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Things This Lawyer Carries - by Kelli Proia


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In response to my blog post "What Things do Lawyers Carry," ( reader Kelli Proia sent this presentation. Take a look and then send me your own list! #thingsicarry

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Things This Lawyer Carries - by Kelli Proia

  1. 1. Things this Lawyer Carries…By Kelli
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Kelli Proia• I’m an intellectualproperty lawyer in RIabout to pursue a newbusiness opportunity.• Here what I carry prettymuch everywhere I go…
  3. 3. #1GmailCalendarMapsSearchPatentsI use it on my…
  4. 4. #2iPhone iPad
  5. 5. #3the Camera on my iPhonebecause I always seesomething to fuel my…
  6. 6. #4CREATIVITY
  7. 7. #5PASSION
  8. 8. #6I actuallykeep these cardseverywhere(in the car + everyroom of the house)because my bestideas always cometo me when I’mwaiting for the busor drying my hair.
  9. 9. #7And because I’m the mom of a 5 year old girl…
  10. 10. My Birthday present:And I carry it all in…