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9 20-4


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Published in: Education
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9 20-4

  1. 1. Present Simple Present Continuous
  2. 2. Open the brackets!
  3. 3. He (to go) to work every morning. He goes to work every morning.
  4. 4. He (to go) to work now. He is going to work now.
  5. 5. He (to explain) new rules now. He is explaining new rules now.
  6. 6. He (to explain) new rules every lesson. He explains new rules every lesson.
  7. 7. She (to walk) with her dogs now. She is walking with her dogs now.
  8. 8. She (to walk) with her dogs every morning. She walks with her dogs every morning.
  9. 9. They (to play) bowling at the moment. They are playing bowling at the moment.
  10. 10. They (to play) bowling every weekend. They play bowling every weekend.
  11. 11. They (to skate) now. They are skating now.
  12. 12. They (to skate) every winter. They skate every winter.
  13. 13. He (to surf) the net now. He is surfing the net now.
  14. 14. He (to surf) the net every day. He surfs the net every day.
  15. 15. He (to sail) now. He is sailing now.
  16. 16. He (to sail) every summer. He sails every summer.
  17. 17. She (to make) a snowman every winter. She makes a snowman every winter.
  18. 18. She (to make) a snowman at the moment. She is making a snowman at the moment.
  19. 19. The bird (to fly) at the moment. The bird is flying at the moment.
  20. 20. The bird (to fly) every day. The bird flies every day.
  21. 21. He often (to cry). He often cries.
  22. 22. He (to cry) now. He is crying now.