Marketing Dept. of One


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2010 Membership, Development, PR & Marketing PAG Spring Workshop.

Marketing Department of One - Presentation by Anne Murphy, Executive Director, Framingham History Center, MA

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Marketing Dept. of One

  1. 1. Getting to PIP and Beyond… Without Stress? Efficiently? Quickly? Results… Annie Murphy, Executive Director, Framingham History Center
  2. 2. Marketing and P.R. at the Framingham History Center Marketing – Paid for Advertising. Identify, anticipate and satisfy customer relations. (fundraising, volunteers, advisors) Public Relations – Strategic management function that adds value to an orgniaztaion by helping to manage its reputation. (collaboration, due diligence re: process leading toward your goals)
  3. 3. Haunted Trolley Tour
  4. 4. The Fabric of Framingham Goes to the State House
  5. 5. Edgell Memorial Library - 1872 Village Hall - 1834 Edgell Memorial Roof: $594,000 Old Academy Roof: $94,000 Village Hall Roof: $64,000 Old Academy - 1837
  6. 6. Ann Beha Architects Preservation Plan
  7. 7. Old Academy Building Southwest end of Exploratory Opening S3. westernmost roof truss The eave and rake edge lack (arrow) is deteriorated and metal flashing. rotting.
  8. 8. “I think having no sense of the story of your country is not greatly removed from having no sense of the story of your life. It’s a form of amnesia and can be as detrimental to a society as to an individual. If you have no story, I don’t think you have a soul. And if we lose our collective memory, our story as a society and as an ongoing experiment, we’re going to be in big trouble.” - Historian David McCullough Author of John Adams
  9. 9. Quixotic?
  10. 10. Umbrella Brand Platform To foster a sense of excitement in learning about Framingham’s rich history. To create strong connections to the Mission community and encourage pride of place now and for generations to come. Desired Framingham Historical Society and Museum is not your average town historical society. It’s a treasure trove of perception remarkable stories and artifacts that play a significant role in fostering pride and a sense of community. Elevator pitch Framingham Historical Society and Museum is a meeting place for those who care about the past, present and future of Framingham. It engages us to discover and explore the remarkable untold stories that help us understand our place in the community, the state and the nation. Framingham Historical Society and Museum is, in many ways, a reflection of the town itself. It’s a feisty survivor, Brand chock full of intriguing tales that need to be told about where it’s been and what it’s seen. It’s an engaged and Personality engaging group of people committed to strengthening community by starting thought-provoking conversations and creating lasting connections. •The only organization dedicated exclusively to collecting, preserving and sharing the history of Framingham Brand Proof Points •Adept at providing those unique moments that help people realize Framingham has its own special place in American history •Established in 1888, supported by dedicated, talented volunteers who have often played important roles in the history of the town itself •Engaged and engaging people (leadership, board and volunteers) who bring the stories of Framingham alive •A deep, diverse collection of buildings and artifacts that support those stories •Broad range of programming to suit a variety of interests •Quality education programs that are a core of local history curricula •Respected, trusted resource of accurate historic information •A true builder of community with a reputation for accessibility and active collaboration •With the potential to create connections across generations, across cultures and across geography
  11. 11. A Dark Horse…
  12. 12. April 14, 2009 - PIP announcement
  13. 13. Edgell Memorial Library Warren Jagger Photography
  14. 14. PIP Open House
  15. 15. We Came in 4th and Won our $100,000 grant Thank you AMEX and NTHP!
  16. 16. Civil War 150th anniversary