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5 7 there is 2


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Published in: Education
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5 7 there is 2

  1. 1. There is There are 2
  2. 2. Ask questions!
  3. 3. is, there, a, in, car, yard, the? IsIs therethere aa carcar inin thethe yard?yard?
  4. 4. tree, is, there, a, near, house, the? IsIs therethere aa treetree nearnear thethe house?house?
  5. 5. in, there, a, desk, is, corner, the? IsIs therethere aa deskdesk inin thethe corner?corner?
  6. 6. on, there, a, desk, is, computer, the? IsIs therethere aa computercomputer onon thethe desk?desk?
  7. 7. at, there, a, wardrobe, is, wall, the? IsIs therethere aa wardrobewardrobe atat thethe wall?wall?
  8. 8. large, on, there, a, picture, is, wall, the? IsIs therethere aa largelarge picturepicture onon thethe wall?wall?
  9. 9. TV-set, is, there, a, between, lamps, two? IsIs therethere aa TV-setTV-set betweenbetween twotwo lamps?lamps?
  10. 10. wall , is, there, a, mirrow, on, the? IsIs therethere aa mirrowmirrow onon thethe wall?wall?
  11. 11. window , are, there, curtains , on, the? AreAre therethere curtainscurtains onon thethe window?window?
  12. 12. A, coffee table , is, there, middle , in, the, of, room,the? IsIs therethere aa coffee tablecoffee table inin thethe middlemiddle ofof thethe room?room?
  13. 13. A, above , is, there, lamp , the, table? IsIs therethere aa lamplamp aboveabove thethe table?table?
  14. 14. A, shelf , is, there, flower, the, on? IsIs therethere aa flowerflower onon thethe shelf?shelf?
  15. 15. A, cooker , is, there, kitchen, the, in? IsIs therethere aa cookercooker inin thethe kitchen?kitchen?
  16. 16. the, shelves , are, there, four, on, wall? AreAre therethere fourfour shelvesshelves onon thethe wall?wall?
  17. 17. the, round , are, there, four, chairs, table? AreAre therethere fourfour chairschairs roundround thethe table?table?
  18. 18. the, TV-set, is, there, a, wall, on? IsIs therethere aa TV-setTV-set onon thethe wall?wall?
  19. 19. the, is, there, a, door, in, kitchen? IsIs therethere aa doordoor inin thethe kitchen?kitchen?
  20. 20. are, There, a, on, pictures, the, wall, 2? AreAre therethere 22 picturespictures onon thethe wall?wall?
  21. 21. is, there, a, in, tree, the, corner, big? IsIs therethere aa bigbig treetree inin thethe corner?corner?
  22. 22. are, there, table, on, flowers, the? AreAre therethere flowersflowers onon thethe table?table?
  23. 23. is, there, a, lamp, tree, the, in, front of? IsIs therethere aa lamplamp inin front offront of thethe tree?tree?
  24. 24. Well done!