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  1. 1. Clicks Gone Wild Email marketing at it's best with the Art of Inboxing What’s So Great About Clicks Gone Wild? Clicks Gone Wild may just be the perfect solution to the marketing problem that many internet marketers face (especially, those just starting out, or have yet to achieve the quantity of prospects needed to be successful). It offers… 1) The Opportunity for high targeted biz op leads 2) The ability to not just earn per click with Media Antics, a CPA network, but the ability to send the leads to whatever offer you would like, including, any Biz Op or affiliate promotion 3) Live Training & Support Webinars numerous times each week Ready to get started… GO Leads and Swipes Leads are the life blood of almost all Internet Entrepreneurs. The most successful Internet Entrepreneurs are those who have built and cultivated a list of quality leads. Within the CGW (Clicks Gone Wild) program you have the ability to get not just thousands (1,000′s) of leads, not just tens of thousands (10,000′s), but more than a hundred thousand (100,000 ‘+’) leads. There are some in CGW that are already mailing to 100,000 leads several times a day and some that have attained multiple 100,000′s of leads. In a meeting a few days ago (as of this writing), it was mentioned that a member has reached 500,000 leads! Mailing just twice a day, ‘he’ sends out 1,000,000 emails per day…can you see yourself doing that? It’s do-able!! Swipes are another critical component of marketing via emails. The CGW Management Team is working towards a goal of 1,000,000 swipes, readily and freely available to the members of CGW. Take the swipe, tweak it a little, spin it a little and off it goes. No more agonizing over the doubt if the swipe is good and no more paying big bucks to have it written by a pro. Money When a Media Antic’s offer is emailed, each click on the link in the email earns you 15 cents. Image the person sending out 1,000,000 emails per day getting just a 1% click through rate…you do the math. [See Income Disclaimer] But, in CGW you are not limited to the offers provided by Media Antics. You also have the ability to promote anything you want (of course the offer has to be a legal one). Biz Ops, affiliate links…heck you can even promote that book you been planning on writing ::wink:: Part of the training teaches how to utilize pop-ups, giving you at least two chances to get “that click” with each email. Training Currently, there are 6 hours of live training scheduled each week. Beginners Training: Wednesday Night 10pm – 12 midnight Intermediate Training: Thursday Night 10pm – 12 midnight Advanced Training: Friday Night 10pm -12 midnight These training classes are graduated. So, you will attend the one best suited for you. Just as in school, you often had to finish one grade of study before moving on the the next. Your performance will prove your accomplishment and then the next level of training will be made available to you. A “little birdie” told me that there’s a possibility that one might be able to “sneak” into the any of the classes. In addition to the training webinars, there are 10 hours of live support webinars eack week…
  2. 2. Monday thru Thursdays: 12pm Eastern to 2pm Eastern Wednesdays: 5pm Eastern to 7pm Eastern In the training webinars the instructors are strict about not responding to support questions. But in the support webinars, individual questions and difficulties a member might have are answered individually. So you wind up receiving quite a bit of training during the support webinars too. The webinars are recorded and made available to members. If you miss a session, you can catch up later. I feel that I should mention that sometimes circumstance can alter, that’s life! The amount of live training may some day change. Above I mentioned 16 hours of live training and support is available each week. The training is provided by some of the best and most knowledgeable experts in email marketing. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on this expert advice? Don’t miss out… Go Now There’s More Clicks Gone Wild has a closed Facebook group where members interact with each other. Ideas are shared. Success stories are shared. Problems are shared and as a group are often solved (can’t always have an expert available at all times). Last, but most certainly, not least are the Team Captains. CGW is composed of teams, each with it’s own captain. Their responsibility is to provide assistance to their team members. The team I’m on has a terrific captain, Justin. He is always willing to help, no matter what the need is. I truly appreciate Him. By the way, we have a Skype Group for our team which provides a more intimate environment for group discussions and assistance from our captain. You ready now? Great then… Do It Watch the video below (the Webinar Re-play for CGW) and be sure to check out the terrific bonus you receive for getting Clicks Gone Wild through this page. Watch the Video
  3. 3. Bonus The University of Internet Science (UOIS) is currently the facility used to house Clicks Gone Wild. The recordings, links, etc. are stored there. Membership is free! Here’s the BIG thing. When you purchase CGW, you are elevated to the Master’s Campus at UOIS! Master’s Campus Hours and hours of video training on Email marketing Face book marketing Craigslist marketing Video marketing Tools and software Mail ID scraper Mailer Rotator And much, much more… EDIT: As I write this edit (June 13, 2014) a new site to be used as a training and information platform is being prepared solely for Clicks Gone Wild. Newly prepared videos, each covering a specific topic are being prepared. Please don’t take this as hype, but we have been notified that soon after the new site is ready, the price of CGW will increase. Take advantage of this terrific program before that happens! Say No To Solo! Now’s the time! Now’s your time to march towards a better, a successful, Internet Marketing future!