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Casey conrad

  1. 1. Local Search Engine Optimization By Casey Conrad
  2. 2. Goals of this sessionProvide you with “tri-fecta” strategy forwinning local SEO.Give you VERY detailed, specific toolsand tricks that your web personprobably doesn’t know.Give you a bonus section on obtainingtraffic from prospects who aren’t evenlooking for you!
  3. 3. Why Local SEO?Searchers are directed to mostRELEVANT, LOCAL products andservices according to the keywords orphrase they typed into search bar.Average person won’t go past page 1on a Google search.Higher value placed on organic searchresults rather than top of page ads.
  4. 4. What local SEO is NOTIt is NOT optimizing your club name.Unless two clubs in the samegeographic area have the same name,you probably already come up #1 insearch when someone types in yourclub name.The goal is having your club come upwith RELATED fitness searches.
  5. 5. The Basics Local SEO is all about dominating specific keyword or phrases in three primary platforms AND having them connected. Here is the tri-fecta1. YouTube2. Web page blog (Word Press)3. Facebook
  6. 6. The AcceleratorsGoogle Local Combines SEO, Social Networking & business directory features into one. Allows customers to search out and find detailed info on local stores/services.Must have a Google+ account in orderto get the maximum benefit.Using directories in conjunction.
  7. 7. Case StudyClint Smith, Estate Attorney in Mesa, AZHad YT, FB, Website but was not usingSEO local strategy.6 months ago was not showing up onfirst 5 pages of Google when searchingfor Estate Planning.Now, 40% increase in calls tracked backto unique website phone number!
  8. 8. Google Search: Page 1© Communication Consultants •
  9. 9. #1 in YahooMaps NOT paidfor! © Communication Consultants •
  10. 10. #2 in Super Pages NOT paid for.© Communication Consultants •
  11. 11. #1 in Bing NOT paid for.© Communication Consultants •
  12. 12. How did we do it?Followed the tri-fecta strategy.Added Google juice +, local & authorshipRegistered in all directories.Created capture mechanism on website.
  13. 13. Google+ account© Communication Consultants •
  14. 14. Google MUST’sYour business address in your GoogleLocal registration must EXACTLY matchyour website business address—rightdown to the commas!All information should be completed.
  15. 15. Google + TipsShould have 10 photos & 5 videos inyour Google+ account.Add authorship to your blog withGoogle Authorship so your photo willshow up on all blog posts that getindexed.
  16. 16. Google & ZagatGoogle bought Zagat.Reputation a HUGE piece of SEO now.Score of up to 30 points.Must have 10 ratings in order for anyadditional SEO.Can’t remove bad ratings, only pushthem down with more good ones!
  17. 17. Directories to Register inYahooBingSuper PagesYellow PagesCity SearchYellow BookHot Frog, Manta, Kudzu
  18. 18. YouTube Search: Estate Planning, Mesa AZ #2 after paid ads© Communication Consultants •
  19. 19. Dominating 1st page!© Communication Consultants •
  20. 20. YouTube Channel “Estate Planning Dr”© Communication Consultants •
  21. 21. YouTube Videos: • Keyword in title 2x’s. • Transcript of video in description© Communication Consultants •
  22. 22. © Communication Consultants •
  23. 23. Key YouTube TipsName file your keyword/phrase.Keyword/phrase in title a must.Optimize description & transcribe entirevideo (2-3 minutes max).Main keyword should be 1st tag.Be consistent with your category.For local tags NO “,” betweentown/state.
  24. 24. Web Page with WP blog embedded© Communication Consultants •
  25. 25. Capture mechanism on home page!© Communication Consultants •
  26. 26. Key Website/Blog TipsMake sure address matches yourGoogle local address EXACTLY.Embed YT code into blog weekly atSAME time.Use EXACT title for blog post heading.Import exact transcription from YTvideo.
  27. 27. More Blog TipsPing every blog using Pingomatic.comTells the world that you have uploadednew blog post.Now Google will index the blog post andincrease SEO.
  28. 28. Facebook TipsFan page.App called “involver” will pull yourYouTube channel into your FB Page.All the usual FB stuff: share, encouragelikes, link to Blog, tag photos, etc.
  29. 29. Press ReleasesCan add credibility to what you aredoing.Events, happenings, expansions, etc.www.Free-Press-Release.comThere are paid for services but only usethose when you really want to ensurefast exposure.
  30. 30. “Normal” Keywords/phrasesThese are added to EVERYTHING!Your club name (no brainer)Any shortened name or abbreviationthat members use (if applicable)Fitness facilityHealth clubGym, exercise center, etc.
  31. 31. Taking it to NEXT levelHow do you use these strategies toattract MORE customers? Thecustomers who aren’t necessarilylooking for a health club.Use the same system forkeywords/phrases/long-tail that areSEARCH ATTAINABLE.
  32. 32. Here’s the process overviewIdentify a keyword phrase that isrelevant and attainable for quick SEO.Cross reference with Google search todetermine ability to dominate 1st pageof search (are there videos?)Set up tri-fecta system using thatkeyword phrase.
  33. 33. © Communication Consultants •
  34. 34. © Communication Consultants •
  35. 35. What we are looking for?Keyword phrase that is:1) On-target for our prospect base,and;2) Between 3,000-60,000 globalsearches per month.3) Not many highly viewed videos onthe 1st page.
  36. 36. Look at the difference in these three:© Communication Consultants •
  37. 37. © Communication Consultants •
  38. 38. © Communication Consultants •
  39. 39. Search “Fitness Routine”© Communication Consultants •
  40. 40. “Fitness Routine” Page 2 Notice there are no health clubs in first 2 pages!© Communication Consultants •
  41. 41. © Communication Consultants •
  42. 42. © Communication Consultants •
  43. 43. © Communication Consultants •
  44. 44. Use Google Trends to identify growth© Communication Consultants •
  45. 45. © Communication Consultants •
  46. 46. © Communication Consultants •
  47. 47. © Communication Consultants •
  48. 48. © Communication Consultants •
  49. 49. © Communication Consultants •
  50. 50. Are you willing?To take the time to identify keywordphrases that are both attainable andrelevant to your market?Take the time to utilize the tri-fectastrategy?Have the patience and persistence?Create system for conversion?
  51. 51. Technology ChangesEvery day technology evolves andchanges.It gets faster and faster.You MUST “try” to stay on top oftechnology and integrate it into yourmarketing mix.You will be rewarded for your efforts.
  52. 52. Thank You!