Master Clinical Neuropsychology 2012


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Master Clinical Neuropsychology 2012

  1. 1. Prof. dr. H.A.M. Middelkoop
  2. 2. Outline Program and schedule Mandatory Courses Thesis Internship Electives Requirements GZ-opleiding Other Activities
  3. 3. Master’s program Clinical Neuropsychology Mandatory courses 20 ECTS Thesis 20 ECTS Internship 10/20 ECTS ElectivesProfessional (Obligatory) Thesis meeting  Thesis presentation Internship meeting  Casus presentation
  4. 4. Master’s Program; Choices Master Clinical Neuropsychology Clinical Internship (20 ECTS) ORMandatory Courses Research Internship (20ECTS) Thesis (20 ECTS) (20 ECTS) OR Research Internship (10 ECTS) + Electives (10 ECTS)
  5. 5. Master’s Program 1st semester (Sept-Feb) 1st semester, September 201136 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Adult and old-age clinical neuropsychology: Theory & Assessment 5 Adult and old-age clinical neuropsychology: Clinical Practice 5 ORChild neuropsychology of neurodev. disorders: Theory & Assessment 5 Child neuropsychology of neurodev. disorders: Clinical Practice 5 Start Master’s thesis (choose topic, read literature, etc) (20) Start (applying for) Master’s Internship (10/20) Optional: Electives
  6. 6. Master’s Program 2nd semester (Feb-July) 2nd semester, February 20125 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25Intervention strategies Intervention strategies in clinical in clinical 5 5 Neuropsychology: Neuropsychology: theory practice (Continue Master’s thesis) 20 Start Master’s Internship 10/ 20 Optional: Electives
  7. 7. Mandatory courses Clinical Neuropsychology Adult and old-age Clinical Neuropsychology old- Theory 5 ECTS (elective for child track) Practice 5 ECTSOR Child Neuropsychology of neurodevelopmental disorders Theory 5 ECTS (elective for adult track) Practice 5 ECTS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AND Intervention Strategies in Clinical Neuropsychology Theory 5 ECTS Practice 5 ECTS Information about these courses is available in the E-prospectus and on Blackboard
  8. 8. Thesis Clinical Neuropsychology Choose a topic: Start looking for a project in time!!! (now) (now) External / internal thesis Contact the thesis coördinator in order to get an internal coö supervisor Write the proposal Conduct the research / write the thesis Attend to 4 Thesis Presentation meetings – in one of those, those, present your own thesis project
  9. 9. Thesis Clinical Neuropsychology How to find a topic?  Check blackboard and websites  Contact researchers and health care institutions  For advice ask the thesis coordinator It is also possible to combine Thesis with Internship (only recommended for students attending a Research Internship!). All information  Blackboard, Course ‘Thesis and Internship Blackboard, CNP’. CNP’ Thesis coordinator: Wendy van Bohemen (4B10) coordinator: / 071 5276672 Visiting hour: Mondays 14.00 p.m. – 15.00 p.m. hour:(or contact mw Atie Breugem;
  10. 10. Internship Clinical Neuropsychology Usually 20 ECTS (560 hrs), however 30 ECTS (840 hrs) and 10 ECTS (280 hrs) also hrs), hrs) hrs) possible (check Blackboard/ Internship Manual for requirements) Blackboard/ requirements) Settings for Clinical Internship (20 ECTS): mental health care ECTS):  university / medical hospitals  psychiatric hospitals  forensic clinics  nursing homes  rehabilitation centre External Supervision by Health Care (GZ-) or Clinical Neuropsychologist. (GZ- Attend to 4 Internship Presentation meetings – during one of those meetings, present a clinical case For more information, read the information on Blackboard (‘Thesis and Internship information, CNP’). CNP’ Internship coordinator: Wendy van Bohemen (4B10) coordinator: / 071 5276672 Visiting hour: Mondays 14.00 p.m. – 15.00 p.m. hour:
  11. 11. Internship Clinical Neuropsychology Research Internship (20 ECTS or 10 ECTS + elective) Setting: any setting (hospital/ centre/ institution) where research is conducted/participation in an ongoing research project is possible Supervision by someone that has been promoted in the field of Psychology, or is an Assistant in Training (meaning working on his/her promotion) Attend to 4 Internship Presentation meetings – during one of those meetings, present your own research project Attending the research internship (either 10 or 20 ECTS) does NOT grand admission to the postmaster educational program (GZ-opleiding) (GZ-opleiding) For more information, read the information on Blackboard (‘Thesis and information, Internship CNP’). CNP’ Internship coordinator: Wendy van Bohemen (4B10) coordinator: / 071 5276672 Visiting hour: Mondays 14.00 p.m. – 15.00 p.m. hour:
  12. 12. Internship Clinical Neuropsychology How to find an internship-position? internship- Start searching 6 - 9 months in advance: advance: Check Blackboard/websites Blackboard/websites Ask the Internship coordinator Contact organisations yourself Apply! Apply! For Dutch Students: Certificate of Psycho-diagnostics (Basisaantekening Psycho- (Basisaantekening Psychodiagnostiek, BAPD) : Three diagnostic cases, Psychodiagnostiek, approved by internship supervisor / Prof. H.A.M. Middelkoop. See Blackboard for instructions.
  13. 13. Internship Clinical Neuropsychology International Students; There are three options for attending an internship:  Attending a clinical internship in the country of origin  Attending a clinical internship in NL (sufficient mastering of Dutch language almost always required)  Attending a research internship Please check information on Blackboard (Manual) or contact the thesis- and internshipcoordinator (Wendy van Bohemen)
  14. 14. Additional internship / thesis meeting!Opportunity to ask questions about the thesis andinternship procedure. 20th of September (time/location will be announced on Blackboard)
  15. 15. Electives Electives are not an obligatory part of the master’s program. Options in other Psychology master’s programs in Leiden are limited. It is possible to do electives: - Within the Master Clinical Neuropsychology - Outside the department of Psychology - Outside The University of Leiden Ask permission to the Examination Committee!!
  16. 16. Admission to postmaster programmes The Masters program Clinical Neuropsychology grants admission to the Post Masters programme Postdoctorale opleiding tot GZ-psycholoog Please note that additional requirements have to be met! (check Blackboard/website UL)
  17. 17. Additional requirements postmaster’s programObligatory for postmaster GZ-psycholoog: Various BA’s and MA’s courses Organisatie en Juridische aspecten van de Gezondheidszorg (internship groups and internship report) Clinical Internship of at least 520 hours (20 ECTS) with supervised assessment and treatment Three diagnostic cases with diverse assessment questions and diagnostic instruments and supervised by a licensed supervisor A document with all requirements can be found on Blackboard
  18. 18. Course information in the E-prospectus about Clinical Neuropsychology:http://www.neuropsychologie.leidenuniv.nlBlackboard, ‘Thesis and Internship CNP’
  19. 19. Other Activities Mentor system New Master Opleidings Commissie (MOC ) Student Meetings are in Dutch member MOC! International Student Platform (ISP) For international students For more information about MOC and ISP contact Prof. H.A.M Middelkoop
  20. 20. Enjoy your master´s program!