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Lemonade Day in Austin, TX


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Lemonade Day teaches youth how to start, own and operate their first business, a lemonade stand.

Lemonade Day is in 31 this year [2011] including Austin, TX.

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Lemonade Day in Austin, TX

  1. 1. Austin<br />May 1, 2011<br />
  2. 2. Lemonade Day Helps Youth:<br /><ul><li>Alamance County, NC
  3. 3. Essex County, NJ
  4. 4. Northeast OH
  5. 5. Anchorage, AK
  6. 6. Glendale, AZ
  7. 7. Omaha, NE
  8. 8. Austin, TX
  9. 9. Houston, TX
  10. 10. Portland, ME
  11. 11. Boston, MA
  12. 12. Indianapolis, IN
  13. 13. San Antonio, TX
  14. 14. Bryan/College Station, TX
  15. 15. Killeen/Fort Hood, TX
  16. 16. South LA
  17. 17. Champaign, IL
  18. 18. Lafayette, IN
  19. 19. Terre Haute, IN
  20. 20. Denver, CO
  21. 21. Mankato, MN
  22. 22. Twin Cities, MN
  23. 23. Durham/Greensboro, NC
  24. 24. North Coast, CA
  25. 25. Wayne County, IN
  26. 26. East Hartford, CT
  27. 27. Learn how to set goals
  28. 28. Seek investors
  29. 29. Set a budget
  30. 30. Plan and operate a business</li></ul>In 2012, Lemonade Day will be launched in 100 U.S. cities.<br />
  31. 31. Lemonade Day Highlights<br />A free, experiential, city-wide program <br />Teaches kids how to own and operate a lemonade stand business<br />Offers a curriculum developed in coordination with the Search Institute<br />Youth who register receive a backpack complete with an Entrepreneurial Guide and Caring Adult Guide <br />Guides provide the needed tools to operate a lemonade stand business<br />Youth keep the money they earn<br />
  32. 32. Impact<br />8,400 youth registered for Lemonade Day Austin 2010:<br />Youth earned $77.00 (on average) per stand<br />37% of stands donated proceeds to charities<br />350 public / private schools gained access tothe entrepreneurial curriculum<br />Great Reports from our Youth:<br />Ms. Brandenburg at Forest Trail Elementary School registered six third-grade classes. These teachers used the educational materials in their math curriculum. The students donated their earnings to the Austin Children’s Shelter.<br />Maya crushed aluminum cans to earn herstart-up money. She donated 40% of herprofits to the local animal shelter.<br />Ally’s stand raised $700 by selling lemonade,t-shirts and brownies. Proceeds weredonated to LIVESTRONG.<br />
  33. 33. Think Like an Entrepreneur<br />Legendary entrepreneurs — from John Rockefeller to Bill Gates — had paper routes or lemonade stands growing up. Take a look at some of Austin’s entrepreneurs:<br />NavSooch, co-founder of Silicon Laboratories, Inc., delivered newspapers.<br />Richard Garriott, co-founder of Origin Systems Inc., sold Boy Scout products door-to-door.<br />Bertrand Sosa, co-founder and president of MPower Labs Inc., had a Spanish-speaking lemonade stand after moving here from Mexico.<br />Brian Sharples of HomeAway Inc. had a lemonade stand and a paper route.<br />Jason Black, CEO of Boundless Networks, earned money by buying candy at the corner store for $.05, marking it up, and selling it to classmates.<br />
  34. 34. Community Involvement<br />Community Partners: <br />ACTIVE Life Movement<br />Austin Children’s Museum<br />Austin Sunshine Camps<br />Big Brothers Big Sisters<br />Boy Scouts<br />Boys & Girls Club<br />Citizen Schools<br />Communities in School<br />Con Mi MADRE<br />Crenshaw Athletics<br />GENaustin<br />Girl Scouts<br />Junior Achievement<br />KIPP<br />LIVESTRONG<br />YMCA<br />Average Age:<br />9 years old<br />Gender:<br />Female 58%<br />Male 42%<br />Ethnicity:<br />African American 12%<br />Asian 4%<br />Caucasian 40%<br />Hispanic 33%<br />Other 5%<br />
  35. 35. Press<br />National Press—Lemonade Day 2010:<br />Continental Airline’s In-flight Magazine<br />Inc. Magazine<br />Good Morning America on ABC News<br />Today on MSNBC<br />Local Press—Lemonade Day Austin 2010:<br /><ul><li>Austin American-Statesman
  36. 36. Austin Business Journal
  37. 37. Austin Chronicle
  38. 38. Rare Magazine
  39. 39. West Austin News
  40. 40. KUT
  41. 41. MIX 94.7
  42. 42. CBS-TV
  43. 43. Fox 7 News
  44. 44. KLRU-TV
  45. 45. KTBC-TV
  46. 46. KXAN-TV
  47. 47. News 8 Austin-TV</li>