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Energy for Change NHS Women's Network


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Energy for change - exploring the five energies necessary for high-performing teams, people's personal resilience and the contribution they can personally make to their team's performance.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Energy for Change NHS Women's Network

  1. 1. Energy for Change Leigh Kendall NHS Horizons @leighakendall NHS England Women’s Network London, 28 September 2017 #beingvisible
  2. 2. What we’ll do today: #beingvisible • About me • What makes a good team…and a not-so-good team (conversations in pairs) • What is energy for change? • What do team energies look like? • What can YOU do to create positive energies in your team? • Resilience tools and tactics.
  3. 3. • A small, diverse team of people within the NHS that supports change agents and builds change agency • We tune into the latest change thinking and practice in healthcare and other industries around the world • The team has emerged through years of supporting change in the NHS and the wider health and care system Who is the Horizons team? #beingvisible
  4. 4. Life doesn’t always go to plan • HELLP syndrome at 24 weeks’ pregnant (rare, life-threatening pregnancy complication – can cause multiple organ failure unless baby is born). • My son Hugo weighed just 420 grams (about the same size as a tin of baked beans) • Hugo lived for 35 days. • He was too small, and premature. His treatment was withdrawn. #beingvisible
  5. 5. Life after… • Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder • Getting appropriate treatment took more than two years • Trying to find a ‘new normal’, a way of living a life unexpected • A long period of time away from work • At one point I thought I would not work again. #beingvisible
  6. 6. Now… • Today, I am doing a job I love • I am a campaigner and patient leader - #HugosLegacy #MatExp • While there are challenges, I am thriving
  7. 7. #beingvisible
  8. 8. Say hello to the person next to you Remember a time… When you were part of a high performing, high energy team As a pair, write down three words or phrases that summarise how it felt being part of such a team #beingvisible
  9. 9. Remember a time… When you were part of a team that WASN’T high performing or high energy As a pair, write down three words or phrases that summarise how it felt being part of such a team #beingvisible
  10. 10. “Energy for change” is defined as The capacity and drive of a team, organisation or system to act and make the difference necessary to achieve its goals _change/energy_for_change_.html #beingvisible
  11. 11. Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Change: Make or become different #beingvisible
  12. 12. Teams perform best when five energies are high Psychological Physical Spiritual Social Intellectual Source: #beingvisible
  13. 13. #beingvisible
  14. 14. Social Energy Energy of personal engagement, relationships and connections between people It’s where people feel a sense of “us and us” rather than “us and them” #beingvisible
  15. 15. Spiritual energy Energy of commitment to a common vision for the future, driven by shared values and a higher purpose Gives people the confidence to move towards a different future that is more compelling than the status quo #beingvisible
  16. 16. Psychological energy Energy of courage, resilience and feeling safe to do things differently Involves feeling supported to make a change and trust in leadership and direction #beingvisible
  17. 17. Physical energy Energy of action, getting things done and making progress The flexible, responsive drive to make things happen #beingvisible
  18. 18. Intellectual energy Energy of analysis, planning and thinking Involves gaining insight as well as planning and supporting processes, evaluation, and arguing a case on the basis of logic/evidence #beingvisible
  19. 19. High and low ends of each energy domain Social isolated solidarity Spiritual uncommitted higher purpose Psychological risky safe Physical fatigue vitality Intellectual Illogical reason HIGHLOW #beingvisible
  20. 20. 1 2 3 4 5 Social Spiritual PsychologicalPhysical Intellectual Team 1: What’s your assessment of their energy for change? #beingvisible
  21. 21. The challenge of disproportionately high intellectual energy Intellectual energy on its own isn’t transformational It keeps leaders in their comfort zone (intellect to intellect) #beingvisible
  22. 22. What is the energy in your team like? #beingvisible
  23. 23. Anne Brown #beingvisible
  24. 24. What can YOU do to improve energies in your team? #beingvisible
  25. 25. #beingvisible
  26. 26. Thank you!