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Maartens Journey presentation for Healthcare 2.0 event


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Presentation for the presentatie for the Healthcare 2.0 event event in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on March 24th 2009.

Its the first time that i share my experiences with cancer on stage. There are some video's that you cant see on this presentations version.


Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Maartens Journey presentation for Healthcare 2.0 event

  1. 1. INTAKE may 2008
  2. 2. maarten lens-fitzgerald
  3. 3. male
  4. 4. 37 years old
  5. 5. 88 kilo
  6. 6. non smoker
  7. 7. no allergies
  8. 8. 1 brother
  9. 9. 2 healthy parents
  10. 10. married to lori lens-fitzgerald
  11. 11. enjoys drinking good wine
  12. 12. just back from el bulli
  13. 13. is on stage every two months
  14. 14. just handed in his notice at rapidsugar
  15. 15. with 3 partners just started sprxmobile
  16. 16. blogt at
  17. 17. continuously shares what he is doing with 1000 people via Twitter
  18. 18. is busy and happy
  19. 19. with a cough...
  21. 21. how TRANSPARENCY supported me, improved my treatment and helped others
  22. 22. annoying cough
  23. 23. toch maar een long foto Twitter stream from June 4th (d-Day), on the left, me t weeting live as he goes to the doctor, is sent to the hospital, gets an x-ray. Word in yellow- Sterkte means strength
  24. 24. longarts more t witter steam june 4th- on the left my t weets as i wait for a CT scan, for me to arrive and gives blood
  25. 25. the X-Ray. The big cloud around my lungs is what set off the alarm bells
  26. 26. i have cancer
  27. 27. on the phone with parents, brother, (old) employer, business partners ...
  28. 28. Twitter stream of love made for me of all the t weets he recieved that day
  29. 29. plan for maartensjourney blog made 24 hours after diagnosis
  30. 30. nieuwe weg
  31. 31. onbekend
  32. 32. naar italie
  33. 33. ok, zolang ze er maar niet op komen
  34. 34. Vincent Everts- who came to visit maarten (a t witteratzzi friend) every time he was in the hospital to give him gadgets to play with: A video camera, mobile phone with TV, Internet hub with continuous online access, microphone, ePC, endless toys he willingly shared to help him pass the time
  35. 35. 15,717 page views
  36. 36. TRANSPARENCY generated involvement which resulted in the attention which made me feel better
  37. 37. matt 1: diagnosed 2 weeks after me
  38. 38. TRANSPARENCY helps others by showing that they are not alone, in detail
  39. 39. chemo done now what?
  40. 40. matt 2 doen with chemo
  41. 41. SUV value of 4
  42. 42. co-directing
  43. 43. TRANSPARENCY improved my treatment through unasked assistance
  45. 45. plus
  46. 46. the willingness of the health care professional
  47. 47. is the most important
  48. 48. co-directing for the best treatment
  49. 49. TOMORROW first results 6 months post chemo
  50. 50. thank you