Vedanta resources plc.


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complete package of data on Vedanta Plc.
companies way througout its present Position.....

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Vedanta resources plc.

  1. 1. VEDANTARESOURCES BY:Abhay pratap singh BBA(4)-A BB2011005 TO: Rajeev Singh Bhandari sir
  2. 2. VEDANTA RESOURCES PLCType- Public Limited CompanyTraded As-LSE: VEDIndustry- Metals & MiningFounded- 1976, Bombay, IndiaFounder(s)- Anil AgarwalHeadquarters- London,U.KArea served- WorldwideKey people- Anil Aagarwal(Ex-Chairman) Navin Agarwal(Dy Ex-Chairman) M. S. Mehta(Chief Executive)Employees- 32,179(2012)
  3. 3. -Vedanta Resources plc is a globallydiversified natural resources(metal andmining) group with revenues in excess ofUS$ 14 billion.-It is the first Indian manufacturingcompany to be listed on the London StockExchange and is a constituent ofthe FTSE 100 Index.
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONS:AustraliaIndiaLiberiaNamibiaSouth AfricaUnited KingdomZambiaOPERATIONS:India – Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Iron Ore, PowerAustralia - CopperZambia - CopperNamibia - ZincSouth Africa - ZincLiberia – Iron OreIreland - Zinc
  5. 5. SUBSIDIARIESBALCOMALCOSterliteSterlite energyKCMCMTHZLLisheenSkorpionVedanta AluminiumSesa goaVedanta FoundationCairn India
  6. 6. HISTORY1979- Anil Agarwal acquires,through a familyfirm, Shamsher Sterling Corporation.1986- Sterlite Cables Limited, acquires theshamsher sterling corporation business andchanges its name to SterliteIndustries(INDIA) ltd.1988- Sterlite Industries(INDIA) ltd. makesan IPO of it shares & convertibledebentures.1999- establishes a continous copper Rodplant.
  7. 7. 1993- comissions a plant for themanufacture of aluminium sheets & foils.In this yr. sterlite communicationsestablishes a plant for the manufacture ofoptical fibre in aurangabad, maharashtra.1995- acquires a 80% interest in MALCO.1997- commisions first privately developedcopper smelter in india at tuticorin intamilnadu.1999- acquires copper mines of tasmaniapvt. Ltd.1999- acquires thalanga CU mines pvt. Ltd.
  8. 8. 2000- MALCO acquires 38.8% interest inIndia Folis ltd.2000- telecommunications cables and opticalfibres business is demerged into a newco., Sterlite Optical technologies ltd.2001- acquires a 51.1% interest in BALCOfrom the govt. of India.2002- acquires a 26% interest in hindustanzinc ltd., from the govt. of India & a further20% interest through an open mmarketoffer.2003- acquires a further 18% interest in HZLfollowing exercise of a call option granted bythe govt of India.
  9. 9. 2003- becomes the first Indian co. to list onLSE.2004-Announces $500m global bond offering.This yr. VR also acquired 51% stake inkonkola CU mines in Zambia.2005- expansion of tuticorin smelter to300,000 tpa and comissioned new 170,000 tpazinc smelter at chanderiya and theassociated 154 Mw power plant.Also completes the expansion of rampuraagucha mine.2006- comissioned the new 50,000 tpaausmeltTML lead smelter at Chanderiya.
  10. 10. 2006- issues US$ 725m convertible bonds.2006- Completes the BALCO expansionprojects comprising 250,000 tpa of aluminiumsmelter with associated 540 Mw captivepower plant.2006- Acquires sterlite gold.2007- sterlite successfully completes its$2bn ADS issue in the US and lists on theNYSE.2007- vedanta acquires a 51% controllingstake in SESA Goa ltd., India’s largestproducer-exporter of Iron ore.
  11. 11. 2008- sterlite enters into agreement tobuy certain operating assets of US basedCU producer assarco LLC.2008- vedanta successfully completes$1.25bn bond issue.2011- govt approves vedanta’s $9.6bn dealto take over Cairn India.
  12. 12. STRATEGYstrategic goal is to create a world –classmetals and mining co. and to generate strongfinancial returns. strategy is based on the following four key pillars:continuing focus on asset optimisation and reducing the cost ofproduction.Increasing capacities through greenfield and brownfield projects.Consolidating corporate structure and increasing direct ownershipof underlying businesses to derive additional synergies as anintegrated group.Seeking further growth and acquisition opportunities where theycan leverage their transactional, project execution and operationalskill and experience.
  13. 13. OPERATIONSCOPPER BUSINESSSterlite Industries (India) Ltd. Vedanta has 58.0% share inSterlite Industries India Ltd. (“Sterlite”), India’s largest diversifiedmetals and mining company. Sterlite is listed on the Bombay and NewYork Stock Exchanges and the National Stock Exchange of India. Itsprimary businesses are: Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Aluminium and Power.Sterlite has custom copper-smelting operations in Southern India with acapacity of 400ktpa of copper cathodes and a copper rod plant atSilvassa.Konkola Copper Mines. Vedanta own 79.4% of KCM’s share capitaland have management control of the company. KCM’s other shareholderis ZCCM Investment Holdings Plc. The Government of Zambia has acontrolling stake in ZCCM Investment Holdings Plc. Mine Project isexpected to ramp-up ore production and integrated copper capacity to400+ktpa of copper post completion of the Bottom Shaft Loadingproject.
  14. 14. Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty Ltd. Sterlite owns 100% of theMount Lyell copper mine in Tasmania, Australia, which suppliesapproximately 8% of Sterlite India’s copper concentraterequirements.ZINC BUSINESSHindustan Zinc Limited. HZL is headquartered in Udaipur inthe State of Rajasthan. HZL’s equity shares are listed andtraded on the NSE and BSE. Sterlite owns 64.9% of the sharecapital in HZL and has management control. Sterlite has a calloption to acquire the Government of India’s remainingownership interest. Zinc International. Sterlite Industries owns the Skorpionmine in Namibia (100%), Lisheen mine in Ireland (100%) and74% of Black Mountain Mining in South Africa, which includesthe Black Mountain mine and Gamsberg project. These assetswere acquired from Anglo American’s Zinc business during FY2010–11.
  15. 15. ALUMINIUM BUSINESSBharat Aluminium Company Ltd. Sterlite owns 51.0% ofBALCO, a leading Indian aluminium producer with operationsin the state of Chhattisgarh. BALCO currently has 245ktpasmelting capacity, 810MW power generation facilities andcapabilities to produce ingots and other value-addedproducts. BALCO has a 325ktpa smelter project, a 1,200MWpower plant project, and rights to a coal block of 211.0mt forcaptive usage.Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. Vedanta owns 70.5% of theshare capital of VAL, with Sterlite owning the remaining29.5%, resulting in an effective stake of 87.5%. VAL isbased in Eastern India and operates a 1mtpa aluminarefinery at Lanjigarh. At Jharsuguda, VAL operates a 500ktpaaluminium smelter and an associated 1,215MW captivepower plant. VAL also has a 1.25mtpa aluminium smelterproject at Jharsuguda.
  16. 16. IRON ORE BUSINESSSesa Goa Ltd. Sesa Goa is India’s largest privatesector producer-exporter of iron ore, with miningand processing facilities located in the states of Goaand Karnataka. As of 31 March 2011, Sesa Goa hasproved and probable reserves of an estimated306mt of iron ore. Sesa Goa also manufactures pigiron and metallurgical coke. Vedanta owns 55.1% ofSesa Goa, which is listed on the Bombay andNational stock exchanges of India. Sesa Goa owns100% of Sesa Resources Ltd. (formerly known asVS Dempo), an iron ore mining and processingcompany based at Goa.
  17. 17. POWER BUSINESS Sterlite Energy Ltd. Sterlite Energy is 100%owned by Sterlite Industries and has two majorpower plant projects for power generation – the2,400MW power plant at Jharsuguda, Orissa ofwhich two units were operational at the end of FY2010–11, and the 2,640MW power plant atTalwandi Sabo, in Punjab.Madras Aluminium Company (MALCO). MALCOis a power generation company with a 100MWpower plant located in Southern India and is 94.8%owned by Vedanta.Hindustan Zinc Limited. Hindustan Zinc has273MW of wind power generationalcapacity, making it one of the largest providers ofwind power in India.
  18. 18. CONSOLIDATED INCOME STATEMENT(US$ million except as stated) Note Year ended Year ended 31 March2012 31 March 2011Continuing operationsRevenue 3 14,005.3 11,427.2Cost of sales (10,442.0) (8,107.0)Gross profit 3,563.3 3,320.2Other operating income 85.1 73.9Distribution costs (569.0) (319.6)Administrative expenses (461.5) (376.7)Special items 5 (230.2) (163.5)Operating profit 9 2,387.7 2,534.3Share in consolidated profit of associate 36 92.2 –Investment revenue 6 525.4 431.6Finance costs 7 (945.7) (534.7)Other gains and losses (net) 8 (314.2) 252.1Profit before taxation 1,745.4 2,683.3Tax expense 12 (516.7) (649.5)Profit for the year 1,228.7 2,033.8
  19. 19. Balance sheet
  20. 20. GROUP REVENUE(In US$ millions, except as stated) 2011–12 2010–11 % changeZinc 3,206.8 2,378.4 34.8%– India 2,316.1 2,159.5 7.3%– International1 890.7 218.9 –Iron Ore 1,690.9 1,979.5 (14.6)%Copper 5,915.0 5,253.2 12.6%– India/Australia 4,205.2 3,428.2 22.7%– Zambia 1,709.8 1,825.0 (6.3)% Aluminium 1,873.5 1,779.6 5.3% Power 458.3 124.0 – Oil & Gas2 882.5 – – Eliminations (21.7) (87.5) – Revenue 14,005.3 11,427.2 22.6%1 Acquired in FY 2010–11.2 Acquired in FY 2011–12.
  21. 21. Vedanta revenue by geography H1Fy2012 REVENUE 14% INDIA CHINA 13% 45% OTHER FAR EAST & ASIA MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA 10% REST OF THE WORD 18%
  22. 22. HIGHLIGHTSRevenue FY 2012 US$14BN +23%EBITDA FY 2012 US$4.0BN +13%Total Dividend FY 2012 55.0US¢ +5%Free Cash Flow FY 2012 US$2.5BN +8%
  23. 23. CSR-EDUCATION- vedanta univ, units-EMPLOYMENT -rozgaar avsar-WOMEN EMPOWERMENT-CHILD WELFARE – ‘khushi’-Various Competitions
  24. 24. AWARDS & ACHIEVMENTS*Sterlite is the leading custom copper smelter inIndia based on production volume in fiscal2008,had a 42.6% primary market share by salesvolume in India in fiscal 2008;*HZL is India’s only integrated zinc producer, hada 79.7% market share by volume in India in fiscal2008, according to ILZDA, and was the world’sfifth largest zinc mining company in 2007 basedon mine production and is one of the top ten leadmining companies by production volumesworldwide, according to Brook Hunt;
  25. 25. *Vedanta, through its subsidiaries BALCO andMALCO, is the second largest primary producer ofaluminium in India with a 31.0% primary marketshare by volume in India in fiscal 2008, accordingto AAI*BALCO’s 245,000 tpa Korba smelter was in thelowest cost quartile in terms of all aluminiumsmelters operations worldwide in 2007, accordingto Brook Hunt;*Sesa Goa was India’s largest producer-exporterof iron ore in the private sector by volume in fiscal2007, according to the Federation of IndianMineral Industries.
  26. 26. *VEDANTA is the world’s eighthlargest refined copper producer on aproduction volume basis in 2008.* VEDANTA is the world’s largestintegrated zinc mining and smeltingcompany on a production volume basisin 2008.
  27. 27. Hewitt Best Employers in IndiaYear: 2009Company: HZLHZL has been recognised as theHewitt Best Employer in Asia 2009.HZL also ranks #2 in the top 25Companies declared as Hewitt BestEmployers in India 2009.
  28. 28. "Best CSR in Mining Sector" award,Year: 2010Company: STERLITEWockhardt Foundation, India ShiningInitiative,Sterlite Industries (I) Ltd Runners up for Best Corporate SocialResponsibility PracticesYear: 2010Company: SESA GOABombay Stock Exchange,Sesa Goa
  29. 29. And much more………. Thankyou.