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Leighann Lord's Fresh Off The Synapse January 24-31 2014 Wrap Up!


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Welcome to Fresh Off the Synapse! My weekly wrap up of my favorite jokes and commentary! Sometimes the jokes write themselves and when they don't I do.
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Leighann Lord's Fresh Off The Synapse January 24-31 2014 Wrap Up!

  1. 1. January 27-31, 2014 Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  2. 2. The fastest growing need for food stamps is among workers who went to college. So much for giving it the old college try. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  3. 3. Scientists have discovered that the The Grand Canyon is 64 million years old not 70 million; probably due to diet, exercise, and a great moisturizer. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  4. 4. Consumer confidence in the U.S. climbs to a five-month high. I think the operative word is high. Was this survey done in Colorado? Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  5. 5. I saw two FBI Hazmat officers in Dunkin Donuts. They were drinking coffee and claimed they came in just to get warm but now I'm suspicious. #whatsinthecoffee Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  6. 6. Breaking News: Feds investigating Target breach! Translation: Agents are shopping on their lunch break. Will call if things feel fishy. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  7. 7. Rutgers University is teaching a class called Politicizing Beyoncé. I don't think I'm ready for that jelly. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  8. 8. Capitol Police say no charges will be filed against Rep. Michael Grimm., R-NY, after his confrontation with a NY1 reporter. So politicians are allowed to defend themselves against reporters armed with questions. Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||
  9. 9. For reasons unknown, the Boston area is seeing the largest influx of snowy owls ever recorded. Hogwarts field trip? Fresh Off the Synapse @LeighannLord ||