Wikipedia and branding by lennart guldbrandsson


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A presentation by Lennart Guldbrandsson about how brands can work with Wikipedia.

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Wikipedia and branding by lennart guldbrandsson

  1. 1. Wikipedia and branding
  2. 2. Introduction What I wont talk about What I will talk about  How Wikipedia works  How to use Wikipedia
  3. 3. Wikipedia from the outsideThe history of Wikipedia1980-1990s – internet, first catalogues, then searchengines 2000 – the dot-com bubble collapses, Nupedia 2001 – launch of Wikipedia 2003 – Wikimedia Foundation 2008 – 23 employees
  4. 4. Wikipedia from the outside 61% of you come from Google (Nielsen Online) 4th most popular property on the Internet (28.2% of the 996 million worldwide PC-based web browser audience (comScore) 20 – 45 000 page views – per second Estimated worth: 7 billion US dollars (Silicon Alley Insider) Real revenue: 2,734,909 (2007)
  5. 5. How Wikipedia works (for companies)"Imagine a world in which everysingle person on the planet is givenfree access to the sum of all humanknowledge.That’s what we are doing." - Jimmy Wales
  6. 6. How Wikipedia works (for companies)Wikipedia is a... freely licensed and free of charge encyclopedia of 12 million articles written by 15 million volunteers in more than 250 languages
  7. 7. How Wikipedia works (for companies) + = Click ”edit” Write Click ”save” No need to register
  8. 8. How Wikipedia works (for companies)Quality management on Wikipedia Version handling – article history Recent changes monitored Watchlists User contributions leave tracks Many enthusiastic volunteers
  9. 9. How Wikipedia works (for companies)Wikipedia and its competitors collaborative vs experts having to get along vs own articles style and own perspective is not scaleable not-for-profit vs ad-driven work in progress vs ready from the get-go
  10. 10. Using Wikipedia (for companies)What if the Wikipedia article about your companyis wrong1) write on talk page2) contact us – Report an error3) info-en-q@wikimedia.orgAsk other wikipedians for help
  11. 11. Using Wikipedia (for companies)Your article on Wikipedia only helpful if you already have traffic, i.e. is notable if you try, take your time – learn and pay your dues remember that you are accountable ask for help dont delete – add and as always, must be copyleft
  12. 12. Using Wikipedia (for companies)Seldom used ways of marketing on Wikipedia donate money, like Alfred P. Sloan fix something for Wikimedia Foundation, like Yahoo write an featured article about you have a user to answer questions about you on Wikipedia donate pictures – find your niche Let me give you an example...
  13. 13. Using Wikipedia (for companies) Michele Merkin Featured image Beauty Glamour photography Physical attractiveness Here is your chance!
  14. 14. Questions?Don be shy. Or inWikipedia vernacular: Be bold.