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An Introduction into Lux Research


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Lux Research provides strategic advice and on-going intelligence for emerging technologies. Leaders in business, finance, and government rely on us to help them make informed strategic decisions. Through our unique research approach focused on primary research and extensive global network, we deliver insight, connections, and competitive advantage to our clients.

Science-driven innovation is a cross-cutting key to success in today's business environment. In an increasingly crowded competitive landscape, decision makers need critical advice about markets, technologies, and strategy – both to position existing business for growth and to launch new businesses wisely. Emerging technology fields are fertile hunting grounds for new business opportunities, and corporate executives, investors, policymakers, and entrepreneurs across many industries look to these areas to drive growth. However, emerging technology markets are also uniquely challenging to understand and to take advantage of – Lux Research analysts are specialists in understanding and assessing these complex and rapidly-changing fields.

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An Introduction into Lux Research

  1. 1. Lux Research Introduction Lennart Huijbers – Sales Specialist Lux Research, Inc
  2. 2. Hunting for Opportunities Scouting for Disruptive Finding the right for Radical Innovation
  3. 3. About Lux Research Advanced Materials Agro Innovation Alternative Fuels Autonomous Systems 2.0 Bio-based Materials & Chemicals Bioelectronics Efficient Building Systems Energy Electronics Energy Storage Exploration and Production Food and Nutrition Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics Solar Sustainable Building Materials Water 3 Helps clients find new business opportunities from emerging technologies in physical and life sciences Offers ongoing technology and market intelligence, as well as market data and consulting services Over 250 clients on six continents – multinational corporations, investors, governments, and SMEs Global reach, with offices in Boston, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo Combines deep technical expertise with business analysis to support strategic decisions Coverage areas
  4. 4. Lux Research helps clients translate megatrends into new business opportunities Megatrends in areas like sustainability, energy, and demographics should guide the strategies of companies, investors, and governments These megatrends drive business opportunities from emerging technologies in the physical and life sciences External scouting for new technologies, markets, and business models is essential to creating successful new business from emerging technologies Megatrends Emerging technologies External scouting New business opportunities 4
  5. 5. Lux Research helps clients populate the frond end of the innovation funnel Ideas Products Identify megatrend impacts Evaluate emerging technology areas Scout for technologies, markets, models Enter and operate in the market Across the innovation funnel, clients use Lux Research to: Get up to speed easily on new areas Quickly access vital data on markets, value chains, and trends Cut through the hype and focus only on what’s important Get an unbiased, outside perspective on key companies and technologies Identify and connect with partners Extend the capabilities of new business development teams Speed up development cycle and improve time to market Innovation funnel 5
  6. 6. Lux Research helps its clients gain first-mover advantage through strategic guidance Landscaping, Partner Search, and Strategy Development New Business Ongoing scouting and intelligence services in target domains Idea Generation 6
  7. 7. Covering Emerging and Disruptive Technology Domains 7 Materials Revolution Energy and Infrastructure Health and Wellness Solar Energy Storage Energy Electronics Autonomous Systems 2.0 Alternative Fuels Exploration and Production Efficient Building Systems Sustainable Building Materials Advanced Materials Printed, Flexible & Organic Electronics Bio-based Materials & Chemicals Food and Nutrition BioElectronics Agro Innovation Water
  8. 8. Our research supports fact-driven business decisions about emerging technologies Emerging technologies: Improve existing products Create new market needs Lead to new product categories External challenges: Many competing technologies Thousands of labs, hundreds of startups Shifting policy landscape Globalization of innovation So companies can: Gain market share Find new markets for products Create new lines of business Internal challenges: Small staff for scouting Unfamiliar tech and industries Internal inertia and bias Information overload; conflicting data Lux Research solutions support clients’ existing scouting goals and processes, while helping them overcome internal and external challenges 8
  9. 9. Lux Research’s services provide broad support for decision makers Strategic market analysis Quarterly Market Reports provide market size and forecast, value chain analysis, technology trends Analyst Insights give proprietary datapoints and analyst commentary on news Market Trackers present ongoing quantitative data on capacity, supply, demand Consulting services to select target markets and evaluate market entry strategy Market information Technology scouting Detailed Company Profiles cover the top 100 to 200 innovative companies in each technology area Lux Innovation Grid and Lux Take help separate the good from the bad Client Member Site provides searches, filters, analytics, across 7 years of archives Consulting services identify and select partners and offer further due diligence Technology information Decision support Customized interaction to support decisions Unlimited Inquiry to get analyst comment, insight, and additional depth of information Webinars and conference calls help disseminate information across the organization Client-specific Consulting services provide customized strategic advice, take deeper dives into key areas of interest, and extend analysis into more technology areas 9
  10. 10. Intelligence and Consulting Ongoing Intelligence helps clients make sense of the business and technology landscape in targeted sectors. Each advisory service provides: Technology scouting reports with Company Profiles and Analyst Insights Market Reports including technology and market overviews, market forecasts, financing outlook, and key technology and adoption issues On-demand Analyst Inquiry with Lux Research Analysts Based on unique expertise in emerging technologies, Lux Research tailors Consulting to client’s specific needs, focusing on: Technology Roadmapping Market Identification and Assessment Partner Search and Selection Pre-transaction Search and Due Diligence 10
  11. 11. Methodology and How We Deliver Lux Research provides advisory services delivered through multiple channels: Member Site – an online catalogue of all published research. Searchable by taxonomy, technology, product, or coverage area Journals – a selection of Analyst Insights and Company Profiles delivered by email for each Intelligence service Analyst Inquiry – personal interaction with the Analyst team via telephone, email, or on-site meetings Webcasts – ongoing webinars presented by Analysts with latest content from featured coverage areas Delivered in the Context of Your Business Needs We evaluate technology and apply critical analysis to uncover the truth and give an accurate evaluation of its potential for our clients We process data, tell you what it means, and recommend business decisions 11
  12. 12. What makes Lux Research unique? Proprietary primary research: Over 5,000 first-hand interviews annually with company executives, customers, partners, and outside experts Technical depth with market insight: Deep technology understanding and experience needed to make sound decisions about market impact Concise, bold, and opinionated research: Doesn’t just repeat company reports, but applies critical analysis and makes specific recommendations Services designed to support business decisions: Direct interaction with analysts and consultants ensures relevant information and insight 12
  13. 13. Thank you. Lennart Huijbers Sales Specialist Direct: +31 (0)20 303 9039 Mobile: +31 (0)6 5259 5234 Lux Research EMEA • Valschermkade 36 E 1059 CD Amsterdam • The Netherlands •