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Kinds of joints


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Published in: Education
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Kinds of joints

  2. 2. A JOINT is a part wherebones meet together in thejoint by a strong, elastictissue known as Ligament.
  3. 3. Kinds of Joints● Hinge Joint- this joint permits movement in only one direction. examples of this are finger joints, enable joints and toe joints.● Ball and Socket Joint (Universal point) - this joint permits movement in any direction. It allows bone movement in circular or in up and down motion free> example of this joint are the end of the arm bone and wrist joint.
  4. 4. ● Saddle Joint- this joint permits the ends of the bones to slide freely over each other. An example of this kind of joint is the one located at the base of the thumb.● Gliding Joint- this joint permits the small bones to slip over each other. Examples of this kind of joint is the point connecting the small bones of the ankle.
  5. 5. ● Pivot Joint- this kind of joint permits you to move a portion of your body without moving the part while to which it is connected. An example of this joint is the joint connecting the bone in the head and the neck.
  6. 6. Aside from the joint is thecartilage. A cartilage is aflexible, smooth yet strongconnective tissue thatcovers the ends of thebone.
  7. 7. Ligaments are bands of strongfibrous tissues that connect bonestogether. These keep the bonesmoving in the only directionpermitted by the joints. Tendons are tissues thatconnect muscles to the bones.