPC 2Q 13 4 There is so much more I could tell you about Cannes 2013, about Leo Burnett’s presence in the Palais, and about how our work was received and the recognition it earned. I could tell you about the lifetimes worth of knowledge served up by so many master teachers and creative savants, to grateful audiences soaking up their offerings like sponges. I could tell you about life changing conversations, about late night encounters, about hard mornings spent recovering from triumphs that people have been working towards for their entire careers. I could describe surreal moments on stage under spotlights that people will savor for decades. Cannes serves as a crucible for all kinds of stories, but suffice to say, I’ll simply report that Leo Burnett stood tall amongst the best in the world. Our ideas held their own. The passion and ambition that suffuses our best efforts was on full display. Part of the heritage of laboring under the Leo Burnett banner means that we’ve inherited the desire for greatness that our founder built his reputation and company on. Sometimes, in moments of great triumph, on the rare occasion that we indeed grasp “one of those hot, unreachable stars,” that desire is temporarily sated, as it was on stage at Cannes this past week. But those moments are fleeting, and a deeper hunger still remains, for ever more greatness to feed and sustain it. And so it begins again. The path to Cannes 2014 starts now. What are you bringing to the table? I want to thank the Leo Burnett offices that worked so hard to earn lions in 2013. Amsterdam, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Colombo, Dubai, Frankfurt, Lapiz, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Toronto and Zurich each won one of the most coveted creative awards in the world. Our winning work covers a range of categories and represents a vast and diverse skill set operating across many different channels. I raise a glass to the teams who conceived, and then fanatically polished and refined their ideas until they were unequivocally worthy of being held up as best in class executions, crafted to within an inch of their lives. I urge all of you to survey our winning work, and to take pride in it, and to aspire to it. Our goal remains the same as it was when our founder laid down the gauntlet so many decades ago: to be the best in the world, bar none. After all the excitement of the past few weeks, I’m grateful to have some time to relax and take it all in. Please look over the 2Q13 7+ work, as well as the groundbreaking campaigns we’ve produced that won Lions at Cannes. Let this work serve as both inspiration and motivation, and as a road map for where we want to go. I want to thank our good friends in Leo Burnett Moscow for hosting a phenomenal GPC in their rich and vibrant city. LB/Moscow has been ranked as the top agency in Russia for 5 years running, a testament to Moscow’s talented leadership team and their incessant push to be the best. Vladimir, Misha, Ilya, Selim, Julia, Anna, and Michael orchestrated an incredible week for us, and all of us left Russia with a deep appreciation for their culture and home. I hope to return to soon, because we really only caught a tantalizing glimpse of a truly amazing place. I thank you all for your hard work. Let’s build on this. Success breeds success. We have much to be grateful for, but miles to go before we sleep. Kind regards, Mark Tutssel Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett Worldwide a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e
  5. 5. GPC 2Q 13 5 We are the ultimate people watchers.
  6. 6. GPC 2Q 13 6 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e ContentsThe 2Q13 Global Product Committee 7 Does Award Winning Advertising Sell? The Client Perspective. 8 The Black Couch Series: Fernando Bellotti on Trust & Conviction 9 The 2Q13 8-Balls 10 The 2Q13 7+ Gallery 17 “A copy of a speech which recently came across my desk hit me between the eyes. It pertained to the editorial policy of a magazine, but it puts into new perspective some of the things which this agency stands for, and a point of view which has contributed much to our success to date. It quoted Herbert Bayard Swope who, when asked for a formula for success, said: “I can’t give you a formula for success. But I can give you a sure-fire formula for failure - just try to please everybody.” It went on to say in effect that the minute you start watering down a creative product with cautious concessions to “me-tooism,” your character and your integrity are lost. “The essence of American business,” says the speech, “is risk. The day it ceases to take risks, that day it ceases to be either American or business.” In the creative arts “the most ignoble of all philosophies is the rabbit policy of ‘safety first.’” There is no better way to wreck yourself than “to seek the security of agreement… by sailing close to shore, inside the snug harbor of tradition.’”
  7. 7. GPC 2Q 13 7 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e The 2Q13 Global Product Committee Milo Williams London Mark Tutssel Worldwide Sompat Trisadikun Bangkok Dave Loew Chicago Rosalie Geier Chicago Subhash Pinnapola Colombo Anthony Chelvanathan Toronto K.V. “Pops” Sridhar Mumbai John Wyville Chicago Peter Kacenka Bucharest Vikram Pandey Mumbai Jennifer Skidgel Chicago Steve Persico Toronto Brian Capel Jakarta Fernando Bellotti Buenos Aires Bechara Mouzannar Beirut Fuad Ahmad Bangkok Farid Chehab Beirut Anja Radulovic Belgrade Ben Newman London Selim Unlusoy Moscow Vladimir Tkachev Moscow Mikhail Kudashkin Moscow Vincent Geraghty Chicago
  8. 8. GPC 2Q 13 8 Does Award Winning Advertising Sell? The Client Perspective at Cannes 2013 Over the last 30 years, the Leo Burnett company has repeatedly researched the question “does award-winning advertising sell?” Through countless internal studies, we’ve repeatedly and categorically proved that there is a direct correlation between award-winning creative work and marketplace success for brands. But don’t take our word for it. At Cannes 2013, the world’s biggest clients were beating this drum enthusiastically. For the first time this year, 25 percent of all the delegates at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity were clients. Their numbers are swelling every year, and they come because they recognize the competitive advantage that great creativity provides for their businesses. In the video below, leaders of three of the world’s most successful multinational companies talk about “the Business Case for Creativity.” Jonathan Mildenhall of Coca-Cola, Mark Pritchard of Procter & Gamble, and Andy Fennell of Diageo each offer indisputable rationales for why creative award shows are critically important to their overall outlook. It’s simply business calculation. Please take the time to view this video. Andy Fennell, the Chief Marketing Officer of Diageo offers this notable quote at the end of the video, and his thinking has distinct parallels to our own HumanKind scale for assessing our product: “I think creative excellence is pivotal to drive brilliant performance. I mean, I can almost prove that 10 out of 10 work drives business results that 7 out of 10 work doesn’t. We’ve always felt that; we felt that when it was all about traditional advertising. We feel that now that content comes in so many different forms. So we’ll risk a 3 out of 10 in pursuit of a 10, because 10’s change the trajectory of your business, and 7’s don’t.” a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e
  9. 9. GPC 2Q 13 9 The Black Couch Series: Fernando Bellotti on Trust & Conviction The 2Q13 GPC was privileged to listen to Leo Burnett Latin America’s Regional ECD Fernando Bellotti deconstruct and describe the creative process behind some of the award-winning work he’s helped create over the last decade at LB/Lisbon and LB/Buenos Aires. In 2005 Fernando won Portugal’s first Gold Lion for the masterful film “Alzheimer’s” he shot for the Institute for the Support of Abused Children. In a candid and far- reaching interview, Fernando described the journey this film took from conception to execution, and he also touched on the creative process behind other notable work he’s created in recent years for Fiat, Garbarino, Car One, & Jeep in Argentina. The panel was enthralled with Fernando’s insights, and he generously summarized some of his thoughts by offering up a handful of thought-provoking slides titled “a few things I’ve learnt”, which concluded the conversation. To watch this quarter’s Black Couch Series interview, click on this page and listen to a master storyteller talk about how passion and persistence are essential components to the painstaking tasks of building effective client relationships and selling good ideas. Fernando’s perspective is invaluable, and the GPC was delighted as always to hear him discourse on the path to greatness. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e
  10. 10. GPC 2Q 13 10 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Chrysler - Jeep GPS to Get Lost Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires Category: Integrated / Film An innovative GPS application available exclusively in Jeep vehicles gives drivers the option to choose directions to get lost in nature, far beyond familiar territory. This brilliant initiative perfectly captures the brand purpose of Jeep, which is to provide drivers with the freedom to escape to uncharted destinations where only off-road vehicles can travel. A beautifully crafted film showcases how this product functions, as a frustrated office worker gets into his Jeep and is directed out of the city into progressively rougher terrain until he finds himself alone on a beautiful deserted sand bluff overlooking a stunning beach. Only a Jeep 4x4 could lead to you this place, a place you would never find without a ‘GPS to Get Lost.’ ballgallery
  11. 11. GPC 2Q 13 11 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Cerveceria Modela - Corona Drink Blow Drive Leo Burnett / Mexico City Category: Promo & Activation In Mexico, 600 people are killed each week in accidents related to drunk driving. To combat irresponsible drinking, LB/Mexico City worked with Corona to devise an ingenious breathalyzer device that was used in bars and restaurants which featured valet parking. When people arrived and gave their keys to the parking valets, the valets deposited the keys inside these cases. At the end of the night, when guests wanted to drive home, they were asked to blow into the breathalyzer device in order to retrieve their keys. If the guest’s blood alcohol level indicated drunkenness, the device remained locked, preventing them from driving, and Corona graciously provided a designated driver to chauffeur the guest home safely. If the device sensed that a person was not impaired and could drive safely, the keys were released, and the guest received a coupon for their responsible drinking. This brilliant device has been utilized in a few Mexico City establishments, and will soon be rolled out on a larger national scale. This beautifully crafted activation idea for Corona encourages responsible drinking, while actively keeping dangerous drivers off the road. ballgallery
  12. 12. GPC 2Q 13 12 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e ballgallery Delipapier - Le Trèfle Emma Leo Burnett / Paris Category: Film An insufferable husband enthralled with his iPad lectures his wife for her old-fashioned ways, as she navigates her day relying on books, post-it notes, and print outs. His condescension grows increasingly intolerable, until at long last his absolute dependance on his tablet leads to a hilarious comeuppance in the bathroom. This delightful film went viral globally within days of its release, and is a great example of concise, insightful storytelling that resonates with people. ‘Paper has a great future. Le Trèfle.’ Geeta Agro Products - Bio Farm Good Paper Project Leo Burnett / Mumbai Bronze Cannes Design Lion Category: Design (Packaging) Leo Burnett Mumbai’s design team was asked to create new packaging for an organic fertilizer, and delivered an outstanding and unique solution by creating packaging composed out of the product itself. By compacting organic fertilizer into heavy paper, and printing on it with organic ink, the team developed compostable packages that could be torn up into little pieces and planted alongside the contents of each package. This simple but brilliant idea is perfectly targeted to an audience concerned with sustainable agriculture, and the witty and insightful writing on the packages differentiates this brand from all of its competitors.
  13. 13. GPC 2Q 13 13 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Wijeya Newspapers - Adha Newspaper Unity paper Leo Burnett / Colombo Bronze Cannes Media Lion Category: Print In 2009, Sri Lanka’s brutal 30-year civil war finally came to an end. Four years later, the reconciliation process between the warring factions of the country remains a work-in-progress. These two communities speak two completely different languages, which utilize different scripts. Adha, a mass-market daily newspaper asked Leo Burnett Colombo to find a way to bridge the divide between these two communities, specifically around the Sri Lankan New Year’s holiday, which is celebrated by both groups. The agency responded by creating a bilingual newspaper that united the two alphabets, juxtaposing similar letters in Sinhala and Tamil which helped educate each community about the other’s language. Through elegant typography and graphic design, the agency constructed a beautiful campaign promoting the Adha “Unity Paper,” a first-of-its-kind publication written in both languages and targeting both groups. This publication and the campaign around it was hugely popular in Sri Lanka, and helped both communities take a few important steps towards a sustainable peace and mutual understanding. ballgallery
  14. 14. GPC 2Q 13 14 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e ballgallery Indian Red Cross Society Blood Donation Leo Burnett / Mumbai Category: Design (Poster) ‘Gift blood this Christmas. Indian Red Cross Society.’ This image adorned greeting cards and posters to encourage blood donations at the Indian Red Cross during the 2012 Christmas season. This is a beautiful example of graphic design at its absolute best.
  15. 15. GPC 2Q 13 15 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e ballgallery Colombian League Against Cancer Cancer Tweets Leo Burnett / Bogotá Category: Interactive (Twitter) One of the most devastating aspects of cancer is the way it creeps up on you. It’s a silent disease, often diagnosed at a very late stage because of the stealthy way it conceals itself: every year millions of people die because they ignore cancer’s symptoms for far too long. To raise awareness of this fact, Leo Burnett Bogota created the Cancer Tweets campaign for the Colombian League Against Cancer. The agency created seven Twitter accounts, one for each of the most lethal forms of cancer, and gave them quirky names like @boob_lover (for Breast Cancer) and @shithappens (for colon cancer). These virtual cancer accounts then innocuously began to follow thousands of people online, including celebrities, at first in silence, spreading throughout the web unchecked and largely unnoticed. Only after quite some time did these virtual cancer accounts announce their presence, gradually becoming notable presences in people’s feeds through increasingly cryptic tweets. At first, few of the people on Twitter took note of the virtual cancers following them. Only when these ‘cancer tweets’ became quite overt did people engage in conversation with the virtual cancers, and for those who detected it early, virtual cancer stopped following them and sent them a message. For those people on Twitter who ignored the virtual cancers, they ultimately received a message like this one: “@lastbreathe is a lung #virtualcancer that talked to you but you ignored it. If it was a real cancer, you’d be in a terminal stage now.” This brilliant campaign makes perfect use of the Twitter platform to convey a dramatic truth about the nature of cancer and the need for people to be diligent about paying close attention to their health.
  16. 16. GPC 2Q 13 16 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e ballgallery Procter & Gamble - Gain Detergent Soccer / Zombie / Horror / Rocker Lapiz / Chicago Bronze Cannes Press Lion Category: Print Accidents are waiting to happen. This exquisite, highly-awarded print campaign from Lapiz utilizes marvelous illustrations to create dramatic, visually arresting images. ‘Stains happen. Gain.’
  17. 17. GPC 2Q 13 17 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Procter & Gamble - Tide Tablecloths Leo Burnett / Colombo Category: Promo & Activation LB/Colombo crafted a series of unique restaurant tablecloths designed to look like giant cloth garments. After customers ate messy meals and spilled food on these vinyl tablecloths, a few quick swipes with a napkin renders the tablecloths spotless, dramatizing how easily Tide helps clean up messy stains on clothing. ‘Tide. Don’t be scared of stains.’ Procter & Gamble - Tide Self-Washing T-Shirt Leo Burnett / Warsaw Category: Promo & Activation College students are notorious for bringing loads of dirty laundry home for their parents to wash. LB/Warsaw used this insight to reach a new generation of students with a message about the ease and power of using Tide washing detergent. The agency created a self- washing T-shirt, which has Tide detergent printed onto a design depicting mother weary of washing endless loads of dirty laundry. To wash the shirt, simply place it in water or in a washing machine. This agency initiative is in its early stages and will likely be rolled out on a larger scale in the year to come. Tide. Procter & Gamble - Bounce Forget About It Leo Burnett / Toronto Category: Interactive (YouTube) This quirky spot leverages the eminently forgettable quality of Bounce Dryer Bars by inserting the product into one of the most famous viral video scenes of all time, and wryly observing that its presence is completely inconspicuous. Why? Because with the Bounce Dryer Bar, you can simply ‘Stick it and Forget It.’
  18. 18. GPC 2Q 13 18 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Bajaj Electricals - Bajaj Lights Light Box Leo Burnett / Mumbai Category: Design (Packaging) Diwali is India’s ‘festival of lights,’ and is celebrated throughout the country with fireworks and festive and colorful lighting displays. Bajaj decided to help people celebrate Diwali by altering the packaging of its light bulbs, creating cardboard packaging that could be easily transformed into marvelous aesthetic light fixtures with just a few small adjustments. This beautiful design work is the epitome of a HumanKind act, that enriches people’s lives through brand communication that’s smart, well-crafted, and insightful. Congratulations to the LB/ Mumbai design team for a fantastic idea that’s been executed brilliantly. Daayita Jewelry Designer Wearable Business Cards Leo Burnett / New Delhi Category: Design (Business Cards) It’s not easy to create an original, impactful, and memorable business card that people will keep and remember. LB/New Delhi has done just that with these beautiful, ornate pieces of wearable jewelry for Daayita Jewelry Designer. Each small card transforms into a set of earrings or a lovely pendant.
  19. 19. GPC 2Q 13 19 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ WWF - Earth Hour Sleep Naked Leo Burnett / Singapore Category: Integrated Earth Hour has moved beyond its initial symbolic act of turning lights off for an hour, into an activation platform that encourages participants to make significant changes to their lives that have a far greater impact. In 2013, Earth Hour participants in Singapore challenged the population to turn up their air conditioning by a single degree all year round to help conserve energy. As part of the “I will if you will” platform, an integrated campaign urged the nation to “sleep naked”, and yielded impressive results that will have a far-reaching impact on energy-conservation over the course of an entire year. ‘Earth Hour. Go beyond the hour. I will if you will.’ Next Condoms - Earth Hour Earth Hour Condoms Leo Burnett / São Paulo Category: Promo & Activation Next Condoms wanted to encourage participation in Earth Hour 2013. In collaboration with Leo Burnett, the brand manufactured limited edition glow-in-the-dark Earth Hour condoms, giving people a truly enticing reason to participate in a voluntary hour of darkness. Worldwide environmental solidarity has rarely felt so good.
  20. 20. GPC 2Q 13 20 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ B Bicycle Culture Magazine Carma Project Leo Burnett / Lisbon Category: Integrated B Bicycle Culture is a magazine that promotes cycling as a life choice. To provoke a wide-ranging public conversation about the relative merits of bikes versus cars as a means of transportation for people, LB/Lisbon created a unique, one of a kind bicycle called “Carma”, which was constructed entirely out of car parts salvaged from a junk yard automobile. This bicycle built out of used car parts became the centerpiece of a compelling integrated campaign. The bike was equipped with a GPS device, and made available publicly on the streets of Lisbon for people to ride it. The campaign encouraged people to ride Carma until the bicycle’s use offset all the gas-powered miles driven by the car it came from. Ingenious media executions helped drive attention to this campaign. Posters were created using old automobile motor oil as ink, and a unique ‘Carma’ font was designed using some of Carma’s lines and angles as source material. A short ‘Carma’ film was also produced and submitted to film festivals. The bike itself toured Portugal, earning greater publicity for the project, and helping to foster a deeper dialogue about the role of and merits of bicycles in a culture dominated by cars.
  21. 21. GPC 2Q 13 21 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ B Bicycle Culture Magazine Carma Project Leo Burnett / Lisbon Category: Design (Posters) / Design (Typography) As part of the Carma integrated campaign, Leo Burnett Lisbon designed a beautiful font inspired by the structure of the Carma bike. This quirky and angular typeface is meticulously crafted and quite unique. The agency also produced a series of immaculate silk screened posters, created using old motor oil from the junk yard car that originally served as the source for Carma’s frame. The attention to detail evident in these pieces earned high praise from the 2Q13 GPC, who loved the art direction and thinking behind this work.
  22. 22. GPC 2Q 13 22 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ The Tutor Crowd Taking the Classroom to the Streets Arc / London Category: Integrated The Tutor Crowd is a company that delivers free English lessons online. To raise the profile of this company and to encourage students and their parents to consider contacting them for their services, a guerrilla street art campaign was devised by Arc. Misspelled graffiti on the streets of London was identified, and its grammar was corrected in situ, and the corrections were tagged with bright, attention-getting stickers. This idea led to phenomenal results for the Tutor Crowd, and a spike in students.
  23. 23. GPC 2Q 13 23 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Raise the Roof Repackaging Help Leo Burnett / Toronto Category: Promo & Activation Raise the Roof is a charity that helps the homeless in Canada. For many years, the charity has been selling toques, with all proceeds going to benefit the organization’s work. In an effort to clarify exactly where the money was going from the sale of these hats, an eye-catching ambient piece was placed in a high-traffic area, and each toque was packaged with a different message detailing the many different ways Raise the Roof supports the homeless. This effort boosted toque sales and helped increase public awareness. Raise the Roof Thank You For Helping the Homeless Leo Burnett / Toronto Category: Ambient These ambient pieces for Raise the Roof offer gratitude to people who bought toques to support the homeless in Canada. Large stickers were placed in spots where toque sales had directly affected homelessness, and these pieces thanked the generosity of buyers for helping to address an ongoing problem filling the streets of Canada.
  24. 24. GPC 2Q 13 24 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Unidog The Dreaming Dogs Project Leo Burnett / Bangkok Category: Promo & Activation The number of homeless stray dogs in Thailand increases daily. To encourage people to adopt strays from Unidog, LB/Bangkok created “the Dreaming Dogs Project,” where evocative dog dreams were painted onto balloon thought-bubbles which were then tied to the necks of dogs in high-traffic areas. These balloons told emotional stories that appealed to people passing by, leading to a spike in dog adoptions from Unidog. Association of People With Physical Disabilities - APDI Supportive Balloons Leo Burnett / Bangkok Category: Promo & Activation LB/Bangkok wanted to raise funds in order to purchase and repair wheelchairs for ADPI, who would supply wheelchairs to disabled people who need them. Broken wheelchairs were installed in public areas. Each chair was missing a wheel, and leaned over to one side. We then asked people to buy supportive helium balloons that could be tied to one side of the broken wheelchair, elevating it to make the chair appear functional. Over 17,000 balloons were sold to the public, transforming this simple gesture into a 12% increase in the organization’s annual fund raising. The success of these installations helped turn these supportive balloons into a symbol of hope for disabled people.
  25. 25. GPC 2Q 13 25 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Mujeres Latinas En Accion Money Calendar Lapiz / Chicago Category: Design (Calendar) Mujeres Latinas en Accion is an organization that works to support women who are trapped in situations and victims of domestic violence. To help raise money for this organization, the creative team at Lapiz designed a unique “money calendar”, that helps people collect their spare change on a daily basis. At the end of the month, users can make a few simple folds to transform the calendar into an efficient mailer that can be easily sent to the organization’s fund raising department. Once fully complete, each calendar brings in about $55 to Mujeres Latinas by the end of the year. This work resulted in a boost in fund raising.
  26. 26. GPC 2Q 13 26 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Offre Joie Volunteers Don’t Seek Recognition Leo Burnett / Beirut Category: Integrated After a devastating car bomb destroyed a major neighborhood in Beirut, volunteers came together to help rebuild the neighborhood, without asking for any recognition for their actions. This kind of selflessness led Lebanese NGO Offre Joie to create a powerful campaign documenting this effort, which concluded with a call to action asking people to “join them in the joy of giving.” This timely and successful campaign quickly became the talk of Lebanon. Amnesty International Empathy Calendar Leo Burnett / Warsaw Category: Design To dramatize the long, drawn out sentences of global prisoners of conscience, who are often locked up with no idea for how long they’ll be incarcerated, Leo Burnett Warsaw created the ‘Empathy Calendar,’ a 100 meter long concrete wall that documented each day with a single bleak line. By dramatizing time spent in prison in such a visceral way, the wall calendar generated attention and news for Amnesty International’s call to “set the imprisoned free.”
  27. 27. GPC 2Q 13 27 gallery7+ a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Norwegian Airlines The Tailfin Election Leo Burnett / Oslo Category: Integrated This integrated campaign for Norwegian Airlines leveraged the popularity of local Norwegian heroes to help build enthusiasm for the national air carrier. Each regional community was asked to nominate a local hero, whose candidacy was then voted on by the entire country. This nationwide election was held online, and the winners had their faces plastered onto the tailfins of planes. The widespread PR generated by this campaign served the brand well, and helped earn Norwegian Airlines the loyalty of people throughout Norway’s various regions. Chrysler de Venezuela - Jeep Cherokee Travoa Leo Burnett / Caracas Category: Interactive (App) Venezuela is full of unexplored places, and rough terrain that holds indigenous tribal people that few people ever encounter. Jeep wanted to encourage people to drive their 4x4 vehicles to new uncharted places, and did so by creating a mobile app that provided the world’s first translations of some of the indigenous languages of Venezuela. The app became one of the most talked-about mobile apps in the country, and generated publicity for Jeep that high- lighted the brand’s claims that it’s 4x4 vehicles can take you where no others can.
  28. 28. GPC 2Q 13 28 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ McDonald’s A Ring to Bring Them Closer Leo Burnett / Moscow Bronze Cannes Media Lion Category: Integrated McDonald’s in Russia is building a House for Moms next to a Children’s Hospital, which will provide mothers with a close place to stay near their kids as their children undergo treatments and operations. To raise funds for this initiative, McDonald’s let kids in the Children’s Hospital design wire rings to give to the people they missed the most during their hospital stays. These ring designs were then replicated and sold in McDonald’s restaurants nation-wide, with the stories of the kids who made them incorporated into the packaging. All proceeds from the sales of these rings went to finance the House for Moms. This integrated campaign utilized multiple channels, including a social media app, all of which helped raise the necessary funds for the construction of this building. McDonald’s Holding Hands Leo Burnett / Jakarta Category: Film This beautiful spot tells the story of a young man who spends an afternoon nonchalantly trying to hold his girlfriend’s hand for the first time. Unfortunately, the right moment is elusive. Only when the young couple sits down to eat at McDonald’s do their hands finally come together, as their fingers accidentally graze while reaching for the last fry at exactly the same time. McDonald’s. I’m loving it. McDonald’s - Happy Meal Kids & Boxes Leo Burnett / London Category: Film This beautiful commercial moves the conversation from ‘toy in a box’ to ‘joy in a box.’ Impeccably crafted, the film opens on a room full of boisterous children, who are having an inordinate amount of fun playing with a pile of empty cardboard boxes. The spot then asks the question every parent has wondered: ‘what is it with kids and boxes?’ McDonald’s. Happy Meals.
  29. 29. GPC 2Q 13 29 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Coca-Cola - Coke Studio Reflection of Music - Art Vending Machine Leo Burnett / Mumbai Category: Promo & Activation Coke Studio is a TV show where diverse musicians from different genres collaborate to make unprecedented fusion music. To promote the show, LB/Mumbai created a series of unique vending machines, that dispensed customized art to each customer who bought a can of Coke. The machines took pictures of each person, and then printed out a piece of abstract art comprised of a multitude of musical instruments laid out on a page. When the buyer placed their Coke can on a designated spot on the page, they could see their own image reflected in the can, composed out of the musical instruments laid across the print out. This unique, bespoke art helped successfully promote the second season of Coke Studio. Coca-Cola - Coke Studio Reflection of Music - Installation Leo Burnett / Mumbai Category: Ambient Giant installations were constructed in high-traffic areas to promote the second season of Coke Studio. A mix of western instruments and Indian classical music instruments were arranged to create abstract patterns on big floor spaces. Once these instruments caught people’s attention, a larger-than-life Coke can was placed in the center of this installation, and a reflection of the abstract art on the Coke can revealed beautiful portraits of famous Coke Studio artists. gallery7+
  30. 30. GPC 2Q 13 30 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Coca-Cola Shine Leo Burnett / Los Angeles Category: Print / Posters ‘Coca-Cola.. Open happiness.’ Togetherness creates happiness. These lovely images show the brand sitting at the heart of human connection. This series of elegant, beautifully crafted outdoor posters make great use of the iconic Coke bottle shape. gallery7+
  31. 31. GPC 2Q 13 31 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e James Ready Beer How Many Beers For That? Leo Burnett / Toronto Category: Promo & Activation Beer has always served as a kind of currency between friends. James Ready Beer decided to formalize this by printing ‘official beer contracts’ on the backs of bottle labels, where people could agree on tasks or favors performed in return for a certain quantity of beer. Messages printed on bottle caps highlighted this idea, and a facebook app encouraged people online to devise and haggle over their own beer contracts. The James Ready Beer Bartering system proved to be a hugely popular activation campaign. gallery7+
  32. 32. GPC 2Q 13 32 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Leroy Merlin 50 Rubles / 100 Rubles / 500 Rubles Leo Burnett / Moscow Bronze Cannes Outdoor Lion Category: Print (Posters) ‘Everything for your home at low prices. Leroy Merlin.’ Leroy Merlin is a DIY-home improvement retailer that sells building and construction supplies. To highlight the store’s many offerings, available at affordable prices, LB/Moscow created this print campaign, that shows the classical buildings on 50, 100, and 500 Ruble bills, deconstructed into their component parts. With just a few bills, you could buy the parts and build these structures yourself. This intelligent campaign makes fantastic use of the iconography found on Russian currency to convey the scope and prices of products available at Leroy Merlin stores.
  33. 33. GPC 2Q 13 33 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Bel - Picon Happiness Heroes Leo Burnett / Beirut Category: Integrated Picon spreadable cheese wanted to reinvigorate their brand platform “spreading happiness.” Partnering with a local NGO, Picon launched an ambitious campaign encouraging civic activism, that asked children to become ‘happiness heroes,’ people who addressed real life problems and challenges in their communities. This campaign began in schools, where kids received badges on a sash if they engaged in acts that bettered their community. The program quickly became wildly popular. An online gaming component also let kids participate on the web, where their game play activities were linked directly to earning real monetary donations for charitable causes. The ‘happiness heroes’ initiative became so successful that it was adopted by Lebanon’s Ministry of Education, and incorporated into the official civic education curriculum for the country’s schools. Picon. Spreading happiness.
  34. 34. GPC 2Q 13 34 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Arcor - Juices Little Boy / Teenager / Grandpa Leo Burnett / Buenos Aires Category: Film These three spots for Arcor powdered juices tell the story of a young boy, a teenage girl, and a grandfather standing in front of their fridges as they drink the last of the cold juice. After draining the jug dry, each then contemplates putting the empty jug back into the fridge, as they contemplate whether or not they should refill the jug in consideration of the other people in their family. The young boy has a flashback of his father tormenting him while playing football. The teen girl remembers how her brother embarrassed her in front of her friends. The grandfather recalls how his son- in-law tactlessly broached the subject of how to divide up his property once he dies. Each flashback is hilarious and provides a vivid portrayal of completely believable families. Ultimately the little boy, teen girl, and grandpa all realize that there’s at least one beloved person in their family who they don’t want to disappoint, and so they all take the time to fill the jug up again by making a fresh batch of Arcor juice. ‘There’s always a reason to fill it up. Arcor.’
  35. 35. GPC 2Q 13 35 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Fifth Third Bank School Photo Leo Burnett / Chicago Bronze Cannes Film Lion Category: Film This short, impactful spot dramatizes how easy it is for thieves to steal the identity of people in your family. A teenage girl smiles for a yearbook photo session, but as the camera clicks, her face is replaced with a disquieting image of a middle-aged man. ‘Identity thieves can target your entire family. Get Identity Alert Premium from Fifth Third Bank. The curious bank.’ Fifth Third Bank Photo Booth Leo Burnett / Chicago Bronze Cannes Film Lion Category: Film A happy couple poses for pictures in a photo booth. They smile for the camera when suddenly the man’s face changes into a stranger’s, although his partner remains oblivious to the creepy man who casually drapes his arm around her. ‘Identity theft can happen in an instant. Get Identity Alert Premium from Fifth Third Bank. The curious bank.’
  36. 36. GPC 2Q 13 36 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e ea q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Hallmark Cards Tell Them Leo Burnett / Chicago Category: Interactive (Facebook) For decades, people have bought Hallmark Cards for their friends and loved ones to celebrate im- portant moments and share how they feel. With the ubiquitous rise of Facebook, fewer people were sending Hallmark cards, choosing instead to simply post messages online on people’s Facebook pages. However, there is still a univer- sal appeal to receiving a physical card in the mail. With this in mind, LB/Chicago helped Hallmark develop a brilliant, intuitive Facebook app that lets you send customized, physical cards to your close friends without ever leaving your computer. Given that people miss 84% of the news in their Facebook newsfeed, the app helps you select people you would like to send cards to, and then keeps you updated as to eventful happenings in their lives that might be worthy of a card. You can then buy and construct a customized card through the app, sign it digitally, and then send it through the mail without ever venturing into a store or post office. This new app boosted Hall- mark’s card sales, and helps its users affirm their closest relationships. By developing an card sales app that works perfectly with Facebook, Hallmark ensures that you can stay connected online with the people you care about while still taking the time every now and then to send a tactile, physical reminder to your loved ones telling them what you want them to hear. The simplicity, ease of use, and strong insights evident in this interactive work made it a highlight for the 2Q13 GPC, who regarded it as a great example of Leo Burnett delivering a digital business solution to a client in need of this kind of idea. Congratulations to LB/ Chicago for the “Tell them” app, a future-facing idea that will serve one of our oldest clients well. gallery7+
  37. 37. GPC 2Q 13 37 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e ea q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Allstate Insurance Cleaning Lady Leo Burnett / Chicago Category: Film Allstate’s infamous ‘Mayhem’ character shows up in this hilarious TV spot as ‘the world’s worst cleaning lady,’ who through neglect and casual disinterest manages to violate your home in amusing and unforeseen ways while attempting to ‘clean’ it. An ugly accident leads her to have an unfortunate fall while she’s working, which could be expensive if you have cut rate home insurance coverage. Which is why you need Allstate. ‘Get Allstate, where agents keep you protected from Mayhem, like me. Are you in good hands? Allstate.’ Mobinil Call Block - Olympics / Call Block - Laureate Leo Burnett / Cairo Category: Film Persistent prank callers are a common phenomenon in Egypt, which is why Mobinil offers ‘call block’ services that lets users block any numbers that you don’t want calling you. This service is presented in these spots as beneficial for everyone, because the people who’ve been blocked suddenly have enormous amounts of time on their hands, which enables them to pursue other interests, such as writing Pulitzer-worthy novels or training to become Olympic athletes. The quirky writing and tongue-in-cheek humor here is characteristic of the best work from Leo Burnett Cairo. ‘Mobinil Block. Better for Everyone. Send an SMS to 505 with any number you want to block.’ gallery7+
  38. 38. GPC 2Q 13 38 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Swiss Life Life Turns In A Sentence Leo Burnett / Zurich Gold & Silver Cannes Outdoor Lions Category: Print / Posters ‘For all life’s twists and turns. Flexible financial plans. Swiss Life.’ This brilliant, copy-driven campaign continues to win awards for its category-defying approach to conveying the need for financial plans that can be altered to meet the changing needs of people. gallery7+
  39. 39. GPC 2Q 13 39 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Fiat Letters - N / Letters - R Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo Silver Cannes Press Lion Category: Print ‘You either see the letter or the dog. Don’t Text and Drive. Fiat.’ ‘You either see the letter or the girl. Don’t Text and Drive. Fiat.’ Don’t TXT and drive. These beautiful posters intelligently capture the dangers of texting whilst driving. The art direction is stunning, the design is impeccable, and these are world class examples of how to visually grab people by the eyeballs, draw them into the communication, and then reward them for their time.
  40. 40. GPC 2Q 13 40 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Fiat - Jeep Boat / Motorbike / Horse Leo Burnett / Paris Bronze Cannes Press Lion Category: Print This understated and gorgeous print work from Leo Burnett Paris manages to convey a powerful message about the human brand purpose of Jeep without even showcasing the vehicle in question. The images feature a boat, motorbike, and horse trailer completely doused in mud, apparently after a long off-road journey spent hitched to the back of a Jeep. Jeep gives you the freedom to abandon the road and go wherever adventure takes you.
  41. 41. GPC 2Q 13 41 gallery7+ a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e Leo Burnett Leo’s Cider Leo Burnett / Sydney Bronze Cannes Design Lion Category: Interactive Leo Burnett the man was once just a daring entrepreneur willing to take risks on what he believed were good ideas. In honor of the agency’s founder, LB/Sydney created and bottled ‘Leo’s Cider’, as part of an initiative called ‘Help from Leo’ designed to attract new start up businesses looking for a leg up on the competition. New companies thirsty for success were given an opportunity to win $100,000 worth of creative and strategic advice from LB/Sydney, or to have their name, phone number, or website printed on specially commissioned bottles of Leo’s Cider, which were then distributed in select restaurants and bars. Leo’s Cider is a new business tool that celebrates the chutzpah of people who believe that the power of their own ideas will help them prosper through difficult economic times. Nawras - 4G Internet Piggybacking Leo Burnett / Dubai Two Bronze Cannes Media Lions Category: Interactive Nawras is an internet provider in the U.A.E. To dramatize the ease with which people could connect to Nawras’ 4G net- work, LB/Dubai created messaging using the network names people would find if they started looking for free WiFi. Constructed around the insight that people everywhere look for freely available internet access, this ‘piggybacking’ idea gave seekers an opportunity to test Nawras’ services for free for a single day, by connecting to one of the networks listed on their device. By providing their contact infor- mation, people looking for free WiFi got what they wanted and Nawras increased their client database simultaneously. This innovative approach increased Nawras’ brand profile and gave the company an intimate way to connect with its target audience.
  42. 42. GPC 2Q 13 42 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ AMC Networks The Walking Dead Rotting Finger Countdown Leo Burnett / Toronto Category: Promo & Activation ‘______Days Left Until It’s Back. Walking Dead Returns Feb 10, Sunday 9/8 c. AMC.’ This brilliant ambient piece features an eye-catching installation of two gigantic zombified hands, with a single rotting finger falling off daily to mark the countdown until the premier of the new season of Walking Dead, a popular TV show about zombies. Placed in a high- traffic area, this installation generated enormous amounts of interest and press coverage, and people could win one of the rotting fingers if they took candid photographs of themselves posing with the hands. The popularity of this installation led to a successful premiere.
  43. 43. GPC 2Q 13 43 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Shou Group International - Kenta Shoes Hand Squeeze / Thumb Press / Hand Press Leo Burnett / Bangkok Category: Print ‘Kenta. Walking Massage.’ This simple and beautiful print campaign for Kenta shoes communicates the product benefit clearly in a nanosecond.
  44. 44. GPC 2Q 13 44 a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e gallery7+ Guitar Player Graphics - World Economy Leo Burnett / São Paulo Category: Print ‘Nothing goes right when music goes wrong. Guitar Player.’ This brilliant tongue-in-cheek print ad for Guitar Player magazine correlates the rise of a few infamous teen pop acts with the downfall of the global economy.