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december news 2010


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Nisqually Tribal Newsletter

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december news 2010

  1. 1. Natural Resources Tribal Summit 2010
  2. 2. Natural Resources Tribal Summit Photos The Department of Natural Resourc- es (DNR) Summit was held at a building prepared especially for the summit at the Nisqually Tribe’s Cul- ture Center - Sx Dah Deb. Construc- tion was completed in a scant 45 days - bravo to Tony Berkson’s Pub- lic Works department, and to Coun- cilman James Slape for their diligence in getting the project com- pleted. The summit took up two days, September 13 and 14. Mon- day evening a dinner was hosted that featured traditional foods and ways of serving those foods. Thanks also to Rodney and Colleen Cawston for their help in making this a summit to remember.
  3. 3. Thank you all that came outand voted on November 6th 2010. Iappreciate your support plan to contin-ue to do a great job for our Tribe.Thank you,Brian McCloud-6th Council Member
  4. 4. Dec. 17th