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In the early 2000s Indians were looking forward to INDIA being a SuperPower by 2025. But the Last 9 yrs have not only pushed back the dream by 10-15 years but also killed the Confidence of Indians that We Shall Overcome One day the Debacles of the Decade from Commonwealth Games to Lost Opportunities for Development.

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India first upa chargesheet

  1. 1. INDIA MARCH TO 2014 19-09-2013 Lekhraj
  2. 2. 9 Years of ECONOMIC Mismanagement • In early 2000’s People talked of India being a SUPERPOWER by 2025. • LAST 9 yrs have seen that Dream become a Nightmare. • TODAY - INDIAs Current Account Deficit is at a record 6.7% of GDP. • FISCAL Deficit for 2012-13 4.9% of GDP • April-June fiscal deficit at $43.57 bln or 2.63 trillion rupees • Runaway INFLATION for 6 yrs. • Vegetable prices rose 350% between 2004 and 2013 • But POLICY PARALYSIS, Retrospective TAX, CORRUPTION, & a PM who only considers FDI as Reforms • Reduced investment in Infrastructure & Power • Result : Falling GDP, Bad Investment Climate
  3. 3. 9 years of Honeymoon • UPA CLAIM Right to Rule, Right to make laws and force parliament to approve without amendments, implement rules as per own wishes not procedures (CWG, 2G, COAL) • Lack of transparency, not answerable to Parliament, Arrogance of not wanting to listen to public opinion or even coalition partners • Not ready to go and talk to public on issues of national interestNirbhaya, Anti Corruption Rally, Ramdev Black Money Rally. Instead Lathicharge, Water Cannon & Teargas • USING Paid media to blame opposition on issues like Reforms, misleading nation on Multi-brand RETAIL • Essential Food Items inflation due to hoarding. NO action against hoarders, no planning to stop exports when low rainfall forecast or imports done in time. • Send Tax / Legal notices to anyone disagreeing – Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, Ramdev, Google, Vodafone, Bharti (after letter to PM against Sibal on auction prices/policy) • Harassment even for Facebook / Twitter Dislikes against Powerful Ministers sons, and CBI Cases against those against UPA, Allies or even Damadji. 19-09-2013
  4. 4. • • CONgress Charges – 1. NDA / BJP Economic Policies were not good. – 2. UPA Policies lead to 8.4 % growth. – 3. Growth fell due to GLOBAL Slowdown. If the NDA policies were not good then: – A. Was it NOT the DUTY of the Congress to raise the issues in NATIONAL INTEREST while they were in opposition ?  (May be they were all busy in chambers of courts like Mr. Singhvi  ) – B. UPA followed the so called Wrong policies of Telecom, Coal, Roads etc for the first few years and achieved the HIGH growth. When UPA changed these policies there were SCAMs and growth fell  If Global factors led to fall in GDP then Global factors must have also Contributed to Growth  Tiwaris and Sighvis Need to list out the steps taken each in the Years 1 and 2 of UPA-1 rule which lead to Growth ???  It takes years to build Roads, Airports, Ports, Power plants, Industries and the results show up only after a period of time ……. UPA 1 benefitted by steps taken in 6 years of NDA and took credit for it.
  5. 5. On HER [Roman] Goddesses' Service • Policies – Andhra /Telangana, ADHAR card, Food Security, Right to education etc are full of inherent problems; • Issues not discussed and sorted out by various ministries, infact their valid concerns ignored –half baked populist measures • ADHAR – What was the need of a new card replacing all other verified cards like Election or Ration cards? • Especially since there is no check of who are valid citizens of India, duplicity etc. • All decided at 10 Janpath and implemented faithfully by Her Majesty's rubberstamps. • Soldiers killed or Beheaded by Pakistan no reaction by PM; • Maoists kill citizens or 70 CRPF Jawans or place bombs in Jawans stomach not a word by PM, • But Partymen killed and madam wants to go – so arrange a special flight and of course condemn opposition state govt. • Corruption – Defend corrupt take no action; Condemn opposition. • Is he PM of INDIA or PM of CONgress Party?
  6. 6. • When opposition Leaders rake up Corruption in Parliament, MadamG asks party to go aggressively against opposition. • It is followed by onslaught by Congress in Media.  ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DAANTE • On Q’s about UPAs performance UPA reps start attacking BJP and never Discussing UPA governance. • NEWSHOUR: Arnab Goswamy would let Manish Tewary and Singhvi say anything (mainly criticise BJP) for 5 minutes without responding to the Questions, but stop Meenakshi Lekhi, Smriti Irani in the middle of first sentence by saying someone is countering them. • NDTV only discuss Gujarat aftermath never the Root Cause,or no other Riots in Congress Rule or Sikh Genocide. • No One in Media discusses about the person who was caught at Kennedy Airport with Quarter of a million dollars in cash!!! 19-09-2013
  7. 7. • FOOD Security Bill – A piece of paper which gives you right but – Where is the Money ? – Tijori - chori aur betuke kharch se khali – Who are the beneficiaries? Jineh Khana dena tha unka pata nahin lekin Ginti hai, Kaise? ADHAR card se milega – Card kis jaanch par banta hai? – Where is the Infrastructure? Kahan se aayega, store hoga aur jaise Batega? – ADVERT to de di TV pe, Ration Baantne ke liye dukane hain nahin to aap kis se Haq mangoge? – CONgress sponsored NGOs say that food in FCI godowns is a waste so distribute it, No extra food is required for the scheme, – They fail to tell that the food is stored for times of emergencies like famine and flood. – Who will honour the commitments – Centre or State? Were they consulted? • Right to Education & Mid day meals – After the right came into force has the Do our schools have roofs, teachers, toilets, drinking water, libraries, labs etc ? – What role does the Centre have in providing these? – Have the States been provided the necessary resources – money, books, teachers training, kitchens, cooks, food inspectors, gas, and of course Money? 19-09-2013
  8. 8. Mera Bharat MAHAAN Tha AAJ INDIA Shining Bhi Nahin Hai Ek Naye Yug Ke Nirmaan Ke Liye 30 Saalon se chale Garabi Hato Ke Jhute Vaadon se Bacho aur Is Baar Development pe Mohar Lagao
  9. 9. Mera Bharat MAHAAN Tha AAJ INDIA Shining Bhi Nahin Hai Ek Naye Yug Ke Nirmaan Ke Liye 30 Saalon se chale Garabi Hato Ke Jhute Vaadon se Bacho aur Is Baar Development pe Mohar Lagao