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Authors: Amalul Arifin Junih
& Noorlela Md yassin

Zipper as one of the greatest invention and its contribution to fashion.

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  • You probably don't think much about zippers in your everyday life, but it's hard to imagine life without them. They zip up your clothing, your purses, your snazzy new laptop case, and just about anything that needs to be fastened easily. Have you ever thought of what life would be like without zippers,
  • Many considered it 'unreliable' as it was prone to failure. More traditional closures were often thought more reliable and easier to insert. This means that many 1930's dresses are finished with press studs or buttons as shown here.Zips were often unreliable in the early days and so if a zip split open in a side seam underarm insertion it would provide the wearer with greater modesty when covered with the arm than a gaping back of a garment might.sonsCharles-Emile Hermes)
  •  the first time a zipper design was used in jewelry was at the suggestion of the Duchess of Windsor
  • Zipper!

    1. 1. Amalularifin JunihNoorLela Md YassinLecturers:Ms. RatnaMs. RifahMs. Akma
    2. 2. Contents1. Introduction2. Aims and Objectives3. History4. Zippers Components5. The Locking Mechanisms6. Types of Zippers7. The Application8.Zippers in Fashion9. Importance of Zippers
    3. 3. Aims and ObjectivesThe historyIts contribution to fashionThe importance of zippersThe application
    4. 4. History• Elias Howe• Sewing machine• 1851, invented an early type of zipper• “the automatic, continuous clothing closure”
    5. 5. Father of zipperWhitcomb Judson(Universal Fastener Co.1893) Clasp locker
    6. 6. The original 1917 Sundback patent for the "Separable Fastener" Gideon Sunback (Head designer of U.F.C)
    7. 7. How did the fastener became the “Zipper”?The zipper was once called the fastener only later to be called as zippers because…o An executive from The B.F.Goodrich company.o Rubber boots.o and said, "Ziper up!”
    8. 8. Component of Zipper Top tape end Top stop Slider Puller Tape Spiral WidthBottomStop Bottom Single tape Tape end width
    9. 9. Component of Zipper Reinforceme Box nt Pin
    10. 10. The LockingMechanisms
    11. 11. Types of ZippersCoil Derlin Metal
    12. 12. Types of ZippersOpen End Close End Zipper Zipper
    13. 13. ApplicationZippers are used in numerous applications these days such as : Garments : e.g. Jackets, Dresses, Denim and Trousers. Luggages and bags Shoes.
    14. 14. Zippers in Fashion Zipper Timeline
    15. 15. 191 • Émile-Maurice was the first to introduce the 4 device in France191 • Used for tobacco pouches, shoes and U.S. Navy 7 applied it to windcheater jackets.191 • The first leather golf jacket with zipper, made by 8 Hermès • Elsa Schiaparelli Promote zippers in clothing193 design she’s the first to use it as a major feature of fashion garments. 3 • Zippers were usually put in the side seams of dresses, skirts and trouser.
    16. 16. • Zippers put in the centre back of dresses,195 skirts and the centre front of trousers.0’s • Plastic coil zippers first introduced.1971 • The trends where zipper tape onto fabric as20 embellishment.09
    17. 17. Designed
    18. 18. Designed Pants &
    19. 19. Designed Bags &
    20. 20. Designed
    21. 21. The Importance of zippersZippers may Increase the size of opening. Join or separate two ends or sides of a single garment. Attach or detach a separable part of the garment to or from another. Decorate an item.
    22. 22. References: