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One Squared Presentation: Brian Kavicky - Sales and Operations in Harmony: Working with Rapid Growth


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Brian Kavicky from Lushin, Inc. gave a great presentation at One Squared about how to make sales and marketing work together to reach your businesses growth goals.

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One Squared Presentation: Brian Kavicky - Sales and Operations in Harmony: Working with Rapid Growth

  1. 1. Sales Says… • “These leads are not the decision makers.” • “These leads are not ready to buy.” • “You are sending too many leads.” • “You are not sending us enough leads.” • “The marketing stuff does not match what we are saying.” • “Our clients are not buying for the reasons that you say they are.” • “I have no idea what you are doing in marketing.”
  2. 2. Marketing Says… • “Give us some credit for your big sale.” • “Why aren’t you using the content/presentation/collateral that we have given you?” • “You need to think like marketers, not sales people.” • “Stop complaining about the lead quality, maybe you just can’t sell.” • “Sales isn’t following up on leads quickly when they are hot.”
  3. 3. To Increase the Revenue and Maximize the Gross Profit of a Company…
  4. 4. We do that by CLOSING business.
  5. 5. We Have All Heard… • 60-70% of buyers says they are done with the sales process before they engage a sales representative.
  6. 6. Prospects • The more content they consume, the better qualified they are. • “People have to like you before they buy you, so we need to nurture the leads.” • “The earlier that we can get them to try the [demo, product, service, etc…] the more excited about it they will be.”
  7. 7. Selling is About Interrupting Patterns of Behavior.
  8. 8. Selling is About Getting Decisions. All Decisions Are Emotional.
  9. 9. Buyers Have No Idea How to Correctly Buy Something.
  10. 10. Prospects Must Show That They Are Willing and Able. Your Process Must Uncover That As Early As Possible.
  11. 11. If Something is Not Working, Normally the Opposite Will Work.
  12. 12. Give As Much Control As Possible to the Prospect.
  13. 13. Authenticity is the Key to Trust. If You Feel It, Say It.