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我们一直在专注在餐饮和零售行业的科技创新和行业标准化,我们的使命是:科技让零售业务更简单高效。我们提供行业领先的零售云服务产品 - 合阔智云(HWS) 一站式的全渠道餐饮零售云服务平台,我们帮助客户“管好店、引好流、理好财,精服务”

我们和腾讯,阿里,德勤,Oracle,富士通等合作伙伴,基于HWS推出合阔智云行业解决方案,包括:轻餐饮(F&B)解决方案,快餐(Fast Food)解决方案,合阔是Aislelabs亚洲区合作伙伴,提供智能人流分析解决方案等。

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  1. 1. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD
  2. 2. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] 01 02 03 04 Our Company Our Clients Our Products Our Planning CONTENTS
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  4. 4. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] 2011 2012 2014 2016 n Based on .Net n Hex 1.0 n mobile order 1.0 n Based on Java n Hex 2.0 n Supply Chain management n Based on Web 2.0 n Hex 3.0 n Franchisee management n Mobile APP n Based on Micro Services Application n HWS n HiPoS / HiStore n Aislelabs Aisa Partners Company History HEX is a technology research and development company that provides omni channel operations management and data analysis products to customers worldwide in the hospitality and retail industries. We have been concentrating on the technology innovation and industry standardization in the catering and retailing industry. Our mission is to make the retail business easier and more efficient. We provide industry-leading retail cloud services products - HWS, a one-stop omni channel food and beverage retail cloud service platform, we help customers achieve “good shop", "good flow", "good money", "good service” We are Tencent, Ali, DDT, Oracle, Fujitsu and other partners. HWS launch intellectual cloud industry solutions, based on light food (F&B) solution (Fast Food), fast solution, and HEX is a partner of Aislelabs in Asia, WIFI flow analysis solutions.
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  7. 7. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] 01 02 03 04 Serve 10 + well-known chain restaurant brand Scattered in 122 cities in China 4100 + stores are using HEX products Annual management of 20 billion + sales transaction Clients We Serve 新疆
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  10. 10. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] The Problems of F&B Chain Retail Brand Data Transaction Channel Link How to provide a consistent consumption experience in the whole channel under the new retail situation of consumption upgrading? Channels (online), stores, commodities, transactions, members how to achieve full transparency? How do you analyze the value and growth trend of the store? Does the new store really bring new customers? The channels are increasing, commodity management is scattered in many channels, diversification and fragmentation of transaction and promotion forms, online and offline are seriously segmented Multi channel, fragmented operations lead to complex background finance, personnel and construction support The development of Omni-channel and mobile Internet leads to diversification of customer interactions, bringing together people, transactions and the diversity of data collection Massive data growth, complex data scattered in multiple heterogeneous systems, resulting in difficult analysis Payment, online Order, take-away and points need to develop multiple independent systems each time to connect different systems, lead to more and more complex development Historical reasons, multiple language development of IT systems, resulting in integration, operation and maintenance costs are getting higher and higher
  11. 11. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HiEngage HiPay HEXClOUD Product Line HiSTORE *PoS – Point of Smart Smart retail terminal Hex registered remark HWS HiPoS
  12. 12. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HWS Product Structure Basic Services Merchan dise Org People BOM Operation Purchase Delivery Inventor y Transfer Price Channel Authority Cost Sales Order Queue Reservati on Brand Cash Payment Settlement Billing Stock Management UI API Webhook Business Analysis and Reporting Real time Core Service Business Module HEX Open POS Integration System Monitor CRM Memb er Point Comm ents Campaign Events AD Promo tion Store Shift Time POS Keybo ard Settin g Registry Message RPCTask Micro Service Framework MySQL Postgresql Redis Files/Images Distributed Storage Layer Configuration Monitoring Other Devops Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container Hex Runtime Code HEX Container HiPoS HiStore HiEngageHWS HiPay Region Equipme nt 3rd Channel Gateway Facility Netw ork Partol
  13. 13. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Cloud based on micro service architecture and Docker deployment Docker swarm Deployment • Support mainstream public cloud , private cloud / hybrid cloud deployments • Support dynamic deployment and horizontal expansion On-Demand Service and Deployment • Micro service customization • Local cloud service elastic expansion Real-time platform monitoring We are the data HUB in smart F&B & Retail Omni-channel Opt, Real-time computing • Stores, goods and services, equipments+ transaction orders and funds. • Omni channel merchandise, transaction and inventory real-time computing capabilities, providing optimized Omni channel co- ordination efficiency. 100% open API, DevOps delivery Programmable HEX Open • OAuth unified authentication • Rest API DevOps development, operation and maintenance process, to ensure rapid iteration and rapid deployment • A/B Test • Grayscale test Based on open source mature technology Multi language interactive Structure • Python: Rest API • Golang: Services Technology Architecture • NodeJS: real time communications and transactions Different data storage architecture • MySQL/MongoDB、PostgreSQL/GreenPlum • Redis: Cache • Neo4J: data relationship management The embodiment of unified experience • Based on React • The client adopts the Hybird architecture HEXClOUD Advantage TechnologyBusiness Platform Expand HWS Open API, connect AI and IoT • Integrated biometric technology and big data technology, transparent store services • Integration of MIT and Gitzits IOT technologies to allow store equipment, operations, and services to be digitized
  14. 14. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Vision One Operation & Analysis SystemOne Operation & Analysis System
  15. 15. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HEXClOUD Platform 1.0 Transaction Management Omni channel Management Integration Payment One-Stop Experience Service Merchandise and Price Produce and Delivery BOM and Inventory Transaction and Order Promotion and Pay Staff Shift & Perf Channel Conf (ST + Online) M-Channel Optimize Store LBS Analysis Public Opinion Mon Integrated Marketing Agg-Payment Geteway Points and Coupons Electronic Invoice Credit Identification Fund Settlement Omni Customer Identify Omni Customer Profile Basic IT Management Store Object Recognition Staff QoS Optimize
  16. 16. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Analyze Cash Operation Budget HEXClOUD platform 1.0
  17. 17. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HWS Intelligent Terminal - HiPoS HWS open gateway Transaction management HWS open API Omni channel management Promotion Engine Cash Management Omni channel data Aggregate Payment HWS open standards Electronic Invoice HWS - HiPoS is a Native Web based PSO on the Internet micro service architecture The front end using React, the background using the mature Internet micro integrated service technology, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology is the wisdom of products, commercial, retail, catering and entertainment industry integration intelligent cloud POS product.
  18. 18. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HiPOS supports the original cross platform application design, users can choose POS desktop, tablet computer and handheld mobile equipment, can according to the business needs of any combination and collocation, we ensure that the end user experience is consistent. 1. Natural support Windows, Linux, Android and iOS; 2. Support certificated Android Table and handheld POS; 3. Support Apple iPAD , iPAD Pro and iPhone; 4. Support H5 Web POS and Web API; 5. Central Manage and monitoring Cross platform POS 6. Consistent with the end user‘s operating experience in Cross platform POS; Android table POS Standard store model Android mobile POS +cash box Android table POS Or Counter shop mode Android mobile POS Android mobile Flagship store model Android mobile POSAndroid table POS QR code AppKiosk Or iPAD POS +cash box +printer HiPOS Adv - Cross platform as ONE
  19. 19. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Traditional POS HiPOS POS Hardware Hardware Cost reduce 50-60% OS Database OS cost reduce from the RMB 800 --> 0 Infrastructure Reduce From the RMB 4K~10K RMB 250/ monthPOS APP ITOM Cost From the ADSL+VPN model to any network (3G/4G) +Https, the cost is reduced by 50% A B C A From layers of outsourcing equipment, logistics distribution (plug and play) Cost reduced by 80%, equipment availability improved. HiPoS —Cross platform, Non-services
  20. 20. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HEX intellectual cloud unified payment polymerization product HiPay, which is a combination of means of payment, let the business can achieve a one-stop full payment channels, user accounts, multilevel card coupons, marketing and financial management products business needs Comprehensive coverage of the mainstream payment channels, one API fix Multi brand, multi merchant unified payment member after payment, to enhance the user's payment experience Unified management of multi- level and multi-channel merchants 1. Unified polymerization supports bank cards, scan code, NFC, marketing and other payment methods 2. The support line of domestic and international banks, including the bank channel (wildcard) channel integral 3. Support for unified financial management (Unified / hierarchical management) 4. Integrated HWS B2B billing services, support real-time Alipay, WeChat and bank payment 5. Has supported a variety of installments, such as :Huabei Pay, JD Loan HWS Aggregate Payment -HiPay
  21. 21. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] 1 2 3 Failure or abnormality of refrigeration / freezing equipment, resulting in food safety problems and loss of ingredients Equipment failure information lag, maintenance is not timely, the maintenance effect can not be verified, resulting in turnover losses and customer leaving The increase of equipment type, the diversity of business such as shop / close shop / franchisee lead to serious lag of management information 4 With the increase of equipment life and complex environment, the energy consumption and maintenance cost are increasing year by year, and the application of management technology is not enough Problem of Equipment Management Food Safety Equipment service Facility management Energy Saving and TCO
  22. 22. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Device Life Cycle Management - HiSTORE Installation and configuration •Store equipment asset request •Device and sensor matching •Setting Equipment and commissioning Operation data acquisition •Unified power data acquisition; •Supports multiple IOT protocols, one gateway supports 200+ sensors •Real time diversity collection, including location, temperature, humidity, PM2.5, care and other data; Analysis and optimization •Cloud computing and processing •Real time data calculation and analysis •Multidimensional data analysis, IOT, transaction and external data Intelligent control •Through programmable API remote control •Semi automatic control is realized by machine learning and A/B calculation •Gradually evolve to AI control HiSTORE intelligent perception equipment and operation and maintenance management system
  23. 23. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] AC 220V/380V 输入 A smart electric meter is installed at the store's total power input POS displays and alerts store equipment and energy operation information Minimum hardware installation An intelligent ammeter without the need for other equipment HiSTORE –Store Energy Management Intelligent ripple analysis of all power equipment After second weeks of operation, the system can analyze the load equipment and provide operational recommendations Diagnose and predict equipment failure through data analysis The power characteristic data of each device is analyzed by means of accurate waveform analysis, fault diagnosis, preventive reminding and maintenance suggestions Intelligent big data cross shop analysis, design the best energy saving program Through analysis of environment, transaction, passenger flow, electricity and electric energy, the optimal power scheme is analyzed.
  24. 24. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] fridge Temperature humidity sensor Smoke soaked sensor Smart power plug Coffee maker Air condit ioner Smart meter Equipment temperature / humidity exception External environment abnormal reminder Abnormal movement of equipment position Reminder of abnormal operation of equipment HQ (Op/Store/IT) Inform staff in store via HIPOS lighting Abnormal alarm and prediction of equipment Cluster analysis and optimization of energy Device remote control Wechat/SMS notice (MA Services) Details of asset settlement expenses Customize any parameter reminders HiSTORE – Equipment Working Monitor
  25. 25. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HWS Marketing Analysis -HiEngage Achieve customer identification and touch through non sensory device / device identification techniques Through the POS camera for customers face recognition, so that the user's "face ID" linked to consumer behavior Realize automatic identification of membership, you can achieve no card consumption Identify and tag "blacklist" and "whitelist" customers Get the basic attributes of consumers through face recognition: age, men and women clothing, and other ancillary properties (3-5 + / - Y) Through the POS microphone, real-time capture customer and employee voice, and identify semantic and emotional ( Developing) Recognition (around 95%) Emotion + Voice Analysis
  26. 26. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Through iBeacon/WIFI no sense detection technology, customer identification and portrait Support centralized control and management of Android POS iBeacon devices, can support a variety of digital marketing Support 2nd, LED, /e-Invoice/Mobile, Payment, customized ad and customer interaction functions Support configuration Android POS wireless network card multi-mode work, automatic sense free detection (Developing) Through WiFi positioning technology, real-time monitoring of passenger flow, time and conversion rate of stores (tenants) Integrated Tencent marketing API, providing marketing channel services (Developing) l 操作信息可以协助 规划日常购物中心的 管理操作,发挥人员 配备的作用 l 作为一个特定的 营销活动,可以有效 的审查每日的高峰时 间,将有助于评估和 衡量促销活动和结果 l 高峰时段保持稳定 在上午10点-下午2:00 之间 Cuppa Joe 15% Off Guatemalan Coffee HWS Customer & Marketing Analysis -HiEngage
  27. 27. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HWS - HEX ENTERPRISE Franchise management Processing plant management Master data management Operation management Store management Cost management HEX Enterprise - Franchisee application, qualification and contract management - Configurable franchisees ordering, receiving and inventory management - Financial settlement of franchisees with a variety of composite strategies - Franchisee evaluation and level review - Production plan management, automatic production according to sales plan - Production process management, finished product predictable and monitoring - Accurate production costs, procurement, BOM and scrap in one - Store, channel and processing inventory data transparency - Move weighted cost calculation for all stores - Support single, single product and any area cost accounting - Support group business unit and profit cost center accounting - Support SAP, JDE, UF and Kingdee standard financial interfaces - Support B2B vendor reconciliation, settlement and payment, full service management - Support centralized and sub regional management - Flexible regional management, support management, merchandise, distribution, market, cost, order and other six major regional flexible combination; - Custom multilayer level recipe management (BOM) - Real time Sales,inventory management, intelligent inventory forecasting - Multi dimensional goods, recipes, prices and promotions management - Real time trading and inventory calculation Coupon management throughout lifecycle - Real time Web and mobile operations analysis report - Store scheduling and attendance - Store performance forecast and cost - Store inventory (goods / consumables) - Store sales and promotions - Store cash and day off - Real time store operation and Analysis Report Franchise & Channel Management Central kitchen and Processing management Central financial Cost management Centralized master data management Real time operation management Polymerization store management
  28. 28. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HEX ENTERPRISE Master Data Operation Managem ent Cost &Finance Processing Managem ent
  29. 29. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] WiFi Indoor location analytics anonymous or personal iBeacon Proximity marketing via your app or without an app iBeacon Marketing Public WiFi Behavioral analytics Wayfinding marketing & analytics platform based on wifi technology Indoor navigation Aislelabs – WiFi Traffic Analytics Platform
  30. 30. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Indoor triangulation Accurate indoor triangulation Technology (patent technology) Real time analyzer panel Visualize managing your retail and foodservice outlets Integrated analysis of sales transactions and other revenue data The customer carries the Wi-Fi enabled device into the room You don't have to download the application, and you don't have to connect to Wi-Fi Automatic anonymous identification of smart phone WiFi Traffic Flow Technical Explanation
  31. 31. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Key Value of WiFi Traffic Analysis Choose good location Connect valuable customers No Additional investment, through the existing WiFi, you can accurately count passenger flow data Seamless integrate with social platform, precise positioning of consumer labels Accurately evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities and evaluate customer retention rates Digital passenger flow and coverage to assess store location value
  32. 32. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Unified interactive dashboard (Windows Conversion) Dwell Tim Entry rate & dwell time Seasonal promotion, events Customer retain Evaluate the effectiveness of market activities 一周中 的一天 一天中 的时间 Correlation analysis of income and stream of people Aislelabs Flow System Demo
  33. 33. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Our Planning04 “Data visualization is effective because it shifts the balance between perception and cognition to take fuller advantage of the brain’s abilities.” — Stephen Few
  34. 34. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] Data Connection HEXCloud 2.0 Support massive data computing and customized display - Data storage uses Apache Kylin to support real-time Streaming OLAP computing - Support for data processing of GIS and LBS - Support Tencent, Ali, telecom signal hundred and UnionPay Wisdom Big Data - Support API and intelligent optimization of mainstream third party takeaway platform - Integration of Airbnb Superset analysis tools to support custom reports - Integrated Apache Kylin OLAP data engine Establish connections between people goods, equipment, and sites - Store IoT data integration gateway - Store equipment operation, AI intelligent management - Biometrics + emotion recognition computing - Secure store technology (image dynamic identification technology)Intelligent security technology Computing Analysis Recognition Connection
  35. 35. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HEXClOUD 2.0 Integrated Airbnb open source Superset self access data discovery and display tool Apache Kylin is used as a data OLAP analysis, storage and computing engine to solve high performance, high concurrency and standard SQL - Support tens of millions, billion, one billion, ten billion, trillion, guaranteed performance returns in seconds, meet the timeliness requirements of traditional data analysis applications - Support custom Cube, and can combine any dimension - Supports high concurrent access, data distribution, storage, and computation - Support standard SQL - Quick creation of data visualization interactive dashboard (build, share, comment) - Rich visualization chart templates, flexible and extensible - A fine-grained, extensible, secure access model that supports major certification vendors - The concise semantic layer controls how the data resources appear in the UI - Integrated with Druid depth, can rapid analysis of large data sets
  36. 36. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] HWS 2.0 Integrated omni channel automated order optimization model to provide the best customer experience and optimize the efficiency of distributed production 10 分钟 5 分钟 5 分钟 星巴克 10 分钟 Through Tencent LBS big data capabilities, providing store location, store tide value analysis model 20分钟 15分钟 5分钟 10分钟
  37. 37. Shanghai Hextech Technologies Co, LTD, Copyright [Confidential] THANK YOU!THANK YOU!