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Meet the Breastfeeding Innovators: Anna Sadovnikova, LiquidGoldConcept


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Breast massage can alleviate, improve or prevent a raft of barriers to breastfeeding, including pain, low milk supply, infection, trouble latching, engorgement and inverted nipples, but very few parents or healthcare workers know when or how to use it. Enter LiquidGoldConcept with new portfolio of learning technologies including a 3D animated simulation model of breast massage and phone-based tools to share feedback.

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Meet the Breastfeeding Innovators: Anna Sadovnikova, LiquidGoldConcept

  1. 1. Anna Sadovnikova, MPH, MA Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder MD/PhD student at UC Davis and aspiring IBCLC Customized and Comprehensive Breastfeeding Education Technology for Parents and Providers
  2. 2. Our Vision: Healthy Mothers and Newborns Training providers with a lactation simulation model! Empowering parents with a mobile health application, MomKit!
  3. 3. Pain   Low  milk     supply   Infec4on   Trouble     Latching   Engorgement   Inverted   Nipples   Unfortunately, very few parents and health providers know when or how to use it.! Breast massage can alleviate, improve, or prevent....
  4. 4. Step 1: Customize Our  use  of  3D  Anima4on  allows   for  rapid  crea4on  of  addi4onal   views  and  varia4ons     as  we  collect  and  analyze  user   feedback.   Step 2: Choose a Goal
  5. 5. Step 3: Learn a Technique Step 4: Send us Feedback
  6. 6. Anna Sadovnikova, MPH, MA, Chief Executive Officer Email: Website: Twitter: @liquidGOLDcncpt Facebook: Thank you! For questions about investment, strategic partnership, and pilot program opportunities, please, contact: