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Wikipedia's gendergap and what we're trying to do about it


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The lack of women in Wikipedia (and female related topics) is being adressed in several ways. Here are some ways that work and some ways that don't, along with some good advice and links to relevant pages.

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    Thanks for your kind words. This presentation was filmed, so that could perhaps be even better than any slide commentary. I will link to it in the description as soon as the conference arrangers publish it.

    About the copyright question: of course it should have been freely licensed. I even thought that I did put it under a free license, but something must've gone wrong during the process. Anyway, I've changed it now. Thanks for alerting me.

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  • Lennart, good job done. Thanks for making it available to the community. I especially liked your use of 'free' images only. May we have a short slide by slide commentary, or text explaining the slides, please? This will make the presentation more useful. Another point, is this presentation under a free license. I assumed it would be but could not find mention of which kind of copyright/free license it is published under.
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Wikipedia's gendergap and what we're trying to do about it

  1. 1. Lennart Guldbrandsson Wikimedia Sverige @aliasHannibal
  2. 2. The WIKIPEDIA gendergap &ing to do about it y we' re tr w h at
  3. 3. Bradley Chelsea Manning
  4. 4. Articles (Swedish Wikipedia)
  5. 5. Editors (globally) 1 9
  6. 6. The problem of Kate Middleton's dress. Wikipedia is not one encyclopedia. It's many encyclopedias of varying quality. The non-problem of several hundred Ubuntu articles.
  7. 7. Sue Gardner, CEO of Wikimedia Foundation
  8. 8. Unlocking the Clubhouse: Five ways to encourage women to edit Wikipedia Nine Reasons Women Don’t Edit Wikipedia (in their own words)
  9. 9. Sometimes, women only
  10. 10. We're working on strategies openly – and we welcome input
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  12. 12. Lennart Guldbrandsson Wikimedia Sverige @aliasHannibal