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Tribal Newsletter-Nov.


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Here\'s the newsletter for Nov.

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Tribal Newsletter-Nov.

  1. 1. Squalli Absch News November 2010
  2. 2. Natural Resources News
  3. 3. Divers!
  4. 4. Economic Development
  5. 5. Nisqually’s Community Vision Plan is being updated is the motto of the Nisqually Indian Tribe’s 1995 Community Vision Plan. Since it was adopted, the Plan has been a used as a management tool for Tribal decision- making. The Plan is organized from general to specific. It contains vision statements, values, goals, and priorities. The Plan was developed in a two-year process that involved the entire Nisqually community, staff, man- agement, and elected leaders. Everything in the Plan - including the motto, logo, stories, artwork, and content - was created by the Nisqually community. At the 2010 annual retreat, Tribal Council announced a two-year planning : an update of the 1995 Community Vision Plan. The Plan needs to be updated because of economic development, popula- tion growth, and new programs, projects, and challenges. The Tribe has many new tribal members who weren’t part of the previous planning effort. To update the Plan, the Tribe will create a Vision Commit- tee to revisit the 1995 Plan, assess progress since the Plan was adopted, engage the Nisqually communi- ty, and update the Plan to reflect the current needs, hopes, and dreams of the Nisqually people. Tribal Council will soon appoint Vision Committee members. Throughout the planning process, Nisqually community members are welcome and encouraged to actively participate in Vision Committee meetings and related activities and events. For more information, visit Vision Plan Consultant Lynn Scroggins at the Tribal Center, or contact Lynn at 360-456-5221 x1183, or # # #
  6. 6. Vision Plan Consultant Lynn Scroggins was the project planner for the 1995 Community Vision Plan, serving as a planner with the Tribe for six years on a variety of programs and projects. After Nisqually she worked with Squaxin Island Tribe and the South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency (SPIPA) for ten years in a variety of plan- ning roles. Most recently she worked with the state (WSDOT), serving as the project planner for the 2008 passenger rail plan and the 2009 freight rail plan. Lynn is very happy to be back with Nisqually, serving as a part-time Vision Plan Consultant, and sends her fond regards to everyone!!! # # # Welcome back Lynn!
  7. 7. Clinic
  8. 8. Youth Center News Inter Tribal League
  9. 9. Flu Shot Update Flu shots are here! Eligible Patients: Elders over 65 yrs old Babies and children 6 mnths to 18 yrs We expect additional supplies for all ages soon! Please call the clinic at (360)459-5312 to schedule your im- munizations. G.E.D. Starting on November 8th, 2010, we will have a GED instructor available Monday thru Thurs- day 1pm to 3pm at the Youth Center.
  10. 10. Shout outs! Oct. 26th Nov. 20th Nov. 27th Happy Birth- day Sarah Wells Nov. 8th Happy Birthday Elias Wells Nov. 3rd Happy Birthday Grandma-Auntie Ruth, love Lokelani and all your children and grandchildren! Happy Birth- day Tayleena E.B.T.A., love Granny Lynn, Gram Ruth, and DaddyLeland Happy Birthday Zamyah John Happy 8th Birthday Maleah, I love you babe, love always your auntie Selina, Julio and cousins. Happy Birthday to my Daddy Andrew Squally Sr. Love Malay- na, Cassandra and Thom- as, including Mama who helps you thru what you need. We all love you. Happy Birthday Kareem, love the McDonald Family. Happy Birthday Robert Thomas Happy Birthday John Scott IV… Snoochie Boochies! Happy Birthday Thomas Wells… Love your Family Oct. 29th The Newsletter staff would like to offer our newsletters in a PDF digital version to save on paper. If you would like the newsletter emailed to you please submit something in writing, call, or email us with your request. Thank you! (360)456-5221