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Business as a Service (Français)


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Est-ce que les facteurs clé de succès du Cloud Computing sont les mêmes que pour l\'informatique traditionnelle

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Business as a Service (Français)

  1. 1. Business as a Service Laurent Glaenzer
  2. 2. Audience Business executive VPs/Directors/ Managers Working at an IT vendor that sells or intents to sell Software as a Solution (SaaS) or Infrastructure as a Solution (IaaS) meaning... most of the IT industry!
  3. 3. Purpose Are common IT Business Rules applying to cloud computing?
  4. 4. IT Vendor is a fake Company representing Any hardware, software, telecom or service Company that sells SaaS or IaaS to customers through an indirect channel
  5. 5. Vitaminize Your Channel Lemon Operations recruits and develops channel for IT Companies 200 years of cumulated experience in channel management in the IT (hardware, software, service, telecom) We don’t just tell you what works...we do it for you! We love getting paid on commission
  6. 6. Business as a Service Software as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Server Virtualization Any application Storage Virtualization licensed for its usage Advanced lease on demand (mostly infrastructure (pay per use) over the web) Business as a Service New Way of Buying New Way of Selling
  7. 7. IT aaS is Disruptive New data hosting New application hosting Higher Level New applications of New application usage Dependency New funding model New accounting rules New infrastructure New IT architecture New organization
  8. 8. Also for IT Channel Short Term Sales Cycle Revenues LONG LOW What ITaaS brings SHORT HIGH What IT Channel like
  9. 9. Time to rethink IT Distribution
  10. 10. Introducing Vertical Channel Need Identification Vertical Channel Point of Service purchase Provider Customer
  11. 11. Statistics IT Companies Business Resellers Services Integrators Companies 120 000 Companies* 1 800 000 Companies** (*) EMEA Source Compubase (**) Western Europe Source IDC
  12. 12. Non-Contractual Resellers Role Compensation • introduce the product to customer • 10% discount Referral • register the customer • no upfront payment • introduce the product to customer • 20% discount • register the customer Interface • no upfront payment • invoice the customer • introduce the product to customer • 30% discount • register the customer • Online training Facilitator • invoice the customer • no upfront payment • train the customer
  13. 13. Vertical Channel Platform
  14. 14. Hybrid Model Direct Contractual Channel Non-Contractual Channel Resellers Referrals Resellers + Services Interface Integrators/ OEM Facilitator
  15. 15. Vertical vs Horizontal • Additional Revenues I don’t know • No supply chain what I need Vertical Channel • Recurring Revenues Customer • Good margin I know what I need Horizontal Channel
  16. 16. Fulfilment vs Generation Demand Fulfilment Generation Comments Full dedication ***** ***** IT Vendor direct Limited capacity Great coverage **** * IT Vendor Channel Limited mindshare Good coverage *** *** Integrators Good push Proactive demand * **** Vertical Channel No supply chain
  17. 17. Don’t push on a rope
  18. 18. 5 Step Process Business Channel Channel Channel Channel Identification Framework Hiring Ramp Up Management
  19. 19. Thanks!