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Friend or foe


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Presenting skills, fear of public speaking, self-confidence, success, self-development

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Friend or foe

  1. 1. I often hear the question about why some people are so easily SUCCESSFUL with their presentations. Why do they bathe in the limelight of happy smiles from their audiences …
  2. 2. Well, there may be a long list of reasons to explain this phenomenon, but I want to focus on something very fundamental. …while other presenters experience just blood and tears?
  3. 3. The first powerful associate of a presenter is the ATTITUDE. You may agree that our attitude to anything in life can act either as a friend or … as an enemy. It can back us up or it can trip us up. I can see a presentation as an unpleasant, complicated and dangerous duty OR
  4. 4. OR A SNAP ? I can see it as an ENJOYABLE act of partying on the occasion of introducing your new research results. Which of the two views do you think will HELP me work with ease? Which of them will help me perform better? Which of them will HELP my audience enjoy the time spent with me? Our attitudes are very effective tools. And if you want, we can discuss this topic later.
  5. 5. Today, let me focus on another essential point. And again let’s take attitude. But his time not the attitude directed outside; it’s rather the attitude focused on oneself. If I know I can RELY on myself, I will certainly feel less fear. I will look and sound more reliable. This will also let my audience ENJOY the feeling they can BELIEVE what I am saying, even if they may not agree with me. And their positive reactions will help me perform even better. There may be many reasons why we do not trust ourselves . It may be our family background or other life experiences. But there are also many ways how we can change it. It we WANT.
  6. 6. “Are you afraid of anything, my son? Then go and do it”. I’ll mention just one of them. If you are afraid of something in your life, first it is necessary to discover your fear, and then it is crucial to go into it, explore that dark area and overcome the shrew. Building up our SELF-CONFIDENCE will bring us success not only in presenting but in many other areas of life.
  7. 7. Go into it. It’s worth the effort, I swear!