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  1. 1. 0Though an archaic term, "bounty hunter" is still used professionally for people who are commonlycalled recovery agents. In the earlier times, bounty hunters were the people who were rewarded tocapture or kill any person. The name bounty hunter stems from the traditional meaning of bountyhunters. However , in todays day and age, bounty hunters are not killing or abducting anyone. Theterm bounty hunter has been quite misinterpreted in the market and it evokes the image of adangerous person. Though, nothing could be further from the truth. Bounty hunters, also calledfugitive recovery or bond enforcement agents track those people who dont appear in court withissues related to the amount paid in exchange of bail.Becoming a Bounty HunterBefore you plunge into this field, youve to understand the threat and risk of life in this field is fairlyhigh, as your job demands tracking criminals or people who have eloped thereby defying courts legalprocedures. While the bounty hunter salary range averages between USD 50, 000 and USD 80, 000annually, this job presents a good opportunity for good income.Be Aware About State LawsKnowing about the laws of the state is a must, so that you dont have any problems in carrying outyour responsibilities as a bounty hunter. In the US, laws pertaining to bounty hunters vary from stateto state. So , if youve to travel to neighboring countries for identifying or catching the culprit, youve toensure that you are aware of the various bounty laws. You might have to seek permission fromrespective state law authorities to carry firearms. There are restrictions on the movement of thebounties, so ensure that you know what laws are necessary for you to function efficiently.Arm Yourself with the Right TrainingAn important step in the process of becoming a bounty hunter is to get some training in mattersrelated to military, law enforcement and self defense. This is necessary because bounty hunters haveto face resistance from criminals who are taken into custody and may even be required to usephysical force. You must be able to know how to detect lies, analyze cases, do criminal backgroundchecks and be smart enough to gain access to phone records and addresses. There are someprivate training agencies that specifically train people for bounty hunter jobs. You can check out someof these on the internet and in your locality.Get Connected to the ClientsIf youve the necessary skills that are required to become a bounty then you can get yourself enrolledin some bounty hunter service agency. This will help you to increase your prospects of a job. Someagencies also provide training so you can get proper training and groom your personality.Get Ready to Catch Fugitives
  2. 2. One youre trained as a bounty hunter, youve to market yourself and the services you offer. This isnecessary because after completing the training you are a self employed person and like any otherbusiness, youve to advertise yourself.What are the requirements to be a bounty hunter? As such there is no specific bounty hunterrequirements however , an awareness about subjects related to bail law is preferred. You can eventake some online courses on bounty hunters and increase your knowledge about laws concerning thisfield. Last but not the least, youve to understand that there are various life-threatening risksassociated with this job and only those people should step in this field, who know what they want todo! So , after youre a licensed bounty hunter, form a network of other bounty hunters and increaseyour chances of getting good clients. Start hunting now! All the best!!how to be a bounty hunter